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Battle pet breeds

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , , , on October 24, 2012 by Aeliel

Happened onto this tool by chance while browsing the Wowhead forums. I’ve not seen anybody mention this and it can be quite useful for serious pet battlers… okay, okay, an oxymoron really, since pet battles aren’t really “serious”, let’s just say anybody who cares about getting the best pets possible.

The better quality a pet is (from poor to rare), the harder it hits and the higher its stats. This is known. However, two identical pets of the same quality can have different stat spreads, depending on their “breed”. Certain pets can only come in one breed, others have multiple – so you might have, for instance, a speedy chicken or a tanky chicken or a stabby chicken.

This is where this battle pet breeds website comes in. It shows you the stat multipliers associated with each breed and, if you input your character and server name, examines your list, tells you the breed of each of your pets, and alerts you to any duplicates (pets that have the same family and breed, and as such are functionally identical if they’re the same quality).

The information used by the website is grabbed directly from Blizzard through the Armory API, so it’s reliable.

Now, what breed a certain pet is might or might not make a difference (I have a blue Minfernal, and I don’t know what breed it is, I’ve not looked, but it was hard enough to track down that even if it’s the absolute worst breed I don’t care), but knowing is better than not knowing, no? And it might make a difference when choosing whether or not to level a rare pet for battling with.


Last night in Deepholm…

Posted in Alts, Miscellanea, Mounts and pets with tags , , , on April 29, 2012 by Aeliel

So I’ve been leveling a shaman alt together with Alieth, who is leveling a mage alt. Both characters were boosted to 80 by a conveniently-placed Scroll of Resurrection (we had the old accounts, we wanted the mount for our mains, might as well get the freebie characters as well). We’ve been mostly leveling through dungeons, but since neither of us plans to level inscription on these particular alts, we took a break to go quest through Deepholm.

So that’s what we were doing last night. As we were flying back and forth from the Temple of Earth, as one does while questing in Deepholm, and I said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we ran right into Aeonaxx?”

Alieth’s response was “Yeah, right.”

(I have the mount on my main, and so does Alieth, so running into Aeonaxx wouldn’t be a cause of “gah, why am I not on my main” hair-tearing.)

Fast-forward to about half an hour later. We’re in the Temple of Earth, doing the final quest, in the middle of killing High Priestess Lorthuna, and NPCScan goes off.

_NPCScan: Found “Aeonaxx”!

We look at each other. I say, “Why are you still here? Invis and go. Just GO.”

“I’m going, I’m going!”

(Even if I didn’t love him, I would’ve let him take it anyway. Since we’d been mostly doing dungeons, I only had one spec, and it was resto. Tiny little 5k damage lightning bolts aren’t terribly effective.)

Level 83 frost mage versus level 85 elite Aeonaxx took a bit, but eventually he went down, and Alieth’s pretty purple-haired night elf mage got a pretty purple drake to match.

A little while later, we’re puttering around doing the Therazane dailies, because they give experience and we want the reputation so hey, why not? One of the dailies is Underground Economy, and I mention off-handedly, “Wouldn’t it be nice if Jadefang spawned? So you got your mount, and I get a pet.”

“Yeah, right.”

Literally two minutes later, as we are killing gyreworms under Jadefang’s ledge…

 _NPCScan: Found “Jadefang”!

At which point we just start laughing. And a few minutes later, having killed Jadefang with my tiny little 5k damage lightning bolts (and the help of my fire and earth elementals), and I’m the happy owner of a tiny, adorable baby shale spider.

As usual…

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , , , on July 23, 2011 by Aeliel

…too busy actually playing to post about it. I keep meaning to update my best Cataclysm dailies for gold post with the new Hyjal dailies, but every time I go do the dailies I forget to note down the gold rewards. It doesn’t help that I’ve been sick and, as a result, very fuzzy-brained. Blargh.

On the upside…

I’m done with the challenge tames! (Until my little hunter hits 85 – she’s 81 right now – and then I get to chase down Anthriss, Ankha, Karkin and Kirix. Yay?)

 Of course, I still haven’t managed to name most of them. The only two that got named so far are Skarr (Maladath, after this item, because I’ve always liked the sound of the name and it seemed to fit) and Ban’thalos (Spirit – the same name as my Loque’nahak, who got abandoned to free up a slot for him; I have Loque on my little hunter as well and I try not to duplicate pets). I haven’t been this indecisive over a pet’s name, let alone four pets’ names, in a very long while.

Story of each individual tame in the extended entry, for those who care. Some of them involve ganking. (PVP servers are such fun, right?)

Continue reading

Troll heroics: first impressions

Posted in Achievements, PuG business, Strategy, Tanking with tags , , on April 29, 2011 by Aeliel

(Lacking screenshots of the actual boss fights – since I was too busy tanking to take any – the above will have to do. If you’ve done the lashtail hatchling quest chain in Northern Stranglethorn Vale, once you kill Mandokir you get your hatchling back. And she’s “Lashtail Hatchling <playername’aka>” rather than “<playername’s companion>”. Awwwww.)

I’ve spent the better part of an afternoon and evening tanking Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman. My first run was alone; all the rest were done with Alieth, my trusty pocket healer. Some of the difficulty of the instances was doubtlessly removed by the fact of having a healer with an average ilvl of 370 (some kills would’ve been wipes with a lesser-geared healer), but considering that a healer wearing full PVP gear could keep me up just fine on my lone run through ZA without Alieth, I don’t think the instances are that hard. We got all the new achievements without much trouble (with the exception of Spirit Twister – we gave it a couple of tries, but it was a late-night group, everybody was tired, so we eventually decided the hell with it and just killed the boss).

And, at least for now, I think they’re fun. I like Zul’Gurub better than Zul’Aman: without going too in-depth about it (I’ll probably be making a post detailing boss strategies at some point), Zul’Gurub got brand new mechanics for every fight, whereas Zul’Aman is exactly identical to how the raid used to be, with minor adjustments made to allow for the smaller group size and composition. It makes me think that ZA was just an afterthought – that they worked on ZG, with all the shiny new fights, and then when they got closer to releasing it they thought “hm, wait a second, we can’t just release one heroic, especially since Firelands is nowhere near ready yet, let’s rehash ZA for a 5man so we have a second heroic to release”. Ah well.

Dear Alieth

Posted in Miscellanea, Mounts and pets with tags , , , on December 14, 2010 by Aeliel

This is all your fault. You stay up raiding late and then you sleep through the morning and you won’t wake even if I tell you to.

I had to log you in myself and drag your character to the Crumbling Depths. Manually, since you clearly did something wrong and there’s no portal to Therazane’s Throne in the Temple of Earth as far as your character’s concerned.

Then I get you there and find out you cannot see the bloody goblin. So I have to climb down on my character and plant a bomb under your scrawny troll behind. Several times, because I guess trolls fly differently than tauren do or something and you wouldn’t fly the right way.

And then I have to fight using your character and I have no idea what shamans do and I have to just mash keys at random and hope for the best. Including figuring out your weird healing keybinds so I can keep your scrawny troll from dying.

And then I have to take an ugly screenshot because I’m too busy fighting to figure out how to get rid of your weird bright middle-of-the-screen Power Auras notifications.

And then, to add insult to injury, I get killed by a gyreworm because I’m paying too much attention to your character and not nearly enough to mine.

In conclusion, I hate you.


Congratulations! :D

PS. Post more.

Your daily dose of cute

Posted in Miscellanea, Mounts and pets with tags , on December 13, 2010 by Aeliel

I was not expecting to get the Tiny Shale Spider vanity pet quite so soon. I got the daily the first day after I finished Deepholm, and every time I went to Deepholm I checked if Jadefang was around – but I’d had no luck so far.

Then today Alieth asked me if I could go fish him some Lavascale Catfish. Fishing in open water is dull, especially since the fish he wants has a 20% or so fish rate and he wanted two full stacks, but I’m terrible at saying no when he asks me for a favour.

And since I was in Deepholm, I thought I might as well check for Jadefang. I didn’t think she was going to be around.

I walked into the Crumbling Depths, stood right under her ledge and typed “/tar Jadefang”. Nope. But I thought I should at least jump on the block that’s under the ledge, so I could see inside and be absolutely certain she wasn’t up. So I rode around, jumped onto the block, peered inside the hole… nope, just a bunch of normal shale spiders…

…and she spawned right in front of me.

Yay. It’s karma, I guess – if I hadn’t gone to fish for Alieth, I never would’ve found her, as I would’ve gone back to Twilight Highlands to finish up some quests. This certainly makes up for missing Loque’nahak by a hair on my hunter this morning. (Flew to a spawn point and there was a hunter who’d just tamed him. Augh.)

Now I just need to find her three more times. (Once for Alieth, for the pet, and twice for my hunter – to tame her, and to get the pet, because if I get mommy spider I might as well get baby spider. I never was one to break up families.)

If you’re wondering how to get this adorable critter yourself, Perks N Peeves has an excellent guide. (Yeah, you could puzzle it together from the Wowhead comments, but why bother when there’s a great guide with screenshots and everything?)

Brief Archaeology information

Posted in Professions with tags , , on December 9, 2010 by Aeliel

At least partly for my own reference, some information gathered from my somewhat hurried levelling of Archaeology from 1 to 525.

  • Where you dig will influence what you get. You can level 1-525 wholly in one continent if you want to (that’s mostly what I did – I stayed in Kalimdor, barring brief visits to Eastern Kingdoms and Outlands); you need 300+ for digsites in Outlands to appear, 375 for Northrend dig sites and 475 for sites in the zones added by Cataclysm. Go through the list of Archaeology rewards on Wowhead and decide where to dig based on what you want, but note that you can’t plan what you get beyond picking what continent to be on, so be prepared for some frustration. The maps found here are quite good.
  • What artifacts you use keystones to speed up will depend on your situation and what most nodes you’re digging up are. I was digging up mostly Night Elf nodes, and even using keystones on literally every single artifact that would allow me to I still dug up more than I spent; not so much for Troll and Dwarf keystones, but I didn’t even get many fragments of those in the first place.
  • Some artifacts can be keystoned, some can’t. Very basic common artifacts can’t be keystoned, while ones that require more fragments allow for one or two keystones, depending on the fragment amount. Rare artifacts seem to all accept three keystones.
  • Note that Fossil artifacts have no keystone.
  • The experience gain from getting Archaeology from 1 to cap is enough to level a character from 83 to 85.

In the process of levelling, I found several rare artifacts: Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown (pretty, despite the description, but I don’t think it’ll ever have a use beyond dressing up my death knight bank alt – if I ever want to level a cloth-wearing character I have heirlooms), Druid and Priest Statue Set (look at me look at me look at me!), Highborne Soul Mirror, Kaldorei Wind Chimes (these do bugger all except for an emote and a tinkling sound), Fossilized Hatchling and Fossilized Raptor – and I’m 42 fragments from Bones of Transformation (that’s 5 digsites, and yes I’m already counting three keystones). And I got enough Scandalous Silk Nightgowns to clothe an army.

(It’s a pity the grey items have no use beyond being vendored. Some of them would’ve been very neat, especially for RP…)

Now back to digging up the rest of the items I want.