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Sinestra achievement still available

Posted in Achievements, Alts, Raiding with tags , , , on September 10, 2012 by Aeliel

I am, of course, talking about “I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am“.

Expecting it to become unobtainable with the Mists of Pandaria pre-patch, we went and killed Sinestra every week as a guild until we got it. That was mid-June, and then we stopped going, because ugh, Bastion of Twilight.

We went back this week for funsies and random achievements people were missing, and figured hey, might as well kill Sinestra. And then this happened:

(I was on my warrior, so note the pro “never killed Sinestra before on this character” achievement.)

So I’m guessing this will work like Herald of the Titans – you can always get it at level, but if you level beyond it it’s unavailable. Either that or it’ll just go unavailable when MoP launches – but considering they seem now able to use level as a criteria for achievement eligibility, I can’t see why they’d do the latter rather than the former.

Either way, there you go. Two resets left before, at best, you have to level an alt specifically for this – at worst, you won’t be able to get it anymore. Go forth and punch dragons in the face.