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On the first week of 4.3…

Posted in PuG business, Tanking with tags , , , on December 3, 2011 by Aeliel

…the random raid finder gave to me…

Twelve people who dropped group immediately on joining
Eleven people who couldn’t manage to chain lightning to the next conductor over
Ten people who couldn’t be bothered stacking on red during Yor’sahj (and instead clamored for healing)
Nine “CR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111”
Eight people who stood in bad on every trash pull
Seven people in PVP gear
Six tier tokens of the wrong type
Five idiots who died to Hagara’s ice waves (one of whom released)
Four morons shouting wrong instructions during boss fights (“kill blue!” with purple up on Yor’sahj)
Three deaths on Yor’sahj (because the other tank couldn’t understand “taunt at 3 stacks” nor notice me spamming “TAUNT” in raid chat)
Two bosses already killed
and one death immediately after loading in.

Plus a ninja-pulled boss (Hagara), a rogue whining about not being allowed to pickpocket the quest item off Hagara in LFR difficulty, whining about how the loot system is unfair and everybody should be able to needroll on everything, three “healers” doing less healing than a shadowpriest…

It was kind of fun, though, even though my poor tankadin got nothing but a repair bill out of it. Might go in again this reset at some point – my main could use the extra chance at tier tokens, and I could queue as a DPS and still roll on everything I can use without the stress of tanking for it (especially considering as a feral druid I’m rolling against DPS classes anyway). And if I get the three new heroics to cough up enough upgrades for my other alts to hit 372 equipped ilvl without cheating, the alts could go too. We’ll see…