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The little disc priest who could

Posted in Alts, Healing with tags , , , on February 7, 2011 by Aeliel

Meet Truthful, the little project who’s been occupying most of my spare time.

I’ve been wanting to level a priest for a while. I had originally created Truthful as a draenei, back when I was playing mainly alliance-side, but got bored of playing her around level 22 or so, when I left the draenei area. The random dungeon finder didn’t exist back then, soloing was painfully slow and the quests were making me want to punch something. So I stopped. (That character’s still on my old alliance server – I don’t have the heart to ever delete old characters… my server list is insanely cluttered as a result.)

Now, with the questing changes in the old world and everything, I thought it might be a good time to give the priest class another shot, so I recreated her as a blood elf. I had grand plans of questing my way through the old world, but then I looked at the talent trees and decided to try being a smite-build disc healer, and… let’s just say I did 15-70 pretty much entirely through instances, with the notable exception of 40-45 (I was sick and tired of the idiots in the RDF, and I wanted to try the new Felwood).

Anybody who’s ever interacted with me ingame for longer than a few days will tell you one thing: I don’t like healing. I really, really don’t like healing. I was pressured to do it throughout vanilla, even though all I really wanted was to tank. I still occasionally tanked despite the pressure, and the moment TBC hit, I specced full feral and never looked back.

How that meshes with being a healer priest… not terribly well. Healing can be fun under the right conditions, especially smite-healing; if everybody plays well, runs are fast and smooth and I don’t have to just tunnel-vision Grid.

On the other hand, when things go pearshaped, being a healer turns me into a raging, frothing “oh god stop being stupid this shouldn’t be hard” monster much, much faster than being a tank or a DPS. I have seriously lost count of the amount of times I called people idiots.

For your entertainment, here’s a quick list of what the RDF has thrown at me so far. Numbers aren’t fully exact, because I didn’t really keep track, but they’re close enough. Continue reading