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Achievement strategy: Unearthing Uldum

Posted in Achievements, Quests, Strategy with tags on December 12, 2010 by Aeliel

Unearthing Uldum can be a bit difficult to complete – some quests are started by killing random mobs, some others by looting an item. Personally, I completed the achievement a few quests before the end of the gigantic Harrison Jones chain (the one that leads to Brann Bronzebeard asking you to meet him inside Halls of Origination)… but every time I visit Uldum, there are people in /1 asking how come they’re 2-3 quests short of the achievement and they’ve done “everything”.

So I thought I’d write this post. It’s not an achievement strategy, not exactly – more like a list of easily-missed quests.

  • Do the World a Favor. To get this quest, you need to kill a Mangy Hyena in the pygmy area close to Khartut’s Tomb.
  • Just a Fancy Cockroach. To get this quest, you need to kill a scarab (of any type) in the Chamber of the Stars, found under the Obelisk of the Stars. The scarabs spawn after you topple over the ancient statues. Most people will miss this, as the scarabs are yellow and you have no reason to kill them.
  • Dirty Birds. To get this quest, you need to kill a Diseased Vulture in the Cradle of the Ancients area. According to reports on Wowhead, the area will phase after a bit and most of the vultures will disappear, so it might be problematic to complete if you missed it on your first pass through the area; on the other hand, I just went to check and there are plenty of vultures visible even though I’ve done everything there is to do.
  • A.I.D.A. Communicator drops from mobs you kill for a different quest. The chain it starts is worth five quests (counting the one you pick up from the item itself).
  • Myzerian’s Head drops from the dragon at the Obelisk of the Moon once you’ve completed the quests there. (If the dragon is on fire and on low % health, you’re good to go.) If you’re a ranged class you can most likely solo this, but it’ll probably go faster with a group anyway.

Items that get you somewhere

Posted in Achievements, Gold making, Miscellanea, Quests with tags , , , on November 29, 2010 by Aeliel

Somewhat inspired by Gavendo’s post about on-use items, I thought I would make a list about transportation items… items that will get you somewhere else from where you currently are, much like the common Hearthstone – just, well, less common. Continue reading

The frozen wastes of Winterspring

Posted in Achievements, Quests with tags , , on November 28, 2010 by Aeliel

To save Alieth, and anybody else attempting the Winterspring Quests achievement, the time I just spent hunting things down:

  • I think there’s meant to be a quest leading you to the Winterfall Cauldron; but I didn’t get it. I only found the stupid cauldron when I went to investigate on Wowhead why I was at 30-something quests through the achievement and I had no breadcrumbs to anywhere. The quest you pick up from the cauldron starts a long, long chain (which is extremely interesting, incidentally) that spans almost the entire zone and is worth about half the quests in the achievement by itself. Do yourself a favour and pick it up while you’re killing furbolgs for Donova Snowden if you don’t get pointed to it.
  • Speaking of that long, long chain – when you get sent to fetch the Owlbeast Dreamcatcher, go by the road rather than heading directly south from the questgiver. If you don’t, you’ll miss this guy, who’s worth three quests (and you’ll be killing the same mob for the long quest chain anyway). By the end of all this, I was at 57/60 with no breadcrumb quests leading anywhere.
  • Umi Rumplesnicker is meant to give you three quests, not two. One of them – The Perfect Horns – appears to be bugged; again, I didn’t get it. This shorts you two quests – that one, and Yetiphobia. (It might also mean that if you’re an engineer affected by this bug, you can’t learn the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti schematic; I’m not an engineer, so I’m not certain – but she used to teach the schematic to engineers who completed her chain pre-Shattering, at least. My only engineer already has it, so I can’t check.)
  • Salfa will give you at least one quest. He wouldn’t give me Delivery for Donova, probably because I’d already done Donova’s quests by the time I went to find him and it’s meant to be a breadcrumb (so check with him first), but he did give me Winterfall Activity, which counted. With Salfa’s one quest, I was at 58/60.
  • Burndl and Tanrir give you one quest each. There are no breadcrumbs leading you to them so you’ll never know they’re there unless you pass by Winterfall Village. They’re what got me the achievement.

Another oddity in Winterspring is the fact that I only got Everlook reputation out of three quests in the entire zone. (I was hoping for more, as I do still need Steamwheedle Cartel reputation for The Insane.) From looking at Wowhead, it seems that the two quests I couldn’t pick up from Umi Rumplesnicker would also give Everlook rep – but that still seems weird to me. Surely if one kill-stuff-and-bring-it-back quest that ends at Deez Rocksnitch gives rep, all of them ought to – all the NPCs involved in the quest chain are Everlook-factioned.