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As for what I’ve been up to…

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…beyond leveling and gearing, that is…

(464 equipped ilvl and climbing, with stupid green ilvl437 pants and two crafted ilvl450 rings because mine just won’t drop ARGH and the newly rep-requirement-less JP gear doesn’t include tanking pants for some dumb reason.)

Behold the reason I’ve been living in dungeons since I hit 90 (which was on day 1)…

I was the last of our group to get it, because the last achievement I needed was Hydrophobia – which is individual, not group – and I am a baddie bad who stands in the bad, apparently. (And while I know I could’ve just stood outside the door and let the others pull and kill the boss without me – I refuse to take the easy way out for anything.)

Now if I could actually ride the bloody mount, I’d be even happier. But no, it requires Cloud Serpent Riding, and the eggs to grind that rep are as rare as hen’s teeth so I’m stuck doing dailies.

And here’s the reason I was grinding professions on alts (and being stubborn about engineering on my hunter)…

Not as shiny as a realm first achievement by any means, but I’m still pretty proud.

One more day to go before raids open. Wonder if I’ll get the last heroic blues I’m missing to drop before then…


Last night in Deepholm…

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So I’ve been leveling a shaman alt together with Alieth, who is leveling a mage alt. Both characters were boosted to 80 by a conveniently-placed Scroll of Resurrection (we had the old accounts, we wanted the mount for our mains, might as well get the freebie characters as well). We’ve been mostly leveling through dungeons, but since neither of us plans to level inscription on these particular alts, we took a break to go quest through Deepholm.

So that’s what we were doing last night. As we were flying back and forth from the Temple of Earth, as one does while questing in Deepholm, and I said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we ran right into Aeonaxx?”

Alieth’s response was “Yeah, right.”

(I have the mount on my main, and so does Alieth, so running into Aeonaxx wouldn’t be a cause of “gah, why am I not on my main” hair-tearing.)

Fast-forward to about half an hour later. We’re in the Temple of Earth, doing the final quest, in the middle of killing High Priestess Lorthuna, and NPCScan goes off.

_NPCScan: Found “Aeonaxx”!

We look at each other. I say, “Why are you still here? Invis and go. Just GO.”

“I’m going, I’m going!”

(Even if I didn’t love him, I would’ve let him take it anyway. Since we’d been mostly doing dungeons, I only had one spec, and it was resto. Tiny little 5k damage lightning bolts aren’t terribly effective.)

Level 83 frost mage versus level 85 elite Aeonaxx took a bit, but eventually he went down, and Alieth’s pretty purple-haired night elf mage got a pretty purple drake to match.

A little while later, we’re puttering around doing the Therazane dailies, because they give experience and we want the reputation so hey, why not? One of the dailies is Underground Economy, and I mention off-handedly, “Wouldn’t it be nice if Jadefang spawned? So you got your mount, and I get a pet.”

“Yeah, right.”

Literally two minutes later, as we are killing gyreworms under Jadefang’s ledge…

 _NPCScan: Found “Jadefang”!

At which point we just start laughing. And a few minutes later, having killed Jadefang with my tiny little 5k damage lightning bolts (and the help of my fire and earth elementals), and I’m the happy owner of a tiny, adorable baby shale spider.

It’s been a long time coming

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This is not the post I was originally going to make. That post had a few screenshots of me turning the rest of my raid group into bunnies throughout yesterday evening, and the reactions.

This post? Well…

Madness HM is finally dead.

Without the nerf.

We got very close yesterday after swapping out a shadow priest and swapping in an arms warrior for the extra slow on the phase 2 blood, with several 2% wipes. “Okay, we’ll get him tomorrow, this works” we told ourselves.

Today, our warrior informed us that he had an eye infection, and couldn’t raid. Cue a collective groan and facepalm, because our bad luck on this fight has been legendary. Seriously, it’s like we were cursed.


– A shadow priest trial, key to our original strategy, decided he wasn’t enjoying his shadow priest and wanted to go back to his previous main, and quit without warning.
– Our main tank and our second healer quit on the same day, again with no warning, citing too much stress and lack of enjoyment.
– A death knight trial just… stopped showing up to raids.
– A hunter got himself poached by another guild (apparently being with a guild for a month and going from 4/8HM to 7/8HM with them doesn’t make them deserving of your loyalty).
– An elemental shaman trial decided that raiding five days a week was just not for him, after barely a week of raiding.
– A balance druid disconnected mid-raid, then logged the day after and quit the guild, again with no warning, with the only explanation being “it’s for the good of the guild”.
– Our amazing second mage had a sudden attack of massive real life issues, rendering him unable to raid for quite a while (he’s still not back).

Add to that various real life issues, illnesses, injuries, connection deaths, power cuts, computer deaths, and so on (you have no idea how many raids we had to cancel or cut short because a key member of the raid couldn’t attend).

So we sighed, swapped the shadow priest back in, arranged for our rogue to be our second slow, and prepared ourselves for an evening of wipes.

And then we promptly two-shot it.

Bonus screenshot (Drexi being our warrior with the eye infection, who had to sit out):

It dropped No’Kaled for our lovely enhancement shaman, Kiril for me (which puts me three items from full BiS gear, four counting a ring I’ve been passing to every other agility user in the raid because crit/haste is ew – why yes, I am ridiculously lucky)… and the rare Blazing Drake in addition to the 100%-drop Life-Binder’s Handmaiden.

We’ve had the Blazing Drake drop once before. A social member won it. I promptly bought it off him for 30k gold and gave it to Alieth. (Because nothing says “I love you” like giving your significant other a ridiculously rare mount. ;))

Karma and the RNG gods came through, and I rolled a 97 on it, which made me quite happy.

And then Alieth rolled a 90 on the other mount, which made him quite happy.

And then we went to Firelands to kill Ragnaros HM for the mount (and some upgrades, such as the necklace off Staghelm for our mage and the necklace off Ragnaros for me), and I rolled a 70 on that, and nobody else rolled higher than 37. Which made up for the two times I lost it rolling 95+.

It’s been a good night!

Long-awaited altdrake

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As I’ve mentioned before, my death knight originated on a roleplay server. She wears the Ashen Verdict title, she runs around with Frosty out (on the roleplay server, I had as a minor plot point of her backstory that she’d raised the whelp herself, and it decided to keep following her around after the events of Light’s Hope), and her transmogrification is fairly standard dark-death-gloom death knight stuff.

Ever since I got hilariously lucky during the Halloween event (back when event mounts and pets were still drops from the event boss), she has been using the headless horsepony as her flying mount of choice – but what I really wanted for her was a frost wyrm, to go with the frost whelp.

I’ve had the non-heroic achievements for the ICC10 Glory completed since WotLK, but didn’t manage to get heroic kills of Putricide, Blood Princes and Sindragosa before Cataclysm dropped. Well, an ICC10HM PuG shouldn’t be hard to find, right?

Riiiiiiiiiight. No. Lots of ICC PuGs being formed on the server, but they were all for ICC25 heroics, since most people just want Shadowmourne at this point. Ugh.

Then a few days ago, around 3 in the morning (I couldn’t sleep, so sue me), I was poking around at auctions on my bank alt when I saw somebody looking for a few DPS for an ICC10HM PuG. I debated with myself for a bit (late-night PuGs are very rarely successful), but then figured hey, what have I got to lose?

Three things became quickly evident upon my joining the raid group: the raid intended to do the normal achievements together with the HMs, the raid leader had just enough knowledge to be dangerous, and one of the healers was so drunk he couldn’t even type straight, never mind heal.

Then we got summoned in, and the raid leader showed he was also very confused on which raid member filled which role – he kept telling a healer to go pull, and any attempts to set him straight were met with silence.

This’ll go so well, I remember thinking.

We killed Marrowgar uneventfully. We wiped once on Lady Deathwhisper, to a botched attempt at doing Full House, then killed her with the achievement by the skin of our teeth. By that point, the leader was also fairly grumpy at me, as I’d pretty much full out called him an idiot when he mis-called killing Deathwhisper for Full House (we got lucky and she changed the last add we needed on the transition).

I refused to shut up, and by the time we got to Putricide not only the raid leader was no longer angry at me, but he was actively asking me to assist with strategy. (Ah, the wonders of actually being right…)

Putricide went down, then the Blood Princes. Blood Queen Lana’thel was a mess. Two of the people who needed to be bitten for the achievement had no clue how the bite worked. We wiped once to the berserk timer (due to misbiting), and killed her the second time by the skin of our teeth, with two people getting mind controlled and only one person left standing by the end of it all.

Which left me only needing Sindragosa. But Valithria, the healing fight, was in the way, and by that point, the drunk healer kept falling asleep, and the other healer we had wasn’t exactly spectacular.

We had a slot free, so I logged my priest (reason #1768 I’m glad I have two accounts) and healed Valithria.

Sindragosa was also a mess, with half the raid dead after the air phase courtesy of people who had no idea what to do with the frost tombs and went and hugged people.

But at the long last I got my frost wyrm!

(And then I politely excused myself. At that point, I was sleepy, and the raid wanted to attempt Lich King HM and Been Waiting a Long Time for This at the same time. No. Just no.)

So… many… eggs…

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A few hours of running around in circles picking up eggs netted me the ugliest tallstrider mount yet. I generally like tallstrider mounts, but come on – this one looks like a White Hawkstrider that got its feathers plucked out and is singularly unhappy about it. Ahh well.

I did my egg collecting in Falconwing Square, because I know the spawn spots there by heart (since I’ve always done the event there). “Hilariously skewed” doesn’t even begin to describe my server’s population, so there was little competition, and even if I had to take frequent breaks to slaughter a guard or five, it was still more efficient than competing with three hundred other people in Goldshire.

Since I had enough bag space to do the egg collecting in one go, I made a list of everything I got to drop from the eggs  that wasn’t chocolates before I destroyed the BoP items (with the exception of Blossoming Branches… there are a lot of bunnies in my guild’s future :D) and sent the rest to a bank alt. It seems I’m not the first person to have this idea, but hey.

Blossoming Branch
4 Spring Robes
4 Black Tuxedo Pants
3 Spring Circlet
3 Spring Rabbit’s Foot
3 White Tuxedo Shirt
1 Elegant Dress

The two new colors for the Spring Circlet (black and pink) don’t seem to drop from eggs at all, although 500 eggs is a fairly small sample size (I’ve seen it mentioned on Wowhead that the mount can also drop from eggs, although that didn’t happen to me – as I got closer and closer to 500 chocolates, I was half-expecting it to drop when I got to 490 chocolates or so, just for the RNG gods to have a good laugh at my expense), so who knows. I might go farm 100 eggs on my bank alt just to get the spare circlets… but if I do, it’ll be near the tail end of the holiday. Right now I’m a bit sick of running around in circles.

Into the Mists

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Right then. In the interest of not letting it go several months between posts anymore, I’m trying to squash the little voice in my head going “shut up shut up nobody cares about what you have to say” and talking about things.

Specifically, “Mists of Pandaria” and the various announcements made at this year’s Blizzcon. Because everybody’s talking about that anyway, might as well join in, right?

All thoughts in no particular order, just as things come to mind.

1. The World of Warcraft Annual Pass thing. Yeah, I signed up. As far as I’m concerned – I was already planning to keep playing World of Warcraft, so this is free stuff for something I was going to do anyway. (Not to mention that mount is quite likely to solve the mount issue I have on my paladin for me. A suitably paladin-y horse that I can use as a ground mount and as a flying mount, that I can use instead of the stupid glowing elekk that replaced my paladin pony with Cataclysm, that matches the Tyrael mini-pet I already have on her and that doesn’t require me to grind any reputation or currency to get? Yes, please.)

2. People’s reactions to all the announcements. Getting this out early because it’s getting on my nerves – before you open your mouth, make sure you know for certain what you’re talking about. This includes “but I don’t want my panda lady to look exactly like the panda dudes just with a bow on her head!” (it was a joke, get a clue), “but with these talents there will no longer be any difference between specs” (they’re keeping specs and spec-based abilities, talents are something on top of that rather than what you pick to define your spec, again, get a clue), and so on. Argh.

3. The new expansion being called Mists of Pandaria. Color me unsurprised. The moment MMO-Champion pointed out that Blizzard had trademarked “Mists of Pandaria” and Blizzard started being all “you guys this is not necessarily the next expansion we trademark stuff all the time honest” it was blindingly obvious it was, in fact, going to be the next expansion.

4. Pandas. Leaving aside the shrieks of “but pandas aren’t canon!” (uh hello, Chen Stormstout would like to disagree with that)… I’m holding my final judgment until I actually see how it all plays out, but I can’t help but like the idea of pandaren as a race. They sound like good fun to play, and assuming the female model looks good (no, I still can’t manage to play a male character, I’ve tried, it doesn’t work – I’m not sure what that says about me) I’ll definitely be creating a pandaren character.

(As a side note, let me qualify “looks good.” Looks good for the race. I don’t mean “looks good” as in it’s a sexy human-ish female with a panda head and fur. I mean something like this fan concept of a female pandaren. Extreme sexual dimorphism might work with some races, such as the draenei, but I don’t think it’d work with the pandaren. One of their racials is “Bouncy,” for crying out loud. If female pandaren turn out to be “oh let’s just take a human woman, give her fur and a couple of panda attributes and call it done” I will be very disappointed.)

Also, the racials are fun. And if a lot of serious PVPers end up race-switching to pandaren because of the Quaking Palm racial, I will be endlessly amused. Panda invasion!

5. The new talents look interesting. Again, I’m holding my final judgment until I actually see them in action and see all the details (some of the druid talents in the specific are very vaguely worded right now – I might discuss them more in depth in another post, we’ll see), but I like the idea as it was described.

6. Pet battles. I’m looking forward to this so much, you have no idea. I currently have 169 vanity pets and I can’t wait to level them all up and fight with them and catch wild pets and stuff. Yes, this is Pokemon, shut up, I’m going to enjoy this. If this ends up not being actually released I’ll be sad.

7. Dungeon challenge modes are yet another thing I’m really looking forward to. I like the idea of having cosmetic gear as a reward (and I can absolutely see myself spending tons of time trying to perfect a particular challenge so I can get the last piece of gear I need for a fancy new outfit), I like the idea of leaderboards showing who’s best at each challenge, and I really, really, really like the idea of gear normalization for them. These things should be about who has the highest skill, not who has the best equipment and can therefore outgear the challenge entirely.

8. Account-wide achievements. I’ll be sad if they don’t manage to implement this. “So for example we could say, ‘Get every profession to max level,’ which would be really cruel to do for one character, but across your entire stable of characters would be kind of fun.” Altitis – validated!

9. Weapon changes – both happy and sad about this. Happy because this simplifies things; sad because there are some items that have been removed from the game, and I still have them on one character – but with the change, they’ll be only vendor fodder and nothing more. For example, my hunter’s Lok’delar, Stave of the Ancient Keepers, or her Arcanite Ripper.

Back when the Arcanite Ripper was available, with the WotLK launch event, my hunter was the only character I had that could wield two-handed axes (my paladin was created towards the tail end of WotLK, and my warrior was created, er, last month). So I went out of my way to ensure I would get the axe for her – it was one of the very first “hey, let’s see if we can do this with less than the intended amount of players” things I did with Alieth. He healed on his priest, I tanked on my druid, and the hunter was logged in a second client in the background and provided a bit of extra damage in the form of autoshot and the pet munching on the boss. And now I will no longer be able to use it. :(

I was vaguely hoping that they would at least let people equip weapons they no longer can (melee weapons for hunters, ranged weapons for warriors and rogues) in a cosmetic slot, but somebody asked about that during one of the Q&A panels and the response was “we have no plans to do that currently.” Boo.

10. Druids getting four specs. I’m happy. I like both tanking and melee DPS, but I like them being separate. I understand that several people enjoyed being able to tank stuff and still do decent DPS when they weren’t tanking, but this way it’ll be much easier to balance, I’d wager. Also, sometimes I really hated the “you’re a bear but you can still do decent damage” thing for a very simple reason – it led to me being stuck in an offtank role not because the other tank was better at it, or he had higher survivability, but because “well we need your DPS to kill the boss before the enrage timer,” which is just as stupid a reason as “well we need you to shift out and decurse sometimes.”

11. Monks. Yeah, I’m gonna roll one. This shouldn’t be surprising to anybody who knows me and my stable of alts. What I don’t know yet is whether I’ll roll a pandaren monk or go with one of the existing races and make the pandaren one of the other classes I still haven’t managed to level to cap – rogue or shaman. Unless I manage to roll a rogue and a shaman and get them both to 85 before the expansion hits, which might happen – in which case it’ll be a pandaren monk. Unless I end up not liking pandaren when I try them out during the beta, in which case it’ll be a non-pandaren monk.

And it’ll probably be a tank, unless I end up really disliking the monk tank playstyle. Is there therapy for tank-addicted people like me, I wonder?

12. No flying until max level is very, very good. I liked exploring the new world on foot during Burning Crusade and WotLK, and it’s one of the things I felt was missing during Cataclysm. Flying, as awesome as it is (ask me about my obsession with flying!), makes the world seem smaller.

13. Yessssssssss heroic Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery. I was hoping for heroic Stratholme as well, but alas. Maybe someday in the future. Also world raid bosses yaaaaaaaaaay!

And… I think that’s it. I might add some more comments as I re-watch the entire Blizzcon (see, buying a virtual ticket is good for something other than getting a Murkablo).

Complaining out loud works

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So following yesterday’s Azure Drake drop, we went back to kill Malygos today.

We’d decided yesterday to try and split the Malygos runs the way we do the Tempest Keep runs – my main plus my hunter, and Alieth plus any of my other alts (for Tempest Keep we use my disc priest, for Malygos we’ll probably use my tankadin). This decision was taken despite the risk of having a second Azure Drake drop for the group with Alieth in it, which would be about par for the course since it would be yet another mount I would have on an alt but not on a main.

After a few wipes we figured out a way to kill Malygos as a feral druid / hunter pair (pet tanks Malygos, I mostly sit and do nothing until after the third vortex, when I join in and help out on DPS to push Malygos to the phase change).

Guess what dropped!

And this, of course,  means that next reset we’re going back to killing Malygos with only one pair (my main plus Alieth), since we both have the drake the other is missing. (Still haven’t killed Malygos with Alieth’s pair, though – we’ll see what he drops then…)