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Minipost: Going Down?

Posted in Achievements, Alts, Miscellanea with tags , , on June 23, 2011 by Aeliel

It’s been a while since I last killed Solarian, and I had never killed her on a character who didn’t have the “Going Down?” achievement. today, on the way to our usual “kill Kael’thas, watch him not drop Ashes” tour of the Eye, we figured we might as well kill all bosses, because hey, pretty items (A’lar’s matched fist weapons are particularly gorgeous) and gold for yet another achievement.

Turns out that when Solarian punts you up using Wrath of the Astromancer it’s more than high enough to grant you “Going Down?”. Perfectly safe, too, since you won’t take falling damage if you’re tossed in the air by a Wrath that’s cast on you. Certainly better than going cliff-jumping…


Gold tip: stop blindly pressing “Disenchant”

Posted in Gold making with tags , , , on March 25, 2011 by Aeliel

Enchanting materials are good, right? Well, not so much when you could earn more gold from selling what you disenchanted than it would cost to buy the result of the disenchanting.

To go into more details:

  1. BoP blues from instances – especially Wrath-level blues as well as the blues from the starter Cataclysm instances, which disenchant into Small Heavenly Shards rather then normal ones. So you’re taking a weapon that vendors for 20g+ and turning it into a 5g shard? Well done you.
  2. BoE blues from instances. As a rule of thumb, I never roll “Disenchant” on these. Why? They often sell for vastly more than the shard would… and if they don’t, it’s easy enough to get them disenchanted anyway, since they’re BoE. Granted, I’m a little bit spoiled, since my main is an enchanter and I don’t have to ask anybody else to shard things for me… but still.
  3. BoE greens require a bit of thought, as the market for them is highly variable.
    Vanilla greens are often worth disenchanting – especially the higher-level ones that disenchant into Greater Eternal Essences and Illusion Dust; keep an eye out for well-statted low-40s plate and mail, though, as people will often pay a premium to kit their alts out in plate and mail once it’s available to them.
    TBC greens are worth disenchanting across the board, except for sub-60 greens with excellent suffixes, as these can sell very well (although the market’s shrunk a bit since Cataclysm, since the remodeled sub-60 quests give excellent gear rewards).
    Wrath greens will most likely be more profitable sold to a vendor this early on in Cataclysm due to the high availability of Wrath enchanting materials.
    Well-statted sub-80 Cataclysm greens should never be disenchanted. The two Hypnotic Dust or Lesser Celestial Essence you will get from disenchanting those will not make up for the 100g+ each those greens are worth on the AH. I cringe every time I see one of those get disenchanted in an instance.

You don’t even need to memorize what items disenchant into what materials. Get an auction addon (Auctionator or Auctioneer), do regular scans and the information will be right in the item’s tooltip.

Banking: trolls (and goblins) do it better

Posted in Gold making with tags , , on December 1, 2010 by Aeliel

Orgrimmar is a busy, crowded, laggy city. Most people I’ve seen keep their bank alts there; a minority uses Silvermoon City (which I could never understand; the bank and AH aren’t very close), Undercity (depressing and annoying to move between the bank and the AH) or Thunder Bluff (where the bank and AH are pretty close). I used to keep my bank alt in Thunder Bluff myself – then, when 4.0.3a hit and reset everybody to a random location, I found myself in Orgrimmar and decided I couldn’t be bothered to move. So I went exploring, to find the best place to be in the shiny, brand new Orgrimmar.

The thing is – there are five auction houses in Orgrimmar now. Similarly, there are five banks.

The first pair is in the Valley of Strength, where it’s always been. They’re further away from each other now, though, and it gets annoying to run between them repeatedly.

The second pair, in the Valley of Honor, isn’t much better in terms of running distance. The third pair, in the Valley of Wisdom, is a little bit better, but still somewhat far.

Then there are two pairs in the Valley of Spirits – one for the goblins, and one for the trolls.

The goblins have their bank and their AH set up quite close to each other; the mailbox is a bit further away, in what seems to me an incongruous position.

The trolls have set up shop in one of their buildings. The mailbox is at the bottom, while the banker and auctioneer are at the top.

Which you use mostly depends on your preference.

Personally, I find the goblin area irritating to look at, and the few steps between the bank and AH coupled with the mailbox distance and the NPC crowd around the area annoys me.

On the other hand, I easily found a position that would let me access the troll auctioneer, bank and guild bank without moving a step; when I need a mailbox, I jump off the building to get to the one that’s right at the bottom, then climb back up.

The “Interact with target” trick

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , on November 30, 2010 by Aeliel

I’m pretty sure a lot of people already know about this – or at least, Alliance-side AH players would, from the AH-from-near-the-mailbox trick that was then obsoleted with the Stormwind revamp in the Shattering. Still, it’s quite a useful trick and I keep running into people who don’t know about it (to the point that I got accused of exploiting while I was running around Orgrimmar doing that one cooking daily, because I was picking up the crawfish without stopping).

In the keybinds, under “Targeting Functions”, you will find an option called “Interact with target”. By default, it’s unbound. Bind it to something convenient and easy to remember (I use the F11 key). It works exactly the same as a right-click on anything you can actually target.

So, for example, you can pick up the crawfish for the Orgrimmar cooking daily (or the Alliance equivalent, of course – or the irritating Chicken Escapees, or the Snowfall Glade Pups) simply by targeting them (nameplates make this really easy), running or swimming up to them and mashing whatever key you have bound to “Interact with target” – you’ll loot without stopping.

Trying to use a vendor who just won’t stop moving? Mash the key.

Trying to loot that one boss you just killed in an instance you outlevel amidst a sea of sparkling corpses? /target to select and mash the key. Same thing if you’re dealing with players standing on a NPC so it’s impossible to click (seasonal vendors come to mind), or NPCs aren’t loaded yet and you’re in a hurry (assuming you remember the name of the NPC).

It’ll even start your autoattack when you’re targeting a hostile mob – not nearly as useful as the other cases, since you can just mash any of your offensive abilities to do that, but still.

The “Pass on loot” trick

Posted in Gold making, Miscellanea with tags , , , on November 28, 2010 by Aeliel

I ran into this trick while farming Outland heroic instances with Alieth (because he rerolled and is missing all the Outland reputations – and being a squishy, squishy healer he can’t easily solo those heroics).

When grouped, you get a new option in the right-click menu on your character frame: “Pass on loot”.

If you switche that option on, you forfeit your right to loot – and the only times you will see a sparkling, lootable corpse are:

  • If the corpse contains a quest item, or
  • If the corpse contains an item of green or better quality (assuming loot quality is set on Uncommon; I haven’t tested it, but I would imagine it’s dependent on the loot quality setting).

You will still be unable to roll on the green or better items that drop, since you’re passing on them – so it’s a pretty pointless option when you’re in a group with random strangers.

When you’re farming things with a friend (or even dual-boxing), though, this can be an extremely efficient way to farm and loot only corpses with worthwhile items. The character who isn’t passing on loot should ideally be the “tank” of the pair, pulling and killing most mobs; the weaker character follows behind and loots anything that sparkles. Any green or better item that drops will pop up a need / greed / disenchant / pass window for the character who isn’t passing on loot.

Sure, you’re losing out on the profits from cloth and other white and grey drops – but we were going for speed of clearing, not maximum profit, or we would’ve stopped and looted everything; this way, we still were able to collect enchanting materials and other random drops (including Schematic: Crashin’ Thrashin’ Robot, which is pretty insanely rare) that we would have otherwise missed out on.