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Long-awaited altdrake

Posted in Alts, Mounts and pets with tags , , , on April 9, 2012 by Aeliel

As I’ve mentioned before, my death knight originated on a roleplay server. She wears the Ashen Verdict title, she runs around with Frosty out (on the roleplay server, I had as a minor plot point of her backstory that she’d raised the whelp herself, and it decided to keep following her around after the events of Light’s Hope), and her transmogrification is fairly standard dark-death-gloom death knight stuff.

Ever since I got hilariously lucky during the Halloween event (back when event mounts and pets were still drops from the event boss), she has been using the headless horsepony as her flying mount of choice – but what I really wanted for her was a frost wyrm, to go with the frost whelp.

I’ve had the non-heroic achievements for the ICC10 Glory completed since WotLK, but didn’t manage to get heroic kills of Putricide, Blood Princes and Sindragosa before Cataclysm dropped. Well, an ICC10HM PuG shouldn’t be hard to find, right?

Riiiiiiiiiight. No. Lots of ICC PuGs being formed on the server, but they were all for ICC25 heroics, since most people just want Shadowmourne at this point. Ugh.

Then a few days ago, around 3 in the morning (I couldn’t sleep, so sue me), I was poking around at auctions on my bank alt when I saw somebody looking for a few DPS for an ICC10HM PuG. I debated with myself for a bit (late-night PuGs are very rarely successful), but then figured hey, what have I got to lose?

Three things became quickly evident upon my joining the raid group: the raid intended to do the normal achievements together with the HMs, the raid leader had just enough knowledge to be dangerous, and one of the healers was so drunk he couldn’t even type straight, never mind heal.

Then we got summoned in, and the raid leader showed he was also very confused on which raid member filled which role – he kept telling a healer to go pull, and any attempts to set him straight were met with silence.

This’ll go so well, I remember thinking.

We killed Marrowgar uneventfully. We wiped once on Lady Deathwhisper, to a botched attempt at doing Full House, then killed her with the achievement by the skin of our teeth. By that point, the leader was also fairly grumpy at me, as I’d pretty much full out called him an idiot when he mis-called killing Deathwhisper for Full House (we got lucky and she changed the last add we needed on the transition).

I refused to shut up, and by the time we got to Putricide not only the raid leader was no longer angry at me, but he was actively asking me to assist with strategy. (Ah, the wonders of actually being right…)

Putricide went down, then the Blood Princes. Blood Queen Lana’thel was a mess. Two of the people who needed to be bitten for the achievement had no clue how the bite worked. We wiped once to the berserk timer (due to misbiting), and killed her the second time by the skin of our teeth, with two people getting mind controlled and only one person left standing by the end of it all.

Which left me only needing Sindragosa. But Valithria, the healing fight, was in the way, and by that point, the drunk healer kept falling asleep, and the other healer we had wasn’t exactly spectacular.

We had a slot free, so I logged my priest (reason #1768 I’m glad I have two accounts) and healed Valithria.

Sindragosa was also a mess, with half the raid dead after the air phase courtesy of people who had no idea what to do with the frost tombs and went and hugged people.

But at the long last I got my frost wyrm!

(And then I politely excused myself. At that point, I was sleepy, and the raid wanted to attempt Lich King HM and Been Waiting a Long Time for This at the same time. No. Just no.)


On playing what you love and loving what you play

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Yes, I know. Long time no post. I’ve just… well, felt like I didn’t have much to say. I’ve been playing the game, I’ve been poking around on the PTR (the new instances are quite fun), I’ve been building transmogrification outfits for each of my characters so I have them all ready to go when 4.3 hits, I’ve joined a guild (although it’s a bit of a fail guild, but nobody’s perfect) and killed Ragnaros… I’ve just not been posting about it.

I was reading Vidyala’s post about returning to her mage, and Cynwise’s post about losing the desire to play the warlock class.

Not for the first time, I feel that when I started playing this game? I got damn lucky.

I started playing World of Warcraft at the end of April 2005, on the urging of an online friend who said the game was fun and I should try it. I knew nothing about the lore, nothing about the factions, nothing about – well – anything. My friend played a night elf hunter, so it was decided I would roll a night elf as well, so I could catch up to his level and we could play together.

What class, though? Reading through the manual didn’t help me with the decision. My friend suggested that a rogue might be fun for me. I wasn’t sure, but I figured hey, I can always create a different character afterwards if I don’t like this one.

So I launched the game. Ooh, cinematic! Pretty! Oh hey, that dwarf looks nifty… and ooh, a night elf. Pretty. Wait… what is she…

Really?  Screw a rogue, I want one of those.

Cue frantic rifling through the game manual. Druids can shapeshift. Okay, a druid it is, then.

I changed the character’s appearance until I liked the way she looked, told my friend my character name, and pressed “Enter World.”

“I thought you were going to play a rogue?” said my friend.

“I changed my mind.”

I wasn’t a terribly good druid – at least not for the times. “Druids heal,” everybody said. I didn’t want to. I wanted to be a cat. I wanted to be a bear. I argued with friends, I argued with my guild, I argued with anybody who would listen. I knew I could be a good tank if they’d just let me try.

(It didn’t help that some of the warrior tanks in my guild displayed spectacular amounts of cluelessness when it came to tanking and how it worked. I still remember this one time we were trying to kill one of the green dragon bosses in Duskwood – I think it was Ysondre, but I’m not sure – and the tanks died shortly after the last transition phase. A good portion of the raid got nommed, and then, due to healing aggro, the dragon went right for me. I switched to bear form, repositioned her, and what was left alive of the raid killed her. The main tank of the guild commented, later, that the reason I could do that and not somebody else was “she taunted first.” Showing complete ignorance of not only the way healing aggro works, but also of the way taunts work. Which you’d think he’d know, as a tank.)

When Burning Crusade was released and druids could actually tank, I was overjoyed. The very first thing I did on release night was take my feral gear and go tank Hellfire Ramparts. I’ve been tanking ever since.

It’s now many, many years later. I have a lot of alts – two hunters, a warlock, a priest, a warrior and a paladin at 85, a death knight at 84 and climbing and a mage at 80 who’ll be leveled once I’m done with the death knight. The only classes I don’t yet have are shaman and rogue (which is funny considering how close I was to rolling one when I started playing).

The druid I created the first day I launched the game? She’s still my main character.

Sometimes I don’t play her for ages, either because I’m stuck (no raiding guild and no way to progress further without one, for instance – that happens sometimes) or simply because I’d like a change of pace. But she’s still my main, and she’s the character I love the most. I’ve tried switching mains – it didn’t go well, at all. I missed my druid. Even when I rerolled on a new server at the tail end of vanilla, when server transfers didn’t exist – I created a hunter, figuring I would enjoy the change. Yeah, no. I got that hunter to level 10 and promptly left her there and created another druid.

She’s remained a feral tank pretty much since – well, saying “since the start” would be a lie, because I had to (ugh) heal in vanilla, but since the very first day of Burning Crusade. I’ve switched to healing once or twice – mainly during Wrath, because the guild wanted one extra healer for one boss fight and I had a healing set collected – and hated every second of it. These days I just don’t collect caster gear. Problem solved. My second spec is feral DPS – it’s fun, but ultimately it’s my offspec for a reason. I gear it as an afterthought.

I’m a feral druid. I tank. It’s what I do — and I don’t think that’ll ever change.

The pony herd

Posted in Alts, Miscellanea with tags , on June 12, 2011 by Aeliel

I’m blaming the post on accessible fanart over at Flavor Text Lore for this. Since I don’t follow Twitter (perhaps I should start), I’d completely missed the pony generator. Which… was probably a good thing, considering how much time I spent fiddling with it and making a pony version of all my characters, but pfft.

It was actually an interesting exercise – most of the ponies ended up having at least some resemblance to the characters, whether in coloring, hairstyle or attitude. Creating each pony was made more complicated by the fact that, while I started out on the Alliance side, I have currently switched most of my characters to the Horde. And while I love my characters no matter what, and some of them certainly fit better as Horde, the way they looked as Alliance is still very vivid in my mind and I would probably go back to it right this instant if not for other considerations not related to how my characters look.

I don’t really have any good screenshots on hand that show what each character looks like on both factions, but I’ll do my best to describe.

(And yes, I’m aware that I’m probably the only one who cares any about this. It’s my blog, I can post ponies if I want to, and it makes a change from my usual “complaining about the state of the game between posting about new shinies I just got” routine.)

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Another alt, another quiet week

Posted in Alts, Blog business, Miscellanea with tags on March 25, 2011 by Aeliel

Quiet blog? Must be alt levelling time again!

The more I play the game, the less I seem to post about the game. Somehow, it figures.

This time it’s my warlock. She’s one of my oldest characters: I created her back in vanilla, and she’s the only character other than my main who was created back then and is still played (I also had an undead rogue, tauren shaman and tauren hunter, all of which are now abandoned), but she often is left trailing behind. I only hit 70 on her at the very end of TBC, when they eased the leveling curve, and never actually hit 80 before Cataclysm dropped, since I was so sick of Wrath quests (still am).

On the other hand, now she’ll be my fourth level 85, which I suppose makes up for it.

Surprise altdrake

Posted in Alts, Mounts and pets with tags , , , , on March 10, 2011 by Aeliel

After a few days’ worth of enforced break from the game (I was visiting my parents), I logged back in tonight and figured, what the hell, I’ll go play my little priest. Said little priest, who isn’t so little anymore (she hit level 83 today and will most likely be my third 85), hasn’t ever had a mount that wasn’t the default lvl20 hawkstriders (because I couldn’t be bothered going back to Silvermoon to buy the armored ones) or the sparklepony.

I hate wyverns with a passion, so any character of mine that doesn’t have a special mount flies on a sparklepony… but I do try to get my characters special mounts. My first hunter has the engineering copter (and lately the Uld25 Glory drake, because there was a PuG going and I figured might as well), my warlock and my mage both have the tailoring carpets, my death knight has a headless horsepony (and thank heavens for that, sparklepony on a death knight is a bit… yeah), my paladin has the Uld10 and ICC10 Glory drakes (not to mention she got three of the blue drake from random H-Oculus that I never got on my main), and my main just plain collects mounts. My second hunter still flies a sparklepony, but she’s just level 70 (I’m really, really sick of WotLK content, and I need to level my warlock first so I can uncap tailoring), so there isn’t much I can get her unless I’m willing to go grind a TBC faction.

For my priest, however, the sparklepony was getting old, so I was trying to figure out what to get her that wouldn’t take much effort. I’d more or less settled for “let’s beg Alieth to run me through H-CoS for the bronze drake”, but hadn’t even gotten around to asking him.

Good thing too, because my little priest just got the Drake of the North Wind to drop on her second ever run of N-VP, and rolled a 100.

Goddamn but the critter’s pretty. (Even though they need to fix the riding position – characters sit as if the saddle didn’t exist, which looks pretty godawful close up.) I need to stop being lazy and start farming this (and the Stonecore drake) for my main.

But at least that fixes the “what mount do I ride” quandary!

Happy New Year!

Posted in Alts, Hunter, Mounts and pets with tags , , , on January 4, 2011 by Aeliel

Yeah, I kinda dropped off the radar for a bit there. My bad. (That said, Alieth still hasn’t posted a second time, so I’m still good.)

I’m now pretty decently geared on my main. I finally got the damn trinket and a decent relic, although I’m still using a 333 weapon (but I don’t have threat issues for the moment, so /careface). And I’m only missing Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator for the heroic drake. I also capped both Enchanting and Leatherworking: the latter was amazingly painful (even with farming leather on my hunter), while the 525-skill patterns for the former strike me as designed by somebody who didn’t get the memo that heroic instances don’t drop epics anymore. But meh.

I also hit 85 on my hunter and got decently geared pretty quickly. I’ve mostly completed my hunter pet wishlist (although it changed a fair bit in the process – I’ll probably make a post with screenshots of my final pet line up once I’m done with the last tame), with the exception of Karoma, who’s the last tamable Cataclysm rare I’m missing that I actually want.

I’ve been spending the vast majority of my free time in Twilight Highlands for more than a week now, circling the spawn points.

I haven’t even seen another hunter with her tamed yet (unlike Sambas, Terrorpene and Ghostcrawler).

I found her dead three times. Once, after doubling back to hit a spawn point where I had just been. And finding her dead does me very little good, because even if I set my alarm clock for 6 hours later and do nothing but circle, eventually I have to, you know, go do something else. And the next time I see her she’s dead again.

Why yes, it’s getting insanely frustrating. And by now it’s a matter of principle, even if I never use her again after I tame her (which is unlikely, since I rotate which pets I take with me to instances and whatnot). Aaaaaargh. I wish she was like Ghostcrawler, non-aggressive, slightly better hidden and very deadly.

Stories that take you by surprise

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I’m a storyteller by nature. All my characters have personalities and backstories – some more detailed, some less. Sometimes, they take me by surprise, jumping out at me when I least expect it.

My death knight originated on a roleplay server, although I transferred her off it not long after she hit 80. She used to be a warrior, before dying; she had a paladin sister, and the two were very attached to one another. The paladin thought the death knight was, well, dead; the death knight had a vague idea of where the paladin was, but never sought her out (because of reasons that should be quite obvious, especially considering they’re Draenei).

I was originally planning to create the paladin on the roleplay server and have her run into the death knight by chance, but that plan got scrapped. And so, the paladin eventually got created as part of a recruit-a-friend pair and levelled with Alieth from 1 to 80. I had her vague backstory – the one I’d decided on when I created the death knight – in mind as I created her, but I didn’t really pay it that much attention. I thought – I’m off the roleplay server, when exactly is this backstory going to matter?

The paladin is on my main account, since I did RAF to get the rocket for my main character. The death knight used to be on my main account, but got moved to my second account when I moved her from the roleplay server.

The last time I’d thought of either of their stories was when the death knight finally got her Kingslayer and Ashen Verdict titles, both of which I’d wanted for her for a very long time (because of patently obvious backstory reasons).

Just before the launch of Cataclysm, I transfered my paladin to the server my main character is currently on (something which I’ll have to do with all my other characters who are left on my old server, too, but it’ll take a while). This entailed gathering some gold I’d earned on the server, as well as materials I’d collected or left there, and stuffing them in the paladin’s bags.

The death knight had some items I wanted to move, so I launched a second copy of the game, logged her in and ran her to the paladin.

And both characters were suddenly very prominent in my mind – and they just froze, staring at each other.

It was the first time they’d actually been face to face in the game world.

The “chance” meeting on the roleplay server would’ve been, in reality, carefully planned, down to every character interaction. This one wasn’t planned at all: it took me by surprise as much as the characters, since the characters’ story was the furthest thing from my mind at the time.

I may have to actually write down the entire story of the meeting.