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Regarding People – Part 1

Posted in PuG business, Raiding with tags , , , on November 24, 2010 by Alieth

Hello, everybody – I am Alieth, and this will be my first post. Coincidentally, I am also planning to make this an ongoing series: the purpose, at least in my mind, is to describe the various people I encounter during my journeys in World of Warcraft and to deconstruct them within the confines of their psychological types.

As a preface, the source of my today’s post comes from an Ulduar 10man run we did in order to complete Aeliel’s “Champion of Ulduar” achievement.  I had that achievement already and only came to help, but at the start of the run it turned out my microphone wasn’t working properly and I had to restart my PC. However, as my computer has recently been having some issues booting up – an issue that’s been steadily getting worse as the last couple of weeks went by – I couldn’t start Windows and therefore couldn’t log back in. By the time I managed, Aeliel’s raid was finishing up Vezax, and in a case of true serendipity a healer of theirs went offline and I was asked to come help for the last couple of bosses. Being my usual commanding self, I promptly took charge of the raid and started explaining tactics on Ventrilo – something Aeliel hadn’t been doing until then, as she doesn’t like talking on Vent very much (comes from being female, a gender that is routinely not taken seriously by the majority of misogynistic males populating WoW) and organized the raid via typing in the corresponding chat channel. Continue reading