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Wherein I get trolled by the RNG gods

Posted in Alts, Miscellanea, Transmogrification with tags , , , on August 21, 2012 by Aeliel

To the surprise of absolutely nobody who knows me, I’ve been farming Scholomance on my various alts for pretty clothes. (I’ve also been poking LFR with a stick, and I also need to find some time to farm Scarlet Monastery, but Scholomance has a higher amount of pretty, so it gets farmed first.)

So, while I wait out my instance timer, here’s a bit of complaining.

For reference, here’s what I want out of it for each of my characters (with what I’ve gotten so far struck out):

Death Knight: Stoneform Shoulders, Corpselight Greaves, Deathbone set, Silent Fang, Ebon Hilt of Marduk, Barovian Family Sword
Druid: Cadaverous set
Hunter: Royal Cap Spaulders, Bloodmail Legguards, Ancient Bone Bow
Mage: Alanna’s Embrace, Clutch of Andros, Necropile set
Paladin: Stoneform Shoulders, Corpselight Greaves, Deathbone set (Silent Fang would be a nice-to-have)
Priest: Alanna’s Embrace, Clutch of Andros, Necropile set
Shaman: Royal cap Spaulders, Bloodmail Legguards
Warlock: Alanna’s Embrace, Clutch of Andros, Necropile set, Bonecreeper Stylus
Warrior: Stoneform Shoulders, Corpselight Greaves, Deathbone set, Silent Fang, Ebon Hilt of Marduk, Barovian Family Sword

I’m currently farming on my hunter. Got the Royal Cap Spaulders and the Ancient Bone Bow pretty fast, but still no sign of the Bloodmail Legguards. I do, however, have enough Ancient Bone Bows I would need to be the goddess Kali to wield them all, as well as a partial Deathbone set (two legs, one chest, one belt), two Cadaverous chest pieces… and the following lovely bit of trolling on the part of the RNG gods:

Why yes, that is indeed not one, but two copies of Headmaster’s Charge. Dropped in two consecutive runs. Can’t even really keep it, since the hunter’s losing the ability to wield melee weapons in a week. I’m not furious, since I don’t particularly want the thing on any of my casters (and if I end up wanting to transmog to the model, I’ve got the BoE version of it stashed away on a bank alt, or there’s always the heirloom), but still. Ugh.

Meanwhile, still no Bloodmail Legguards, despite the fact that they’re theoretically easier to get than Headmaster’s Charge since there’s 6 minibosses that can drop them at a 2-3% chance each.

Although my most recent Krastinov kill did cough up a Sawbones Shirt, which is very nice to have although I wasn’t deliberately farming for it (since I have it on my main, and while it’s a gorgeous shirt I don’t badly want it on my alts), so I suppose that evens out.


I felt a great disturbance in the Force…

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , , , , on August 4, 2011 by Aeliel

…as if millions of ferals suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

Remember that blue post a week or so ago responding to concerns about feral druids in arenas? The one that went like this:

We’re keeping a close eye on Feral in PvP and understand the concern. Things currently on our radar include the Berserk duration, the Unheeded Warning trinket, and the Predatory Swiftness talent.

And the additional blue post that said, among other things:

Unheeded Warning is both a PvE and PvP problem. The particular mechanics of the trinket keep it disproportionately powerful for Feral druids.

I guess “we’re keeping a close eye on Feral in PVP” meant “we’re going to hotfix-nerf Unheeded Warning without even mentioning it anywhere, because we think it’s fun for players to figure these things out by themselves”.

Unheeded Warning has been changed from a 680 weapon damage proc to a 1926 AP proc. And yes, I went and punched a dummy naked until I got it to proc for science to get confirmation.

Meh. On the one hand, this puts it in line with other trinkets of the same ilvl. On the other hand… mehhhhhh.

Don’t mind me, I’m still in the “bitter about feral PVP” corner. The one where we feel that if rogues can keep you or your healer chain-stunned while they burst you down, that’s fine, if retadins can do more or less the same, that’s terrific, if you can’t kill holy paladins or make them go OOM no matter how hard you try, that’s brilliant – but heavens forbid ferals might actually be able to be decent at PVP.

Oh come the hell on

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , , on June 28, 2011 by Aeliel

Dear Blizzard,

only allowing me to transfer and/or faction-change three characters before you put a lock on the account and tell me it’s because I “entered my payment info incorrectly” is a dumb, dumb way to go about things. Clear as mud much? (And yes, it is three moves, not three payment attempts. See this thread on the EU forums.)

Some of us have more than one character we want to move at any one time. (Especially when the boyfriend’s found a raiding guild on the Alliance side, and I’m itching to have all my characters Alliance again as they were originally created. Hi guys, by the way, if any of you are reading this!)

It does not help that I’m trying to move uh… 8 characters, and faction-change 5 of them. I managed to move 4 before slamming into the issue, heavens only know how, which means I’m potentially going to have to ring billing support to remove the lock on my account three times (because I sure as hell am not going to wait three full days to have all my characters playable, thanks ever so much).

And no, this is not for my bloody protection. I have an authenticator on my account. Nobody’s going to be moving anything if they aren’t me.

I’m trying to give you money. Stop making it so hard.

(And yeah, yeah, I know. Cry less, ring Blizzard moar. It’s the wee hours of the morning, billing support phone lines aren’t open for another several hours, I’m damn well going to complain about having to wait.)

Ask the Devs: Tanking – answers

Posted in Tanking with tags , on June 8, 2011 by Aeliel

I don’t normally do this, or at least haven’t done it for all the previous “Ask the Devs”, but since tanking is what I like to do most in the game I figured I’d at least poke through these answers. Unsurprisingly, they make me want to bash my head on the desk.

Overall, we don’t want tanks to have 100% guaranteed threat on a pull, so we don’t want to buff that aspect of Vengeance, but we also don’t want DPS specs to constantly have to throttle the DPS they can deliver midway through a fight, so we have to strike a balance.

I saw this answer coming, and I actually agree with it. DPS in 5-mans really just have to learn that giving a tank a couple of GCDs to establish threat before they start laying on the burst damage is not a bad thing. I’ve been in heroics where people would watch me charge into a large pack of mobs and start AoEing before I’d even managed to hit the mob I charged, nevermind hit the rest of them with an AoE ability of my own. And then they complain when they pull threat and die. Ugh ugh ugh. Unfortunately, training DPS not to be stupid is, really, a losing battle.

Q: Have you considered normalizing initial Rage for feral druid tanks? For example, when a warrior uses Charge, it generates 15 points of Rage, which lets them use another aggro generating ability quickly, something that Feral druids tend to be a bit short on. […] Have you considered giving druid tanks an additional tool to pull casters at range? It’s the only tank class that doesn’t have a talent or spell to help in those situations.

Of course they focus on the middle part of the question (which is essentially “can you balance druids to be equal to other tanks”) and ignore the important bits.

Truth is, it is a royal pain as a druid to pull a caster mob. I either have to run up to it, interrupt it and then run back or trust that a DPS with a long-range interrupt will be doing it for me. (Or use LoS or range to pull it back, but considering the trigger-happy DPS issue, it’s very rarely workable to do that.) As a paladin, on the other hand, I can just frisbee it; warriors have a long-range interrupt in talented Heroic Throw and death knights can just yank the mob over with Death Grip.

And don’t get me started on rage generation for bear tanks. As a paladin, I can just run up to mobs (or pull them with the frisbee or Exorcism) and start my rotation, lack of gap closer notwithstanding; death knights can also start their rotation immediately (provided their runes are off cooldown, which is not unlikely given the average space between pulls).

Warriors, the closest thing there is to druids, indeed generate 15 rage on charging; Battle Shout / Commanding Shout are another instant 20 rage on a 1min cooldown. Shockwave costs 15 rage, Thunder Clap 20. Warriors don’t lose rage to anything but natural rage decay.

Druids start out with 10 rage when they shift into bear form because of the Furor talent. Feral Charge costs 5 rage. Enrage instantly generates 20 rage on a 1min cooldown (plus another 10 rage over 10 seconds, which is now usable since they removed the extra damage taken penalty on it). Swipe costs 15 rage, Thrash 25. Bears lose rage every time they have to shift out, for one reason or the other (rebuff a dead person, mount up to speed up movement to the next trash pull, etc.).

The main issue is the fact that Feral Charge costs rage rather than generate it. If you’re starting a pull from caster form and you don’t have Enrage available, you shift to bear form (+10 rage), Feral Charge (-5 rage)… at which point you have 5 rage left and all you can do is autoattack a mob. Meanwhile, the DPS has at best started AoEing, and aggro tends to go all over the place.

I’m by no means a skill-less tank, but honestly, I’ve started carrying around Mighty Rage Potions (yes, the vanilla consumable, all hail) simply to speed up trash pulling and avoid losing AoE threat right off the bat in 5-mans.

The easiest solution to this issue would be to simply make Feral Charge generate 15 rage rather than cost 5, putting it in line with the warrior charge.

A better solution, on the other hand, would be to change Feral Charge and then change Furor. Because to be honest, Furor is a pretty useless talent as it is: 10 rage isn’t even enough for Mangle.

The change I’m suggesting? Make Furor generate no rage on shapeshift, but instead allow it to “save” the druid’s rage when they shift out of bear form. This saved rage should still be subject to the normal rage decay, obviously (so you couldn’t, for example, get out of a fight with a full rage bar, shift out, then shift back in 5 minutes later and be still at 100 rage); but this way, druids would no longer be penalized for briefly shifting out of form between pulls to perform necessary actions. It might make the first pull of an instance slightly more painful for low-level bears, since Enrage isn’t available until level 22, but very lowbie druid tanking is painful anyway until you get Swipe, to be honest – and all else fails they could just move Enrage down to level 15.

And if wishes were flying horses, all my alts would be riding Invincible… moving on.

Q: What are your intentions with each tank’s mastery and mastery in general?

Expected answers are expected. Good to see that they don’t want to mess with mastery for paladins, at least at the moment, beyond the Holy Shield change which is in fact a buff (as explained by Rhidach, among others). My alt tankadin is grateful.

I don’t have an issue with bear mastery as much as I have an issue with Savage Defense, the ability it buffs, essentially punishing avoidance streaks (get SD bubble up -> avoidance streak -> Vengeance drops -> refresh SD with a smaller bubble due to lower Vengeance), but that’s beside the point. Moving on.

Q: Will we see a tanking Legendary sometime soon?

I’m going to echo Rhidach here and say balance issues notwithstanding, I want a shiny orange weapon. Thanks. (Although, being a druid, I am slightly mollified by the 4.2 introduction of a staff that makes cat form a fire cat. Since I’m a tank as main spec, I’d be very happy if the staff also made bear form a fire bear, but I’m not going to look the gift horse in the mouth.)

Q: Are there any plans to teach players in-game how to tank when they are at an early stage, or at least at some point in the leveling process?

Because, as we all know, learning to tank is so very hard. Okay, snark aside, it’s nice to see that they’re considering introducing a system to teach players how2[role]. Still… not hard.

Q: Do you plan to bring other tanks to the same level as Death Knights who have a lot of advantages over other tanking classes (easier to heal, quite a number of various safe abilities, etc.)?

A: […] So in the hands of a really skilled player, they can do some amazing things, but not usually much better than the other tanks. We’d actually like to head more in that direction with the other tanks (making them tie more of their defensive performance to their ability usage), in the future.

Not going to lie, I actually would like this to happen. Great tanks should be noticeably different from good tanks, who should be noticeably different from so-so tanks. As long as it doesn’t bring a series of nerfs in the name of “making things more interesting”, which is always a risk…

Q: Are there any plans to update the leg armor in 4.2 now that the plate tanks receive no dodge from agility? Maybe introduce a new leg armor patch that adds str/stamina, or a mastery/stamina?

WHY ARE THEY ANSWERING THIS? Most everybody who cares has seen the Drakehide Leg Armor by now. (My leatherworking main thanks you in advance for the profits, by the way. Om nom nom.)

Q: Can you make it so that taunt doesn’t miss, just like you did for interrupt abilities? Doesn’t feel as though it would be a complete upset to overall balance.


Welcome to patch 4.0 (not 3.9, Blizzard, good one though, I almost missed that), it’s good to see you finally join us several months later. Good heavens, clueless people in this game – both the person who asked this and the people who voted it up rather than point out to the original asker that they’re too dumb to live.

Also, again, WHY ARE THEY ANSWERING THIS? Way to waste time and space.

Q: Are there any plans to simplify the impossible situation for tanks (8% hit rating, 26 Expertise but all defensive stats at max at the same time) somehow, either through stats on gear or through changes to the game mechanics? Have you considered giving tools to tanks to allow easier capping of hit and expertise to help with threat management?

…and third in the line of WHY ARE THEY ANSWERING THIS? – sigh. Repeat after me: Vengeance means threat doesn’t matter after the first few seconds of a fight, which means threat stats are rated below defensive stats in priority. Makes me feel so warm and fuzzy to see how many people have no clue.

There is no loot

Posted in Miscellanea, Mounts and pets with tags , on February 21, 2011 by Aeliel

I didn’t want the mount (not that I would’ve objected if it had dropped, but I didn’t want it), I didn’t want the gas mask or the rose or the thing that makes other people /cry. All I wanted was the Toxic Wasteling.

I was going to farm it last year, back when it was still farmable – but then I ended up not playing for the vast majority of the event. Yeah, yeah, my own fault there. Still.

Alieth got his a few days into the event. He got a second today. Me? Rose and mask early on, and then “There is no loot.”

Yeah, I have a Disgusting Oozeling, but it’s not the same. :(

Happy New Year!

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Yeah, I kinda dropped off the radar for a bit there. My bad. (That said, Alieth still hasn’t posted a second time, so I’m still good.)

I’m now pretty decently geared on my main. I finally got the damn trinket and a decent relic, although I’m still using a 333 weapon (but I don’t have threat issues for the moment, so /careface). And I’m only missing Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator for the heroic drake. I also capped both Enchanting and Leatherworking: the latter was amazingly painful (even with farming leather on my hunter), while the 525-skill patterns for the former strike me as designed by somebody who didn’t get the memo that heroic instances don’t drop epics anymore. But meh.

I also hit 85 on my hunter and got decently geared pretty quickly. I’ve mostly completed my hunter pet wishlist (although it changed a fair bit in the process – I’ll probably make a post with screenshots of my final pet line up once I’m done with the last tame), with the exception of Karoma, who’s the last tamable Cataclysm rare I’m missing that I actually want.

I’ve been spending the vast majority of my free time in Twilight Highlands for more than a week now, circling the spawn points.

I haven’t even seen another hunter with her tamed yet (unlike Sambas, Terrorpene and Ghostcrawler).

I found her dead three times. Once, after doubling back to hit a spawn point where I had just been. And finding her dead does me very little good, because even if I set my alarm clock for 6 hours later and do nothing but circle, eventually I have to, you know, go do something else. And the next time I see her she’s dead again.

Why yes, it’s getting insanely frustrating. And by now it’s a matter of principle, even if I never use her again after I tame her (which is unlikely, since I rotate which pets I take with me to instances and whatnot). Aaaaaargh. I wish she was like Ghostcrawler, non-aggressive, slightly better hidden and very deadly.

Brief Cataclysmic news

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Got Cataclysm. Levelled to 85.

Missed realm first 525 Archaeology by a hair.

(I was a few pieces short of my last artifact. I had ridiculously awful luck at the end of the grind, with a bunch of sites in Kalimdor ending up in Uldum – but not enough to give me a full Tol’vir artifact, since the RNG didn’t see fit to provide me with a keystone – a bunch of sites in Eastern Kingdoms ending up in Vashj’ir – where I’ve never even been – and in general site spread saddling me with too much travel time and not enough digging. Sigh.

At least I got the skeletal raptor pet and mount…)

Now to finish questing in the areas I didn’t touch to get some decent blues (my ICC purples are starting to lack stamina), run normal instances to gear up, then run heroics, and so on…