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On having fun

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , , on November 27, 2010 by Aeliel

I was in Orgrimmar just now on my bank alt, checking auctions and emptying my mailbox. I have an overabundance of Happy Fun Rocks as a result of my farming Dire Maul to repair my Steamwheedle Cartel rep before the Shattering, and they don’t sell.

So I took a few and picked out random people in Orgrimmar and threw rocks at them.

Now, I’ve been doing this since vanilla, both with rocks and with other throwables (such as Heavy Leather Balls) – not just because I have too many, but because I like seeing people’s reactions.

Back in vanilla, people I threw things at would notice and throw them back, and it would develop into a fun game of throwing things back and forth – often with multiple people.

I’ve been doing it in TBC and I’ve been doing it in Wrath, and nobody’s noticed since vanilla – until today.

As I threw my last rock, a troll druid on a trike did a /poke emote on me. I returned the /poke, and got the following emote in return:

[Person] wants to play ball!

I had no more rocks in my inventory, so I said so:

/e ran out :(

[Person] is sad :(

I had more in my guild bank, of course. So I did a /wait, ran to the bank, fetched a rock, and threw it to him.

[Person] is very happy with you! – and he threw it back to me.

At which point I threw it back to him, and we spent the next several minutes throwing the thing at each other and having fun.

I have to say, I’m liking the Shattering so far – it seems to have gotten people to pay attention to their surroundings again. People notice unusual mounts, strange animations, quest items, and so on, and actually talk to each other and have fun again.

Or it might be just my imagination, and I might be reading too much into this.

But I had fun!