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I love being right

Posted in Mounts and pets, Patches, Raiding with tags , , on September 5, 2012 by Aeliel

Directly from a blue post about the issue:

[The Pureblood Firehawk having a 100% droprate in normal mode] was fixed because the drop rate was never intended.

If I had a gold for each time I’ve had a rehash of the following conversation…

[Randomguy] whispers: hey, is your guild still selling the Ragnaros mount?
To [Randomguy]: Yup, our price is (price).
[Randomguy] whispers: lol no way I’m paying that much, it’s 100% droprate in normal mode now
To [Randomguy]: That’s a bug, it’ll get hotfixed soon. Besides, if you’re so sure, why not just grab a bunch of friends and go get it from normal mode?
[Randomguy] whispers: lol no it’s not a bug it’s even listed as 100% on the armory
[Randomguy] whispers: and I don’t wanna roll against 9 other people for the mount

…well, I probably couldn’t buy anything of worth since it’s not been that long since the patch hit, but I’d still have a decent sum of gold.

Good lord. It’s like people have never encountered a major, exploitable bug before.

How to get into a raiding guild

Posted in Raiding with tags , , , , , on March 20, 2012 by Aeliel

Mostly by accident (or so it seemed), I’ve ended up as my guild’s recruitment officer, or at least the closest thing we’ve got to one. Applications to the guild are sent by private message to our guild master and then posted on our private forums for all raiders to comment on, but I’m the one who advertises the guild’s recruitment in the trade channel (because that seems to be the way to get noticed) and attempts to steer people who are interested in the guild in the right direction.

This tends to mean I get stupid whispers. A lot of stupid whispers, even discounting the almost daily “wuts the DS buff?” questions. It seems that a lot of people just… have no concept of what it means to be in a raiding guild.

So I’ve got this collection of screenshots of whispers, and nothing to do with it. And I figured that a post on the subject could be useful to people who want to get into a decent raiding guild but have no idea where to start (although it’s unlikely to be of much use to the people who don’t understand why whispering an officer with their class and item level, followed by “inv pls”, doesn’t work). I’m by no means the first to do something like this – better writers than me have written similar posts – but why not?

So here’s a primer on what to do to get into a raiding guild, by way of screenshots showing what not to do. All names blurred to protect the stupid innocent.

Be patient

This might come as a shock to some, but officers of raiding guilds do have things to do in their life other than raid and run the guild. Even if you see an officer sat in a capital city, advertising the guild in trade chat every two minutes, that doesn’t mean they aren’t also doing something else. (Some examples: discussing strategy in officer chat, speaking in whispers with somebody else, alt-tabbed out of the game doing something else on the internet while an addon does the advertising, briefly away from the keyboard to sort something in the house, and so on.)

If you whisper an officer and don’t get a response, wait. If you still haven’t gotten a response five minutes later, whisper again, saying something along the lines of “hey, did you see my previous whisper?”. If the person you are whispering is in a raid zone, wait a bit longer – until they appear to have either defeated the encounter or wiped would be the best. (Some boss mods, such as DBM, whisper you back automatically if the user is in a fight, and again once the fight is over. Some others, such as BigWigs, do not. Watch for zoning as an extra clue – if somebody wipes and releases in Dragon Soul, you’ll see them go to the Tanaris zone, because that’s where the graveyard is.)

If you put in an application to a guild and you don’t receive an immediate response, wait. If you haven’t received a response in a couple of days, feel free to whisper an officer to double-check that your application was received.

Do not, however, be the guy who whispers once, waits 30 seconds and then whispers the same thing five more times. Do not be the guy who asks three times a day if a decision has been made on his application, despite having been told the first time he asked that the guild has several applications for the same spot and is trying to make a decision. Do not be the guy who throws a massive hissy fit because the officer you are whispering is slow at responding, when they’re in the middle of a raid.

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On the first week of 4.3…

Posted in PuG business, Tanking with tags , , , on December 3, 2011 by Aeliel

…the random raid finder gave to me…

Twelve people who dropped group immediately on joining
Eleven people who couldn’t manage to chain lightning to the next conductor over
Ten people who couldn’t be bothered stacking on red during Yor’sahj (and instead clamored for healing)
Nine “CR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111”
Eight people who stood in bad on every trash pull
Seven people in PVP gear
Six tier tokens of the wrong type
Five idiots who died to Hagara’s ice waves (one of whom released)
Four morons shouting wrong instructions during boss fights (“kill blue!” with purple up on Yor’sahj)
Three deaths on Yor’sahj (because the other tank couldn’t understand “taunt at 3 stacks” nor notice me spamming “TAUNT” in raid chat)
Two bosses already killed
and one death immediately after loading in.

Plus a ninja-pulled boss (Hagara), a rogue whining about not being allowed to pickpocket the quest item off Hagara in LFR difficulty, whining about how the loot system is unfair and everybody should be able to needroll on everything, three “healers” doing less healing than a shadowpriest…

It was kind of fun, though, even though my poor tankadin got nothing but a repair bill out of it. Might go in again this reset at some point – my main could use the extra chance at tier tokens, and I could queue as a DPS and still roll on everything I can use without the stress of tanking for it (especially considering as a feral druid I’m rolling against DPS classes anyway). And if I get the three new heroics to cough up enough upgrades for my other alts to hit 372 equipped ilvl without cheating, the alts could go too. We’ll see…

Official talent calculator for Mists of Pandaria

Posted in Druid with tags , , , on November 23, 2011 by Aeliel

Blizzard finally released an official talent calculator for Mists of Pandaria. I have Opinions when it comes to the druid talents. This should not be a surprise.

(I’m aware all this isn’t final. It’s kind of obvious from the fact that there are things missing from several classes and specs. Still, they put out a preview, I get to have an opinion.)

First of all, there are two new spells. Might of Ursoc, at level 72, is a standard, class-wide Last Stand (30% extra health for 20 seconds). Symbiosis, at level 87, looks quite interesting:

Creates a symbiotic link which grants the Druid one ability belonging to the target’s class, varying by the Druid’s specialization.

In exchange, grants the target one druid ability based on their class and combat role.

Lasts 1 hour and persists through death.

Needs more information, of course, but so far, so interesting.

Now, as for the rest of the changes… this’ll get long, so I’ll just put it behind a cut.

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Oh come the hell on

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , , on June 28, 2011 by Aeliel

Dear Blizzard,

only allowing me to transfer and/or faction-change three characters before you put a lock on the account and tell me it’s because I “entered my payment info incorrectly” is a dumb, dumb way to go about things. Clear as mud much? (And yes, it is three moves, not three payment attempts. See this thread on the EU forums.)

Some of us have more than one character we want to move at any one time. (Especially when the boyfriend’s found a raiding guild on the Alliance side, and I’m itching to have all my characters Alliance again as they were originally created. Hi guys, by the way, if any of you are reading this!)

It does not help that I’m trying to move uh… 8 characters, and faction-change 5 of them. I managed to move 4 before slamming into the issue, heavens only know how, which means I’m potentially going to have to ring billing support to remove the lock on my account three times (because I sure as hell am not going to wait three full days to have all my characters playable, thanks ever so much).

And no, this is not for my bloody protection. I have an authenticator on my account. Nobody’s going to be moving anything if they aren’t me.

I’m trying to give you money. Stop making it so hard.

(And yeah, yeah, I know. Cry less, ring Blizzard moar. It’s the wee hours of the morning, billing support phone lines aren’t open for another several hours, I’m damn well going to complain about having to wait.)

Oh oh oh I missed this one

Posted in Druid, Tanking with tags , , on June 9, 2011 by Aeliel

Protection paladins do bring a lot of utility, but it is quite difficult to make a table comparing a paladin’s Divine Guardian to a Protection warrior’s mobility or a bear druid’s ability to cast Innervate or even Rebirth during lulls in an encounter.

Right. Because being able to battleres somebody right in front of the boss, with all the danger that entails, and being able to give a healer ~5k mana (yey! a whole extra spell they can cast!) is such awesome utility. Never mind that in order to do that, bears have to sacrifice their entire rage bar and risk being turned into a pancake if they time it wrong.

Also, if I hear one more “bears are fine, l2p” re: the rage issue from clueless idiots who either don’t play a bear druid at all or they play one with such extensive cluelessness that their armory page makes me cringe, I swear to god I’m going to hit something. Yes, I can work around the rage issue – that still doesn’t mean it’s not an issue.

The wondertank

Posted in PuG business, Tanking with tags , , , on November 26, 2010 by Aeliel

This guy has to be seen to be believed. I’m not going to be mentioning his name (although I’ve made a note of it so I never group with him ever again if I can at all help it), but here’s a quick sample:

  • Constantly taunted the wrong things during trash (four adds safely on me, two adds munching on a DPS, he taunts off me rather than off a DPS).
  • Wiped us on trash several times by pulling carelessly (waiting for patrols to go away and waiting for the entire raid to be present, what’s that?).
  • Spam-taunted Thorim so much he went taunt immune (for no reason whatsoever).
  • Taunted adds off me during Freya while we were doing Deforestation (I was meant to be holding them away from the raid).
  • Taunted the one lone Assault Bot we were meant to be keeping alive for Not-So-Friendly Fire, while there were plenty of other things alive and munching on random people.
  • Generated an average of 5-6k TPS even when tanking bosses (no, I’m not kidding, and no, I have no idea how).
  • Seemed to only be half-listening to tactics (on Yogg-Saron for They’re Coming Out of the Walls: “Ok, Aeliel tank the first few adds on the purple raid marker, [other guy] tank the rest, also on the purple raid marker” – and we had to yell at him for what felt like a full minute to move to me with his pack of adds so we could AoE the lot down).
  • Generally displayed cluelessness and incredibly slow reactions (at one point it took two full minutes to get him to understand that we were talking to him on Vent, and no, he wasn’t AFK, he was jumping around).
  • Managed to go insane on 4-keeper Yogg-Saron, while staying on the outside. Standing in the big green sanity beams is hard.
  • Stood there and just twiddled his thumbs inside the brain room (together with another DPS) with the raid leader yelling at them very loudly in Vent to kill the tentacles. (We only put him there because he needed the achievement.)
  • Have I mentioned he’s tanking in partial DPS gear with some welfare PVP epics? I know uncrittability comes from talents these days, but this guy’s wearing items gemmed and enchanted for DPS.

We got the vast majority of what we came for (with the exception of missing the Bomb Bot part of Set Up Us The Bomb), but bloody hell.