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Long-awaited altdrake

Posted in Alts, Mounts and pets with tags , , , on April 9, 2012 by Aeliel

As I’ve mentioned before, my death knight originated on a roleplay server. She wears the Ashen Verdict title, she runs around with Frosty out (on the roleplay server, I had as a minor plot point of her backstory that she’d raised the whelp herself, and it decided to keep following her around after the events of Light’s Hope), and her transmogrification is fairly standard dark-death-gloom death knight stuff.

Ever since I got hilariously lucky during the Halloween event (back when event mounts and pets were still drops from the event boss), she has been using the headless horsepony as her flying mount of choice – but what I really wanted for her was a frost wyrm, to go with the frost whelp.

I’ve had the non-heroic achievements for the ICC10 Glory completed since WotLK, but didn’t manage to get heroic kills of Putricide, Blood Princes and Sindragosa before Cataclysm dropped. Well, an ICC10HM PuG shouldn’t be hard to find, right?

Riiiiiiiiiight. No. Lots of ICC PuGs being formed on the server, but they were all for ICC25 heroics, since most people just want Shadowmourne at this point. Ugh.

Then a few days ago, around 3 in the morning (I couldn’t sleep, so sue me), I was poking around at auctions on my bank alt when I saw somebody looking for a few DPS for an ICC10HM PuG. I debated with myself for a bit (late-night PuGs are very rarely successful), but then figured hey, what have I got to lose?

Three things became quickly evident upon my joining the raid group: the raid intended to do the normal achievements together with the HMs, the raid leader had just enough knowledge to be dangerous, and one of the healers was so drunk he couldn’t even type straight, never mind heal.

Then we got summoned in, and the raid leader showed he was also very confused on which raid member filled which role – he kept telling a healer to go pull, and any attempts to set him straight were met with silence.

This’ll go so well, I remember thinking.

We killed Marrowgar uneventfully. We wiped once on Lady Deathwhisper, to a botched attempt at doing Full House, then killed her with the achievement by the skin of our teeth. By that point, the leader was also fairly grumpy at me, as I’d pretty much full out called him an idiot when he mis-called killing Deathwhisper for Full House (we got lucky and she changed the last add we needed on the transition).

I refused to shut up, and by the time we got to Putricide not only the raid leader was no longer angry at me, but he was actively asking me to assist with strategy. (Ah, the wonders of actually being right…)

Putricide went down, then the Blood Princes. Blood Queen Lana’thel was a mess. Two of the people who needed to be bitten for the achievement had no clue how the bite worked. We wiped once to the berserk timer (due to misbiting), and killed her the second time by the skin of our teeth, with two people getting mind controlled and only one person left standing by the end of it all.

Which left me only needing Sindragosa. But Valithria, the healing fight, was in the way, and by that point, the drunk healer kept falling asleep, and the other healer we had wasn’t exactly spectacular.

We had a slot free, so I logged my priest (reason #1768 I’m glad I have two accounts) and healed Valithria.

Sindragosa was also a mess, with half the raid dead after the air phase courtesy of people who had no idea what to do with the frost tombs and went and hugged people.

But at the long last I got my frost wyrm!

(And then I politely excused myself. At that point, I was sleepy, and the raid wanted to attempt Lich King HM and Been Waiting a Long Time for This at the same time. No. Just no.)

Minipost: Going Down?

Posted in Achievements, Alts, Miscellanea with tags , , on June 23, 2011 by Aeliel

It’s been a while since I last killed Solarian, and I had never killed her on a character who didn’t have the “Going Down?” achievement. today, on the way to our usual “kill Kael’thas, watch him not drop Ashes” tour of the Eye, we figured we might as well kill all bosses, because hey, pretty items (A’lar’s matched fist weapons are particularly gorgeous) and gold for yet another achievement.

Turns out that when Solarian punts you up using Wrath of the Astromancer it’s more than high enough to grant you “Going Down?”. Perfectly safe, too, since you won’t take falling damage if you’re tossed in the air by a Wrath that’s cast on you. Certainly better than going cliff-jumping…

Further adventures in two-manning Sunwell

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Guess what we did! (Epic Kil'jaeden screenshot courtesy of Alieth.)

(Two-manning? Well, sort of. Some bosses took three characters. There’s still only the two of us, though.)

Last we’d done anything in Sunwell was back in February, when we killed Kalecgos. Then we’d taken a few shots at Brutallus, got stomped into the ground and went back home with our tail between our legs.

Earlier today, we were discussing what else we could go kill when it was occurred to us that we hadn’t tried Sunwell for a while. Having seen the Hunter solos Brutallus YouTube video, we figured that although it was very doubtful that my hunter could pull 30k+ DPS by herself – well, her pet could tank, and Alieth could help DPS as enhancement, so we might be able to kill him.

So I respecced my secondary spec (which is used as “whatever spec we need to kill whatever it is we’re killing”) from Beast Mastery to Marksmanship (largely because of the healing from Chimera Shot; the spec I used was 7/31/3 – I just picked what I hoped would help me and my pet stay alive while outputting decent DPS), and off we went on our merry way.

Kalecgos was uneventful; we knew we could kill him, we killed him fine, nothing to comment on there. He really can be done with any 3 people, as long as all three can stay alive while having their face beaten in by bosses.

Brutallus was… uneventful as well all considered.  We stuck my druid in a corner to just stand there and look pretty (had our hands full controlling one character each and doing decent DPS), got my valiant pet turtle in front of Brutallus with Camouflage and pulled. We had one wipe very early on in the fight, because I’d forgotten to take the turtle’s cooldowns off autocast and I didn’t have an easy indicator of when Brutallus would Stomp the poor thing… so splat went the turtle, and splat went the rest of us.

And then we pulled him again, and the turtle stayed alive, and with our combined 28k+ DPS we were well ahead of the berserk timer, even with Alieth spending Maelstrom Weapon procs to help heal the turtle. No flasks or consumables needed.

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Troll heroics: first impressions

Posted in Achievements, PuG business, Strategy, Tanking with tags , , on April 29, 2011 by Aeliel

(Lacking screenshots of the actual boss fights – since I was too busy tanking to take any – the above will have to do. If you’ve done the lashtail hatchling quest chain in Northern Stranglethorn Vale, once you kill Mandokir you get your hatchling back. And she’s “Lashtail Hatchling <playername’aka>” rather than “<playername’s companion>”. Awwwww.)

I’ve spent the better part of an afternoon and evening tanking Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman. My first run was alone; all the rest were done with Alieth, my trusty pocket healer. Some of the difficulty of the instances was doubtlessly removed by the fact of having a healer with an average ilvl of 370 (some kills would’ve been wipes with a lesser-geared healer), but considering that a healer wearing full PVP gear could keep me up just fine on my lone run through ZA without Alieth, I don’t think the instances are that hard. We got all the new achievements without much trouble (with the exception of Spirit Twister – we gave it a couple of tries, but it was a late-night group, everybody was tired, so we eventually decided the hell with it and just killed the boss).

And, at least for now, I think they’re fun. I like Zul’Gurub better than Zul’Aman: without going too in-depth about it (I’ll probably be making a post detailing boss strategies at some point), Zul’Gurub got brand new mechanics for every fight, whereas Zul’Aman is exactly identical to how the raid used to be, with minor adjustments made to allow for the smaller group size and composition. It makes me think that ZA was just an afterthought – that they worked on ZG, with all the shiny new fights, and then when they got closer to releasing it they thought “hm, wait a second, we can’t just release one heroic, especially since Firelands is nowhere near ready yet, let’s rehash ZA for a 5man so we have a second heroic to release”. Ah well.

After buying eggs for ages…

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At the long, long last. I started buying eggs shortly after the release of Wrath of the Lich King, and the only time I didn’t buy one when the previous one hatched was when I wasn’t actually playing at all. I actually got my drake last week – but since I hadn’t been doing Oracles dailies for a while, and only did them every three days (each time I went to buy a new egg), if that, once I resumed, it took me a bit longer to hit Exalted.

There’s very few reps I don’t have at Exalted now. Bloodsail Buccaneers (Honored, can’t honestly be bothered grinding it further up), Darkmoon Faire (Revered, paused for the time being since my scribe alt is still on a different server), Ravenholdt (Neutral, haven’t touched it since I’ve not yet leveled a rogue), Steamwheedle Cartel (all four factions are Honored… long grind to go, though) and the PVP factions (ughhhhh).

What the (composite) screenshot doesn’t show, of course, is me switching to Frenzyheart very shortly after hitting exalted with the Oracles. Time to work on Frenzyheart for Mercenary of Sholazar! Well, assuming I can be bothered, that is.

A competent dungeon finder PuG for once

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The Heroic Deadmines loading screen makes me cringe.

My priest has yet to complete that instance – her groups tend to dissolve somewhere after the second or third boss.

My hunter has completed it a bunch of times, but every time I go there I find myself using Feign Death pretty much every cooldown.

My main has had the most success with it, mostly due to being a tank. However, these days I tend to queue as DPS in the dungeon finder to get my daily valor points. (DPS is more relaxing, what can I say.)

Still, I hate that place, especially the gauntlet before the last boss. Very few groups navigate it properly; additionally, the mechanical nightmare gives me pretty absurd graphics lag, and good luck avoiding the spinning sparks when your game’s reduced to a slideshow.

Back in December, I had a pretty steady group going for Glory of the Cataclysm Hero – I tanked, Alieth healed, and a bunch of his guildies rotated in and out for DPS. Then he swapped guilds, and I was left missing only Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator for my drake.

Not an achievement you can get in a PuG, right? Even when I found myself in good H-DM PuGs, even with Alieth healing, and we said “let’s give it a go”, something inevitably went wrong. So I shelved the achievement, figuring I’d put together a group for it at some point.

Then today I loaded into H-DM for my daily valor points and found myself in the most amazingly competent dungeon finder PuG I have ever seen. Everybody was from different servers. The tank said he was “pretty new to Cataclysm tanking”, but he was the best tank I’ve seen in a long while; the other two DPS and the healer didn’t talk much (or in some cases, at all), just did their jobs perfectly. Everything went smoothly, everybody worked together. Still, I didn’t ask about doing VVV. I figured what was the point of getting my hopes up when it wasn’t going to happen?

I died in the mechanical nightmare as usual, but this time it didn’t matter, since I was the only one who did. We ended up with two full minutes to clear Ripsnarl’s nightmare, and pulled Vanessa with 30 seconds left on the achievement timer.

PuGs like that tend to restore my faith in humanity. I hope I run into those people again, and more like them.

(And now I don’t want to go run randoms on my priest, because I like having faith in humanity.)

Achievement strategy: Unearthing Uldum

Posted in Achievements, Quests, Strategy with tags on December 12, 2010 by Aeliel

Unearthing Uldum can be a bit difficult to complete – some quests are started by killing random mobs, some others by looting an item. Personally, I completed the achievement a few quests before the end of the gigantic Harrison Jones chain (the one that leads to Brann Bronzebeard asking you to meet him inside Halls of Origination)… but every time I visit Uldum, there are people in /1 asking how come they’re 2-3 quests short of the achievement and they’ve done “everything”.

So I thought I’d write this post. It’s not an achievement strategy, not exactly – more like a list of easily-missed quests.

  • Do the World a Favor. To get this quest, you need to kill a Mangy Hyena in the pygmy area close to Khartut’s Tomb.
  • Just a Fancy Cockroach. To get this quest, you need to kill a scarab (of any type) in the Chamber of the Stars, found under the Obelisk of the Stars. The scarabs spawn after you topple over the ancient statues. Most people will miss this, as the scarabs are yellow and you have no reason to kill them.
  • Dirty Birds. To get this quest, you need to kill a Diseased Vulture in the Cradle of the Ancients area. According to reports on Wowhead, the area will phase after a bit and most of the vultures will disappear, so it might be problematic to complete if you missed it on your first pass through the area; on the other hand, I just went to check and there are plenty of vultures visible even though I’ve done everything there is to do.
  • A.I.D.A. Communicator drops from mobs you kill for a different quest. The chain it starts is worth five quests (counting the one you pick up from the item itself).
  • Myzerian’s Head drops from the dragon at the Obelisk of the Moon once you’ve completed the quests there. (If the dragon is on fire and on low % health, you’re good to go.) If you’re a ranged class you can most likely solo this, but it’ll probably go faster with a group anyway.