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New itemization for Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery

Posted in Alts, Miscellanea, Transmogrification with tags , , , , on August 29, 2012 by Aeliel

So I’ve been poking about at the new loot tables for Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery, courtesy of Wowhead (servers are still under maintenance on the EU side of things) and I got to thinking.

1. What the hell are plate and agility mail doing in these loot tables?

Okay, granted, I know why they’re there. They’re there because Blizzard itemized the heroic versions of the dungeons first, then scaled it down for the non-heroics and didn’t think.

Still. Think, for heaven’s sake, before you do things. I can sort of forgive Scholomance, because the items there require level 39 and will be usable in one level. But the items in Scarlet Monastery require level 28. The plate will go completely unused, because last I checked warriors and paladins still need to hit level 40 to be able to use plate, and so will the agility mail, because hunters and enhancement shamans also need to hit level 40 to be able to use mail. At best, the mail will be worn by clueless warriors and paladins, but both will be mostly just transmogrification fodder. (Nobody sane is going to use mail or plate that’s 12 levels too low unless they have absolutely no alternative.)

They could’ve just downgraded the armor classes for the non-heroic versions – turned plate into mail and mail into leather – but I guess it didn’t really occur to them.

And speaking of transmogrification fodder…

2. What’s up with all the reused models (most of which are Cataclysm-era)?

I’m torn between minding and not minding, to be honest.

Minding because all that effort put into the new dungeons, and they couldn’t come up with something better than that? Or, if they were going to reuse models… why not reuse the models they took away in the first place, such as the sets from Scholomance? You have items named after old items (such as Whitemane’s Embroidered Chapeau), why the model swap?

(Compare and contrast – models for normal-mode items for Shadowfang Keep and Deadmines both stayed put.)

The reason not to mind would be that at least this’ll make it much easier to get certain models for transmogrification, whereas before I would’ve need to farm Hour of Twilight dungeons (or, at least in one case, picked a different reward from a quest).

But then again, I find myself minding, because if they reused the models… what guarantee do I have that they’re not going to change the look of the items around at some point in the future?

Meh. I really wish they would’ve just dropped the models used in the original version of the dungeons in. They did with some items (such as some of the weapons); some others got similar enough models (such as this axe or the Melted Hypnotic Blade I’ve referenced before); yet some others got random models thrown at them (to use more weapon examples – Wrath-era crossbow and dagger, Vanilla-era staves, random TBC sword).

Beyond the weapons that kept the original models or close enough, there are exactly two models in the whole list that I hope they keep that way. One is Metanoia Shield – it’s a green version of Voice of Reason and doesn’t exist anywhere else, and it fits the dungeon. The other is Necromantic Wand, which is a brand new model and also fits the dungeon.

The rest of this mess has got to go, and I hope it does soon. The items stick out like a sore thumb and they’re going to make anybody actually going through the dungeons look like a clown. (And I thought we were moving away from that? Wasn’t that the reasoning to normalize models from quest gear and build them into sets?) Especially execrable are the heroic druid tier 13 helm (come the hell on), the random Pandaria-model robe (yes it’s pretty, no it doesn’t fit), the normal mode warlock tier 13 shoulders (Old God tentacles? in my Scarlet Monastery? say it isn’t so), the normal-mode death knight tier 13 helms and the random TBC-oven-mitt model gloves (ugh).

…huh. Guess I’m more firmly in the camp of “I mind a hell of a lot” than I thought I was.

Thumbs up for the nods to literature in Flameweaver Koegler’s loot table, though.


[insert undignified squeak here]

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So WoW Insider recently held a transmogrification contest. I submitted a bunch of outfits I created in MogIt, not expecting much – I figured at best I’d get a runner-up position.

Runners up were announced, and I wasn’t among them. “Ahh well” thought I “better luck next time.”

Then today the winners were announced. And. And and and and and.

Turns out one of the outfits I made actually won!

*bounces around in glee*

To see the full outfit, either click through to WoW Insider, or click through to the extended entry – I’m posting it here as well for posterity.

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Complaining out loud wins again

Posted in Alts, Miscellanea, Transmogrification with tags , , on August 21, 2012 by Aeliel

Envision, if you please, the follow sequence of events.

I tab out of the game while waiting for my instance timer to reset and write my previous post.

I press “publish”, then tab back into the game, reset Scholomance and enter again.

I clear four mini-bosses out of six with no drop. Grumble, grumble, grumble. Head to the fifth one, Alexei Barov.

And he coughs up the Bloodmail Legguards. \o/

Time to swap characters!

Wherein I get trolled by the RNG gods

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To the surprise of absolutely nobody who knows me, I’ve been farming Scholomance on my various alts for pretty clothes. (I’ve also been poking LFR with a stick, and I also need to find some time to farm Scarlet Monastery, but Scholomance has a higher amount of pretty, so it gets farmed first.)

So, while I wait out my instance timer, here’s a bit of complaining.

For reference, here’s what I want out of it for each of my characters (with what I’ve gotten so far struck out):

Death Knight: Stoneform Shoulders, Corpselight Greaves, Deathbone set, Silent Fang, Ebon Hilt of Marduk, Barovian Family Sword
Druid: Cadaverous set
Hunter: Royal Cap Spaulders, Bloodmail Legguards, Ancient Bone Bow
Mage: Alanna’s Embrace, Clutch of Andros, Necropile set
Paladin: Stoneform Shoulders, Corpselight Greaves, Deathbone set (Silent Fang would be a nice-to-have)
Priest: Alanna’s Embrace, Clutch of Andros, Necropile set
Shaman: Royal cap Spaulders, Bloodmail Legguards
Warlock: Alanna’s Embrace, Clutch of Andros, Necropile set, Bonecreeper Stylus
Warrior: Stoneform Shoulders, Corpselight Greaves, Deathbone set, Silent Fang, Ebon Hilt of Marduk, Barovian Family Sword

I’m currently farming on my hunter. Got the Royal Cap Spaulders and the Ancient Bone Bow pretty fast, but still no sign of the Bloodmail Legguards. I do, however, have enough Ancient Bone Bows I would need to be the goddess Kali to wield them all, as well as a partial Deathbone set (two legs, one chest, one belt), two Cadaverous chest pieces… and the following lovely bit of trolling on the part of the RNG gods:

Why yes, that is indeed not one, but two copies of Headmaster’s Charge. Dropped in two consecutive runs. Can’t even really keep it, since the hunter’s losing the ability to wield melee weapons in a week. I’m not furious, since I don’t particularly want the thing on any of my casters (and if I end up wanting to transmog to the model, I’ve got the BoE version of it stashed away on a bank alt, or there’s always the heirloom), but still. Ugh.

Meanwhile, still no Bloodmail Legguards, despite the fact that they’re theoretically easier to get than Headmaster’s Charge since there’s 6 minibosses that can drop them at a 2-3% chance each.

Although my most recent Krastinov kill did cough up a Sawbones Shirt, which is very nice to have although I wasn’t deliberately farming for it (since I have it on my main, and while it’s a gorgeous shirt I don’t badly want it on my alts), so I suppose that evens out.

Transmogrification PSA: LFR sets, Scholomance, Scarlet Monastery

Posted in Transmogrification with tags , , on August 4, 2012 by Aeliel

(Yes, I disappeared again. Preparations for MoP, not much to talk about, etc. I’ll try to stick to it this time.)

As I was looking through my various characters’ gear and deciding what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to toss, something occurred to me.

Namely, that I really like some of the Dragon Soul tier sets in their LFR color, and right now – the couple of months left before MoP hits – is the last chance I, or anybody, will have of completing those sets. (Well, unless you XP-lock at 85 – then I’d imagine you can still run LFR, if there are enough people. But most people will just level on.)

So I’ve been running LFR on some characters, rolling on items that, at times, are a downgrade, just for the sake of completing the sets. Which is a bit of a dick move, I admit, but there are two months to go until MoP hits and all that shiny LFR gear becomes obsolete (quest rewards in Jade Forest, the very first starting area, are ilvl384). And I’m going to be an elitist snot and point out that most of the people I run into when doing LFR these days are so very bad – 10k DPS, 9k HPS, “how I taunt boss” bad – that I don’t really feel the least bit guilty in rolling on the items. I’m putting in just as much effort as they are – often more – and I want the item for something beyond vendor spec. I have a damn right to roll on it and not relinquish it if I win it.

Anyway. To the point of this post. Here are the LFR sets that will become unobtainable – and, for completion’s sake, any unique-model items found in the current versions of Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance. This is mainly to remind myself what I want to grab, since I have no illusions that I have any readership left, but if this post is of use to somebody who isn’t me, all the better.

Screenshots are taken from the in-game dressing room whenever possible, since the Wowhead model viewer can sometimes be inaccurate, especially when it comes to glows. Sets are shown on whichever race the character I have of that class is, hence the preponderance of night elves and draenei. Please forgive my preferences. Most screenshots will be cropped to give a general idea of what the set looks like without cluttering the page.

(Also, I’m not going to screenshot what is likely to be almost the entire loot table of Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance. I’ll point out especially rare or unique-looking items, though, and provide Wowhead links for everything.)

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Transmogrification: building a set

Posted in Strategy, Transmogrification with tags , , , on November 24, 2011 by Aeliel

I was chatting to one of my guildies the other day, and the subject turned to transmogrification. He mentioned he was most likely going to just transmogrify his gear to Tier 2, since he had no idea where to start building a custom outfit.

Now, I’ve built custom outfits for most of my characters – so I figured I might as well write a guide. This is my way of doing this, obviously, not the Only True Way™, and if you prefer doing it some other way or you simply really love a tier set and just want to wear that, more power to you.

Lots of images coming up to illustrate my point, so the rest of the post will be behind a cut.

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Transmogrification: resources

Posted in Transmogrification with tags , , on November 23, 2011 by Aeliel

Following the announcement of transmogrification, I’ve been busy creating at least one set for each of my characters – two for my main (one for tanking, one for DPS). I know most people will just go with a full tier set, not care at all, or deliberately throw together the ugliest set they can, but I want to look stylish, damnit. So yeah, it took some time.

In the process of creating the sets, I’ve managed to collect a list of resources and tools for World of Warcraft gear. Rather than have it sit and rot in my bookmarks, I figured I’d post it up and potentially have other people benefit from it as well. I’ll try to keep it updated as I find new things, but no guarantees.

WoW Model Viewer

If you’ve not heard of WoW Model Viewer – what rock have you been living under? It’s a standalone program that allows you to see models for characters (and NPCs, but that’s beside the point as far as this list is concerned) and dress them up in your choice of armor and weapons. Note that sometimes, effects may be missing from armor and weapons – always double-check in game or by looking at screenshots on Wowhead to see what an item actually looks like.


An addon providing an in-game gallery of item looks, grouping items together by model and texture and listing sources. Although I built my sets mostly in WoW Model Viewer, I’ve used this addon quite often, for inspiration or just to track down the perfect item for a set without scrolling through WMV’s entire item library. (Also, it gives me something to do while I’m waiting for a raid to start or in an instance queue!)


Obvious resource is obvious, but still very useful. The Transmog Sets feature helped me a lot, as did the various transmogrification guides on their news blog.

Disciplinary Action: Illustrated Transmogrification Guides

Convenient screenshots of all sets in the game, including both tier and non-tier gear? Yes, please. The link above leads to the page for cloth sets; guides for other armor types are also available.

A Sunnier Bear: World of Fashioncraft

Sunnier highlights good-looking staves and polearms, then branches out into putting together some outfits that go beyond “oh what the hell, I’ll just wear my favorite tier set.”

Orcish Army Knife: Non-Raid Transmog Weapon Compilation

These lists focus on weapons usable by death knights that can be obtained (mostly) by yourself, rather than requiring the help of others. Good for people who play alone or don’t feel like constantly bugging their friends to help them run old raids for transmogrification items.

WoW Roleplay Gear

What it says on the tin. Outfits, outfits and more outfits, categorized by armor type and, where necessary, by class.

Icy Veins: Transmogrification Guides

Lists and screenshots of armor and weapons, categorized by classes that can wear them. Each list includes the names of the items, with drop locations and Wowhead links.

Revive & Rejuvenate: Leather Sets

What it says on the tin – lists of leather sets, with a focus on druids (sorry, rogues), with screenshots showing all possible druid races of both genders.

Harpy’s Nest: Transmogrification Picks – Staves, Maces and Daggers

Plenty of screenshots, showing how the weapons look in the hands of a gnome. Not that I play a gnome, but still.

Disenchanting Azeroth

A thorough look at weapon and shield models from a design perspective. An awesome resource, although posts stopped before all weapon types were reviewed.

World of Wardrobes

Lists and screenshots of weapons and armor. Armor is sorted by armor class and color, which can make this website very useful when you’re trying to color-match items.