My God, it’s full of stars

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Realm third, world… I dunno, WoWProgress is being slow in updating, since everybody is killing all the things.

This actually took some effort – best food on our casters, DPS flasks, potions and food on tanks, healers helping DPS in the spark phases and so on. Can’t wait to see this fight on heroic – I’d wager we’re going to see class-stacking of the Spine HM variety.

We even got the Straight Six achievement out of it. Loot was fun – Bottle of Infinite Stars and Light of the Cosmos, plus one of our priests got Torch of the Celestial Spark out of an Elder Charm of Good Fortune. Not a bad haul, although I really wanted the pretty tanking axe from him… ahh well, more kills in our future.

One boss left!


Four Kings dethroned

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(Loot: Mindshard Drape and Shoulderguards of the Unflanked. Did I mention I bought ilvl476 epic shoulders for 50k off the AH? Yeah. Welcome to the life of a progression raider, where every upgrade matters and you can buy something only to replace it a week later.)

And just for the record, Elegon trash can go die in a fire.

And speaking of Gara’jal…

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Was easier than expected, although we did slam face-first into the berserk timer on an almost-kill due to being overly cautious and using three healers rather than two. Ahh well. Next!

(Loot: Bonded Soul Bracers, which I got for my barely-used, dailies-only DPS kit since we had no other plate user in the raid, and Spaulders of the Divided Mind.)

So far so good…

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Stone Guard

(Loot: Dagger of the Seven Stars and Sixteen-Fanged Crown. The latter is a nice healing helm, and Alieth the resto shaman was quite happy, but also sad at the same time since he’d spent roughly 30k gold the week before to craft himself the engineering goggles. Ahh well, you win some you lose some – I spent 50k on an ilvl476 epic cloak, and then a heroic ilvl509 epic cloak from Heart of Fear showed up on the Black Market Auction House and I spent 503k on that. This is why we did sell runs.)

Feng the Accursed

(Loot: Amulet of Seven Curses and Tomb Raider’s Girdle. I approve of this fight, by the way – something fun for tanks to do beyond “okay, taunt on 3 stacks of the debuff… again… zzzzzzz”? Yes, please. More fights like this are very welcome.)

And a Jade Warlord Figurine from Gara’jal’s trash, which I got. Now to deal with Gara’jal himself…

(And yes, as a sharp-eyed person might note from the screenshots – I’m doing this on my warrior. Raid setup demanded it, and with account-wide achievements, I don’t mind that much, although I would’ve liked to take a shot at realm first druid. Ahh well, a guildie got it instead, and I’ll get to switch back to my druid as soon as raid setup permits.)

As for what I’ve been up to…

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…beyond leveling and gearing, that is…

(464 equipped ilvl and climbing, with stupid green ilvl437 pants and two crafted ilvl450 rings because mine just won’t drop ARGH and the newly rep-requirement-less JP gear doesn’t include tanking pants for some dumb reason.)

Behold the reason I’ve been living in dungeons since I hit 90 (which was on day 1)…

I was the last of our group to get it, because the last achievement I needed was Hydrophobia – which is individual, not group – and I am a baddie bad who stands in the bad, apparently. (And while I know I could’ve just stood outside the door and let the others pull and kill the boss without me – I refuse to take the easy way out for anything.)

Now if I could actually ride the bloody mount, I’d be even happier. But no, it requires Cloud Serpent Riding, and the eggs to grind that rep are as rare as hen’s teeth so I’m stuck doing dailies.

And here’s the reason I was grinding professions on alts (and being stubborn about engineering on my hunter)…

Not as shiny as a realm first achievement by any means, but I’m still pretty proud.

One more day to go before raids open. Wonder if I’ll get the last heroic blues I’m missing to drop before then…

Farming Exotic Leather: Dread Wastes

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Busybusybusy gearing up for raiding, getting achievements and so on, but I’ll just leave this here – hopefully before one of the spots I’m mentioning gets nerfed to oblivion.

I was leveling my hunter’s engineering and decided to be stubborn – rather than making 1281627891693 Thermal Anvils, I wanted to at least craft something useful. So I made some guns for when I feel like leveling both her and my other hunter (and the third one I’m planning to create), and then I decided to make the Pandaria Wormhole Generator, because yay for engineering teleporters! Except to make that, I needed two Spirits of Harmony, and I didn’t have any. Bugger.

I was going to just take the hunter to Jade Forest and kill some things, since she’s still lvl85, but the boyfriend was going to do his Klaxxi dailies, so I figured I’d tag along and do the you-kill-I-loot thing in case he got any motes to drop.

I didn’t find very many motes (ended up farming those in Valley of the Four Winds by myself), but the hunter’s a skinner, so here’s what I found…

The yellow and the green locations are places for daily quests. Yellow has Greatback Mushan (and, a bit further off to the side, Dreadspinner Tenders); green has Chillwater Turtles and Horrorscale Scorpids (and, a bit further south, Ik’thik Amberstingers). People kill them for Klaxxi dailies, and they’re skinnable, and since the quest items aren’t a 100% drop, there’s piles and piles and piles of bodies. I seriously couldn’t skin fast enough.

Once we were done with the dailies, I still didn’t have enough motes, so off we went to see if we could find a suitable place for AoE farming, because hey, why not. Going mostly at random, we found the third area on the map.

The red area is special. It has Ruby Venomtails – normal mobs that you can kill and skin – and, more importantly, they have Dread Scarabs. The latter come in packs of 5-6, have around 40k health each, die in 2-3 hits even to my lvl85 hunter… and each of them skins into 1-6 Exotic Leather, with the usual chance at Plump Intestines. In other words, they’re Deepholm Stone Bats v2.0.

Considering how quickly the Deepholm bats got nerfed, I would suggest heading there sooner rather than later if you want to get some farming in. Not that it takes much leather at all to cap leatherworking these days, but still.

Best bug ever y/y?

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Raid member, in Vent:

…I respecced and got ported to Stormwind…

No, I have no idea how the hell that can even happen, either. Your guess is as good as mine.