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Feral druid macros

Posted in Druid, Miscellanea, Tanking with tags on December 20, 2010 by Aeliel

(This post brought to you by the “I don’t want to lose my macros so I’m posting here just in case, and hell, they might be useful for somebody else as well” society.)

For all of these, pick the question mark icon. I also like naming them with just a space, so they look like perfectly normal abilities.

Faerie Fire

/cast [form:1] Faerie Fire (Feral); [form:3] Faerie Fire (Feral); [form:2] Faerie Fire; [form:4] Faerie Fire; [form:5] Faerie Fire; [noform] Faerie Fire

This macro will cast Feral Faerie Fire in bear or cat form, and normal Faerie Fire in all other forms. (This includes flight form, aquatic form and travel form as well as caster form; keep in mind that I don’t have tree or moonkin form, so you may need to adjust if you do – although why you’d want to cast Feral Faerie Fire if you’re a shrubbery or critchicken I don’t really know, but hey.) The tooltip will match the spell the macro casts, and the icon will display the spell’s cooldown when you’re in feral forms.

Prowl / Cower

/cast [combat] Cower; [nocombat] Prowl

This macro will show, and cast, Prowl when you’re out of combat, and Cower when you’re in combat. (I finally got smart and figured what the hell do I have two buttons on my bars for, when I can only ever use one at a time?)


#showtooltip Enrage
#show Enrage
/cancelaura Enrage
/cast Enrage

[Update: no longer needed as of patch 4.1, since Enrage no longer increases damage taken. Hallelujah!]

One press casts Enrage. The second press will cancel the buff that generates additional rage and makes you take 10% extra physical damage. More often than not, I find the extra damage taken doesn’t make all that much difference (at least Alieth, the pocket healer, hasn’t yelled at me for taking too much damage yet), and it certainly helps the rage generation. It’s a good thing to have for when I’m tanking stuff that hits really hard (so I don’t want to take extra damage) but I’ve just had a dodge streak so I need a quick rage boost to keep ahead of the DPS, especially at the start of a fight.


#showtooltip Lacerate
#show Lacerate
/cast [target=mouseover,harm,nodead] Lacerate; Lacerate

If you have a mouseover target and it’s alive and hostile, this macro lacerates that mouseover target. Otherwise it lacerates your target. I’ve had this macro since back in the good old TBC days of druids failing epically at AoE tanking; these days it’s even better, since you can have Lacerate stacks running on multiple targets and doing so increases the chance of getting a free Mangle to proc.

Feral Charge / Ravage

/castsequence reset=10 Feral Charge(Cat Form), Ravage(Cat Form)

For those of us with Stampede. In its normal state, the macro will show Feral Charge; the first press will Feral Charge, then the macro will switch to Ravage and remain there for 10 seconds (the duration of the free Ravage buff). After 10 seconds, it switches back. I originally tried doing it without the 10-second reset, but it kept showing Ravage rather than Feral Charge when I shifted out of cat form and back in. This works for me.