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Oh come the hell on

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , , on June 28, 2011 by Aeliel

Dear Blizzard,

only allowing me to transfer and/or faction-change three characters before you put a lock on the account and tell me it’s because I “entered my payment info incorrectly” is a dumb, dumb way to go about things. Clear as mud much? (And yes, it is three moves, not three payment attempts. See this thread on the EU forums.)

Some of us have more than one character we want to move at any one time. (Especially when the boyfriend’s found a raiding guild on the Alliance side, and I’m itching to have all my characters Alliance again as they were originally created. Hi guys, by the way, if any of you are reading this!)

It does not help that I’m trying to move uh… 8 characters, and faction-change 5 of them. I managed to move 4 before slamming into the issue, heavens only know how, which means I’m potentially going to have to ring billing support to remove the lock on my account three times (because I sure as hell am not going to wait three full days to have all my characters playable, thanks ever so much).

And no, this is not for my bloody protection. I have an authenticator on my account. Nobody’s going to be moving anything if they aren’t me.

I’m trying to give you money. Stop making it so hard.

(And yeah, yeah, I know. Cry less, ring Blizzard moar. It’s the wee hours of the morning, billing support phone lines aren’t open for another several hours, I’m damn well going to complain about having to wait.)


Brief Cataclysmic news

Posted in Achievements, Mounts and pets, Professions with tags , , , on December 9, 2010 by Aeliel

Got Cataclysm. Levelled to 85.

Missed realm first 525 Archaeology by a hair.

(I was a few pieces short of my last artifact. I had ridiculously awful luck at the end of the grind, with a bunch of sites in Kalimdor ending up in Uldum – but not enough to give me a full Tol’vir artifact, since the RNG didn’t see fit to provide me with a keystone – a bunch of sites in Eastern Kingdoms ending up in Vashj’ir – where I’ve never even been – and in general site spread saddling me with too much travel time and not enough digging. Sigh.

At least I got the skeletal raptor pet and mount…)

Now to finish questing in the areas I didn’t touch to get some decent blues (my ICC purples are starting to lack stamina), run normal instances to gear up, then run heroics, and so on…

Goddamnit, Deathwing

Posted in Achievements with tags , , on December 3, 2010 by Aeliel

Yesterday night I was in Tanaris, checking out the new Lost Rigger Cove and plotting the gruesome demise of hundreds of pirates (so I can hit Exalted with the Steamwheedle Cartel, why else?).

The sky went red.

Oh yay, Deathwing!

Except the path he takes in Tanaris goes diagonally through the zone and completely misses the shore. (Map link found from this quite useful Wowhead comment.)

Ahh well. Another time, right?

Fast forward to this morning. I figured hey, let’s go fish for the two new, annoying fishing achievements.

So I take the portal from Dalaran to the Caverns of Time, since I’d logged out there after doing the Dalaran fishing daily and some of the fish I’m missing can be caught in Tanaris.

I take two steps out of the Caverns, click the mount button, and I’m mid-castbar when the sky goes red. Again.

I make a mad dash for the general middle of the zone, where I now know he flies. Too late. Fire still there, Deathwing not so much.

I’ll just spend a day or two sat AFK in Gadgetzan while doing something else, I guess. But still… missing it once was bad enough, but twice? Somebody up there is laughing at me. :(

The frozen wastes of Winterspring

Posted in Achievements, Quests with tags , , on November 28, 2010 by Aeliel

To save Alieth, and anybody else attempting the Winterspring Quests achievement, the time I just spent hunting things down:

  • I think there’s meant to be a quest leading you to the Winterfall Cauldron; but I didn’t get it. I only found the stupid cauldron when I went to investigate on Wowhead why I was at 30-something quests through the achievement and I had no breadcrumbs to anywhere. The quest you pick up from the cauldron starts a long, long chain (which is extremely interesting, incidentally) that spans almost the entire zone and is worth about half the quests in the achievement by itself. Do yourself a favour and pick it up while you’re killing furbolgs for Donova Snowden if you don’t get pointed to it.
  • Speaking of that long, long chain – when you get sent to fetch the Owlbeast Dreamcatcher, go by the road rather than heading directly south from the questgiver. If you don’t, you’ll miss this guy, who’s worth three quests (and you’ll be killing the same mob for the long quest chain anyway). By the end of all this, I was at 57/60 with no breadcrumb quests leading anywhere.
  • Umi Rumplesnicker is meant to give you three quests, not two. One of them – The Perfect Horns – appears to be bugged; again, I didn’t get it. This shorts you two quests – that one, and Yetiphobia. (It might also mean that if you’re an engineer affected by this bug, you can’t learn the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti schematic; I’m not an engineer, so I’m not certain – but she used to teach the schematic to engineers who completed her chain pre-Shattering, at least. My only engineer already has it, so I can’t check.)
  • Salfa will give you at least one quest. He wouldn’t give me Delivery for Donova, probably because I’d already done Donova’s quests by the time I went to find him and it’s meant to be a breadcrumb (so check with him first), but he did give me Winterfall Activity, which counted. With Salfa’s one quest, I was at 58/60.
  • Burndl and Tanrir give you one quest each. There are no breadcrumbs leading you to them so you’ll never know they’re there unless you pass by Winterfall Village. They’re what got me the achievement.

Another oddity in Winterspring is the fact that I only got Everlook reputation out of three quests in the entire zone. (I was hoping for more, as I do still need Steamwheedle Cartel reputation for The Insane.) From looking at Wowhead, it seems that the two quests I couldn’t pick up from Umi Rumplesnicker would also give Everlook rep – but that still seems weird to me. Surely if one kill-stuff-and-bring-it-back quest that ends at Deez Rocksnitch gives rep, all of them ought to – all the NPCs involved in the quest chain are Everlook-factioned.

The wondertank

Posted in PuG business, Tanking with tags , , , on November 26, 2010 by Aeliel

This guy has to be seen to be believed. I’m not going to be mentioning his name (although I’ve made a note of it so I never group with him ever again if I can at all help it), but here’s a quick sample:

  • Constantly taunted the wrong things during trash (four adds safely on me, two adds munching on a DPS, he taunts off me rather than off a DPS).
  • Wiped us on trash several times by pulling carelessly (waiting for patrols to go away and waiting for the entire raid to be present, what’s that?).
  • Spam-taunted Thorim so much he went taunt immune (for no reason whatsoever).
  • Taunted adds off me during Freya while we were doing Deforestation (I was meant to be holding them away from the raid).
  • Taunted the one lone Assault Bot we were meant to be keeping alive for Not-So-Friendly Fire, while there were plenty of other things alive and munching on random people.
  • Generated an average of 5-6k TPS even when tanking bosses (no, I’m not kidding, and no, I have no idea how).
  • Seemed to only be half-listening to tactics (on Yogg-Saron for They’re Coming Out of the Walls: “Ok, Aeliel tank the first few adds on the purple raid marker, [other guy] tank the rest, also on the purple raid marker” – and we had to yell at him for what felt like a full minute to move to me with his pack of adds so we could AoE the lot down).
  • Generally displayed cluelessness and incredibly slow reactions (at one point it took two full minutes to get him to understand that we were talking to him on Vent, and no, he wasn’t AFK, he was jumping around).
  • Managed to go insane on 4-keeper Yogg-Saron, while staying on the outside. Standing in the big green sanity beams is hard.
  • Stood there and just twiddled his thumbs inside the brain room (together with another DPS) with the raid leader yelling at them very loudly in Vent to kill the tentacles. (We only put him there because he needed the achievement.)
  • Have I mentioned he’s tanking in partial DPS gear with some welfare PVP epics? I know uncrittability comes from talents these days, but this guy’s wearing items gemmed and enchanted for DPS.

We got the vast majority of what we came for (with the exception of missing the Bomb Bot part of Set Up Us The Bomb), but bloody hell.

I have a name, damnit.

Posted in PuG business, Tanking with tags , , on November 25, 2010 by Aeliel

Pet peeve of the day (and one of the things I hate the most about half of the people I get into random groups with): people who call my character anything but her name.

“Druid go DPS”, “Druid res me”, “Tank pull faster”, “Tank come here”… I have a name. I don’t care if you spell it wrong, I don’t care if you shorten it (“Ael” works perfectly fine, unless there’s another Ael-something in the group), there’s nothing that gets me irritated faster than somebody calling me by my class or by my role.

Especially if it’s some idiot offtank who holds threat like a sieve holds water, has a penchant for taunting off me when the adds he originally picked up are eating the DPS, doesn’t understand “move the boss here” and is generally a complete idiot. Like right now in this Ulduar 10 non-Glory achievement run.

(And I’m not about to just “go DPS”, let somebody with fail TPS tank Hodir and watch the raid get their collective face mauled off. Honestly.)

What I got and what I didn’t

Posted in Achievements, Raiding with tags , , , on November 24, 2010 by Aeliel

With 4.0.3 on live servers and 4.0.3a looming like Damocles’ sword, last week was a mad scramble to get as many of the things that were going to disappear (or were rumoured to be disappearing) with the imminent Cataclysm. Some of them I managed, some of them I didn’t – altogether I didn’t do too badly, although some things were a disappointment. Continue reading