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So… many… eggs…

Posted in Miscellanea, Mounts and pets with tags , , on April 8, 2012 by Aeliel

A few hours of running around in circles picking up eggs netted me the ugliest tallstrider mount yet. I generally like tallstrider mounts, but come on – this one looks like a White Hawkstrider that got its feathers plucked out and is singularly unhappy about it. Ahh well.

I did my egg collecting in Falconwing Square, because I know the spawn spots there by heart (since I’ve always done the event there). “Hilariously skewed” doesn’t even begin to describe my server’s population, so there was little competition, and even if I had to take frequent breaks to slaughter a guard or five, it was still more efficient than competing with three hundred other people in Goldshire.

Since I had enough bag space to do the egg collecting in one go, I made a list of everything I got to drop from the eggs  that wasn’t chocolates before I destroyed the BoP items (with the exception of Blossoming Branches… there are a lot of bunnies in my guild’s future :D) and sent the rest to a bank alt. It seems I’m not the first person to have this idea, but hey.

Blossoming Branch
4 Spring Robes
4 Black Tuxedo Pants
3 Spring Circlet
3 Spring Rabbit’s Foot
3 White Tuxedo Shirt
1 Elegant Dress

The two new colors for the Spring Circlet (black and pink) don’t seem to drop from eggs at all, although 500 eggs is a fairly small sample size (I’ve seen it mentioned on Wowhead that the mount can also drop from eggs, although that didn’t happen to me – as I got closer and closer to 500 chocolates, I was half-expecting it to drop when I got to 490 chocolates or so, just for the RNG gods to have a good laugh at my expense), so who knows. I might go farm 100 eggs on my bank alt just to get the spare circlets… but if I do, it’ll be near the tail end of the holiday. Right now I’m a bit sick of running around in circles.

Further adventures in two-manning Sunwell

Posted in Achievements, Hunter, Miscellanea, Strategy, Undermanning with tags , , , , , on June 23, 2011 by Aeliel

Guess what we did! (Epic Kil'jaeden screenshot courtesy of Alieth.)

(Two-manning? Well, sort of. Some bosses took three characters. There’s still only the two of us, though.)

Last we’d done anything in Sunwell was back in February, when we killed Kalecgos. Then we’d taken a few shots at Brutallus, got stomped into the ground and went back home with our tail between our legs.

Earlier today, we were discussing what else we could go kill when it was occurred to us that we hadn’t tried Sunwell for a while. Having seen the Hunter solos Brutallus YouTube video, we figured that although it was very doubtful that my hunter could pull 30k+ DPS by herself – well, her pet could tank, and Alieth could help DPS as enhancement, so we might be able to kill him.

So I respecced my secondary spec (which is used as “whatever spec we need to kill whatever it is we’re killing”) from Beast Mastery to Marksmanship (largely because of the healing from Chimera Shot; the spec I used was 7/31/3 – I just picked what I hoped would help me and my pet stay alive while outputting decent DPS), and off we went on our merry way.

Kalecgos was uneventful; we knew we could kill him, we killed him fine, nothing to comment on there. He really can be done with any 3 people, as long as all three can stay alive while having their face beaten in by bosses.

Brutallus was… uneventful as well all considered.  We stuck my druid in a corner to just stand there and look pretty (had our hands full controlling one character each and doing decent DPS), got my valiant pet turtle in front of Brutallus with Camouflage and pulled. We had one wipe very early on in the fight, because I’d forgotten to take the turtle’s cooldowns off autocast and I didn’t have an easy indicator of when Brutallus would Stomp the poor thing… so splat went the turtle, and splat went the rest of us.

And then we pulled him again, and the turtle stayed alive, and with our combined 28k+ DPS we were well ahead of the berserk timer, even with Alieth spending Maelstrom Weapon procs to help heal the turtle. No flasks or consumables needed.

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More undermanning: Sartharion 10 with 3 drakes

Posted in Mounts and pets, Strategy, Undermanning with tags , , on June 17, 2011 by Aeliel

This all started because I didn’t have a Black Drake. I’d killed Sartharion 10 with 3 drakes up several times, but never really gotten lucky on the mount. So I went to Alieth and the conversation went more or less like this:

Me: “You know what I was thinking? We could try to two-man Sartharion 10 3 drakes, we haven’t done that and I still need the mount.”
Him: “I know you still need the mount, but I don’t know if it would be possible…”
Me: *puppy eyes*
Him: “Fine, let’s go.”

As usual: I’m a feral druid tank, 355 average ilvl in my tank gear (I have more 359s than 353s at this point, but the two blue 346 trinkets drag my average down). Alieth is a restoration shaman healer for the purposes of this particular fight, wearing mostly 372 gear with a couple of 359 exceptions.

Basic strategy rundown:

  • Keep your camera zoomed out as far as you can, with 3 drakes plus Sartharion plus whelps and fire elementals there’ll be a lot of ground clutter.
  • Move out of lava waves and void zones. (Duh, but I ended up eating the occasional void zone and one lava wave simply because there was so much stuff on the floor that I had nowhere to move.)
  • The tank will be the primary source of damage, but the healer needs to have some way to kill stuff semi-efficiently.
  • The healer needs to have very good mana regen, since there will be periods of very heavy damage on the tank.
  • DPS Sartharion until Tenebron lands, then switch to DPSing Tenebron as soon as she becomes active.
  • Ignore the portal; the tank needs to pick up fire elementals and whelps off the healer without getting the healer hit by flame breaths.
  • Tank picks up Shadron and Vesperon when they land. Ignore the portal for the time being. Once Shadron spawns his acolyte in the portals, Sartharion will go immune to all damage.
  • Once Tenebron is dead, kill Shadron, then kill Vesperon.
  • After Vesperon is dead, the tank should burn survival cooldowns and the healer should go inside the portal and kill Shadron’s acolyte to remove the damage immunity from Sartharion, then get back out and top the tank up.
  • DPS Sartharion. Once it’s safe to do so (but as soon as possible) the healer should go back inside the portal and kill Vesperon’s acolyte. This can be done in multiple passes, if necessary, as the acolyte’s health won’t reset if nobody is inside the twilight realm. The death of this last acolyte will remove Twilight Torment from you, reducing the damage you take; if you feel your healer can deal with the additional damage, you can ignore the acolyte instead and just burn Sartharion down, but we went the safe way.
  • At this point the fight is pretty much won – keep avoiding flame waves, and of course the tank should still pick up all the fire elementals off the healer.

Interestingly, I’m not sure if this can be soloed by anybody. Unless you can burn him down within 75 seconds (which is when Shadron lands), Shadron’s acolyte will need to be killed to remove the immunity shield from Sartharion, and if you’re alone and go into the portal the encounter will most likely reset. The damage you’ll take is also pretty massive. Maybe a hunter with a turtle or beetle and 2T5, if the turtle does not despawn when the hunter goes into the portal. I don’t know, I haven’t tested it.

Soloing Kael’thas Sunstrider as a hunter

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Obviously, this is the Kael’thas Sunstrider in the Eye, the one that drops Ashes of A’lar. I’m aware there are videos all over YouTube showing strategies for the fight, but unlike in those videos, the hunter used here is not wearing ilvl372+ gear, although she is pretty close to having the best gear obtainable without raiding as of patch 4.1 (minus some valor point items, because I started grinding VP on her very late and I’ve been lazy with it).

The fight is quite hard and takes a lot of practice to master. Also – I wasn’t the one who killed Kael’thas: well, it was my character, but Alieth, my boyfriend, was controlling her. (Note that while he’s an excellent World of Warcraft player in general, he had never played a hunter before.)

Backstory time! A bit ago, Alieth respecced his shaman’s offspec to enhancement, and since then we’ve been two-manning Kael’thas with me healing on my discipline priest alt and him DPSing / “tanking” as enhancement. Recently, we got to talking about how we could get a weekly Kael’thas kill for my main too and guarantee me Ashes of A’lar should they drop. A while back, I had mentioned to him that I’d seen videos of hunters gearead in heroic T11 soloing Kael’thas, so he suggested we two-man him using my hunter along with my druid main, or even have the hunter solo him with the druid on autofollow (I have two World of Warcraft accounts). I expressed doubts on whether the hunter was geared enough to solo Kael’thas. Alieth decided he wanted to try, so I logged the hunter in and told him to have fun.

All information about the fight – gear, consumables, addons and a thorough strategy – can be found in the extended entry.

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And the satchel delivers

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Longish time no post, as is becoming usual for me. Ended up not writing that guide to the troll heroics, mostly because by the point I’d ran enough of them to feel comfortable writing a guide as all three roles (tank, healer and DPS) there were plenty of guides available on the internet already. So I figured I wouldn’t waste the time.

With five characters at level 85, four of which can access the troll heroics, I’ve been pretty busy. My poor little warlock, the one who isn’t yet geared for them, has fallen by the wayside – I’m busy enough capping 980VP weekly on four characters to want to lose my will to live in normal heroics for a fifth. Eh, it’ll come.


With two tanks and a healer at cap, I’ve obviously been getting plenty of CTA reward satchels. I don’t queue just for the satchels, but I have queued a few additional times after I was done collecting my weekly VP, simply because I do still need some gear drops. (And yes, with four characters running the same instances, the gear I want for each character always drops when I’m on a different one. Fact of life.)

Either way – 15-20 CTA satchels per week is probably a fair assumption, considering I don’t always manage to hit the healer CTA and I occasionally queue with the boyfriend rather than by myself.

(Oh, an observation. If you queue for a CTA heroic by yourself, get to the end and get your CTA satchel, then decide as a group to requeue because it’s a good group – you’ll get a second CTA satchel when the second heroic is completed. Not sure if it’s a feature or a bug, but it’s a nice extra when I manage to pull an excellent group from the RDF and would’ve requeued with them anyway, satchel or no satchel.)

I’ll get to the point soon, I swear.

Mostly, I’ve gotten gems, potions and flasks out of the satchels (in addition to gold). Some I’ve sold, some I’m keeping, it’s a fun little bonus. I’ve also gotten a handful of pets: since I knew all of them on my main already (unsurprisingly enough), I sold some, kept some for alts and gave one (a Captured Firefly) to the boyfriend since he was still missing it.

And then today, I got lucky:

Not lucky enough, mind you, since the satchel could’ve deigned to drop me a Blue Drake or Blue Proto-Drake instead (blue is my favourite colour and those are, by extension, my favourite drakes; I’m still missing both of them on my main, and to add insult to injury, my alt paladin got not one but three Blue Drakes out of Oculus – no, I’m not over that annoyance yet, thanks for asking)… but let’s not look the gift horse in the mouth, shall we?

Let’s do this instead: 

My littlest hunter (littlest both in height and in levels) was the only one of my flying-enabled characters who didn’t have a special flying mount yet. She was therefore stuck with riding a sparklepony. I was vaguely considering grinding some reputation or other for it – glad I don’t have to, now. Besides…

…it’s quite fitting, in my opinion – green character on a green drake. I had even considered factioning her with the Oracles and buying eggs once I bothered leveling her through Wrath content. (Decided against it, though – it was irritating enough to keep getting yolks for years on my main, thanks very much, not keen on repeating the experience on an alt.)

It’s also quite amusing to watch people’s reactions. In 10 minutes spent semi-afk in the middle of Orgrimmar I got 5 whispers along the lines of “wtf, how????”, one accusation of being a hacker (“wtf are u a hacker omg”), and one intelligent amused person (“lol, let me guess, CTA reward bag?”). Fun times.

Farming Savage Leather: Deepholm

Posted in Gold making, Professions with tags , , on December 18, 2010 by Aeliel

The price of Savage Leather just won’t go down on my server – and I need to level leatherworking on my main. So I’ve been levelling my hunter, who has skinning as one profession. It’s something I’d been wanting to do anyway, considering all the pretty pets in Cataclysm (got myself a flaming turtle as soon as I hit 81; I might tell the story of the adventurous tame later), and if it saves me some gold all the better.

Doing 80-81 in Vashj’ir got me some leather, but just barely enough for 5 skillpoints. Argh. I switched to Hyjal at 81, mostly to get the aforementioned flaming turtle, and then did 81-82 there simply because I couldn’t be bothered switching back. At 82, I went to Deepholm.

Not much skinning in Deepholm, what with all the stone creatures, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought as well. I quested my way through almost the entirety of the zone, skinning the occasional dragonkin and getting more and more anxious to hit 83 so I could go skin my way through Uldum.

Then the Therazane quest chain led me to the upper left corner of Deepholm. Unskinnable flayers, rock, rock, more rock, and… what’s that? Bats? Let’s try and shoot them and see.

In red, we have the bat path. Here, Stone Bats fly all around the marked area in packs of 8-10. You shoot one, you pull the entire pack; they have 5368 health each, and I could 3-shot them even as a level 82-83 hunter. Each of them skins into one Savage Leather (no scraps at all that I could see in my brief, unscientific farming of 8 stacks of leather off them) and will also occasionally skin a Strange Bloated Stomach; they also have a chance of skinning into a Pristine Hide (I got one last night), although the droprate is so low since the nerf-hotfix that your best bet if you want Pristine Hides is to just skin lots and lots of leather and trade up using the vendors in Twilight Highlands.

The bats also drop Toughened Flesh. It doesn’t sell terribly well (just 2g each on my server) but it’s used to make the Goblin Barbecue, the Engineering-crafted basic feast of Cataclysm. (There’s a better version, providing 90 stamina / 90 something else, but it’s a reward from a guild achievement your guild is unlikely to obtain anytime soon unless you’re in <Fishing Addicts>.) I got 3 stacks of the stuff from just a brief period of farming and let’s just say that Alieth loves me very much right now considering how fast his guild chews through the barbecues.

And of course they drop vendor greys – again, in a very brief period of farming I got roughly 100g in them, plus a couple of random greens I sent to my main to disenchant.

Running out of bats is extremely unlikely, but if you do – or if you just get bored – visit the Shalehide Basilisks at the northern portion of the bat path. Those also skin nicely, although they take much longer to kill; they are, though, quest mobs, so if there are lots of players in the area you might find empty corpses just waiting for you to skin them.

If you need Blackened Dragonscales, you can go further north, in the dragon area. The Stone Drakes here are elite, yes, but they’re also quest mobs – which means other players might be doing the killing work for you – and they get knocked down periodically by friendly NPCs, which takes off a decent chunk of their health.

Personally I’ve avoided the dragons (except when I was doing that specific quest) and stuck to bats, but I thought I’d mention them in case you’re ever in need of dragonscales.

Now I’m unsure whether I want to move out of Deepholm. It’s hard to imagine anywhere in Uldum or Twilight Highlands beating this for a skinning spot. Maybe I’ll just level to 85 and then come back here…

Dear Alieth

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This is all your fault. You stay up raiding late and then you sleep through the morning and you won’t wake even if I tell you to.

I had to log you in myself and drag your character to the Crumbling Depths. Manually, since you clearly did something wrong and there’s no portal to Therazane’s Throne in the Temple of Earth as far as your character’s concerned.

Then I get you there and find out you cannot see the bloody goblin. So I have to climb down on my character and plant a bomb under your scrawny troll behind. Several times, because I guess trolls fly differently than tauren do or something and you wouldn’t fly the right way.

And then I have to fight using your character and I have no idea what shamans do and I have to just mash keys at random and hope for the best. Including figuring out your weird healing keybinds so I can keep your scrawny troll from dying.

And then I have to take an ugly screenshot because I’m too busy fighting to figure out how to get rid of your weird bright middle-of-the-screen Power Auras notifications.

And then, to add insult to injury, I get killed by a gyreworm because I’m paying too much attention to your character and not nearly enough to mine.

In conclusion, I hate you.


Congratulations! :D

PS. Post more.