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Gotta catch ’em all: the Rainbow Edition

Posted in Miscellanea, Mounts and pets with tags , , on December 19, 2012 by Aeliel

Happy almost-Christmas! Here, have a resolution to post more for the future. Maybe it’ll stick this time.

As usual, I’ve spent lots of time playing the game and not nearly enough talking about it. Let’s try and fix that, shall we?

So I’ve been mostly raiding, and believe you me I have things to say about raiding, not all of them polite, so let’s leave those for another post.

Let’s talk about pet battles instead!

Pet battles, it seems, are one of those things you either love, or absolutely don’t get the point of. Half my guild is all “oooh, a blue squirrel!”, the other half is “uh, okay?”. I’m firmly in the “oooh, a blue squirrel” camp (although having had a blue squirrel for-bloody-ever, I’m more along the lines of “oooh, a blue Infinite Whelpling off the first one I ever saw! and a breed that doesn’t suck either!”).

Before 5.1, I did my pet battle dailies religiously, and yet had no Porcupette to show for them. After 5.1 dropped, I decided I would just buy a damned Porcupette, so I wouldn’t sadface every time I opened a daily bag and no cute porcupine inside. I half-expected it to drop out of the first daily bag after I bought it, but so far it hasn’t.

Then I went on to clear up the remaining Pandaria tamers and unlock the Spirit Tamers. Picked the Earth Spirit as a quest reward because hell no I’m not redoing that fight ever if I can help it, got the Air Spirit out of the very first time I did the daily (good, because I was torn between picking that and Earth, not because Air was hard but because Air looked lonely… guess she really wanted to come home with me), got the Water Spirit the very next day, still haven’t got the Fire Spirit but oh well. (Though since Water is such a push-over of a fight, I’ve been using him to level pets on, and I’ve gotten two more copies of the pet.)

Once I had everything unlocked, I resumed going zone by zone and catching all the wild pets. It was in Valley of the Four Winds, as I stubbornly tried to find a bandicoon of the color I liked the best, that it occurred to me that I should check what wild pets came in what colors, so if at all possible I could have a full collection.

And because I’m nothing if not helpful (or rather, because I’m going to be spending the next several months in “argh, it’s blue and a good breed but the wrong damned color” hell and pain shared is pain halved), here’s the results of my checking. I know Quintessence has been doing color challenges and I probably could’ve just used the data from her posts, but I’m stubborn.

All information gleaned from WarcraftPets. If their info is wrong, mine will be as well. Corrections will be gratefully accepted. If there are no color changers involved with a particular model and no quirks to the pets, I’m not bothering to list it (owls, for example).


Four colors. Three of the four are available on stable pets, but the fourth can only be found on color changers. Most of these are aquatic – I’ll mark the outliers. All are wild pets unless stated otherwise.

Blue: Emperor Crab. The Spirit Crab (undead) is a unique version of this color, ghostly and semi-transparent with a blue glow.

Red: Strand Crawler (fishing dailies), Spirebound Crab, Lava Crab (elemental).

White / Grey: Shore Crawler (Goblin-only). If you don’t have a Goblin character and don’t feel like dragging one out of the starter zone just for the pet, both of the wild color changers listed for the last color also come in this one.

Beige / Teal: Shore Crab, Strand Crab. Both of these are color changers and come in all four crab colors.

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Straw hats and you

Posted in Miscellanea, Transmogrification with tags , , on October 31, 2012 by Aeliel

Although I hit exalted with the Tillers themselves quite some time ago, I’ve still been doing the dailies – for valor points, for fun, and for reputation with the individual pandas. I’m almost done with Friends on the Farm, and today I capped my rep with Old Hillpaw and got a Straw Hat in the mail.

Being me, I promptly linked it in guild chat and commented that it really should have some sort of farming bonus or something like that on it, because it’s useless as it is… and then somebody asked a smart question:

“Is it transmoggable?”

Turns out yes, yes it is.

The hat Old Hillpaw mails you is cloth, but Gina Mudclaw sells a version of the hat for each of the four armor classes – cloth, leather, plate and mail. They look absolutely identical, and while they’re somewhat unflattering on some races (see my poor night elf above), I would wager it wouldn’t look half bad on, say, a pandaren.

Battle pet breeds

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , , , on October 24, 2012 by Aeliel

Happened onto this tool by chance while browsing the Wowhead forums. I’ve not seen anybody mention this and it can be quite useful for serious pet battlers… okay, okay, an oxymoron really, since pet battles aren’t really “serious”, let’s just say anybody who cares about getting the best pets possible.

The better quality a pet is (from poor to rare), the harder it hits and the higher its stats. This is known. However, two identical pets of the same quality can have different stat spreads, depending on their “breed”. Certain pets can only come in one breed, others have multiple – so you might have, for instance, a speedy chicken or a tanky chicken or a stabby chicken.

This is where this battle pet breeds website comes in. It shows you the stat multipliers associated with each breed and, if you input your character and server name, examines your list, tells you the breed of each of your pets, and alerts you to any duplicates (pets that have the same family and breed, and as such are functionally identical if they’re the same quality).

The information used by the website is grabbed directly from Blizzard through the Armory API, so it’s reliable.

Now, what breed a certain pet is might or might not make a difference (I have a blue Minfernal, and I don’t know what breed it is, I’ve not looked, but it was hard enough to track down that even if it’s the absolute worst breed I don’t care), but knowing is better than not knowing, no? And it might make a difference when choosing whether or not to level a rare pet for battling with.

As for what I’ve been up to…

Posted in Achievements, Alts, Miscellanea, Mounts and pets, Professions with tags , , , , on October 2, 2012 by Aeliel

…beyond leveling and gearing, that is…

(464 equipped ilvl and climbing, with stupid green ilvl437 pants and two crafted ilvl450 rings because mine just won’t drop ARGH and the newly rep-requirement-less JP gear doesn’t include tanking pants for some dumb reason.)

Behold the reason I’ve been living in dungeons since I hit 90 (which was on day 1)…

I was the last of our group to get it, because the last achievement I needed was Hydrophobia – which is individual, not group – and I am a baddie bad who stands in the bad, apparently. (And while I know I could’ve just stood outside the door and let the others pull and kill the boss without me – I refuse to take the easy way out for anything.)

Now if I could actually ride the bloody mount, I’d be even happier. But no, it requires Cloud Serpent Riding, and the eggs to grind that rep are as rare as hen’s teeth so I’m stuck doing dailies.

And here’s the reason I was grinding professions on alts (and being stubborn about engineering on my hunter)…

Not as shiny as a realm first achievement by any means, but I’m still pretty proud.

One more day to go before raids open. Wonder if I’ll get the last heroic blues I’m missing to drop before then…

Best bug ever y/y?

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , on September 13, 2012 by Aeliel

Raid member, in Vent:

…I respecced and got ported to Stormwind…

No, I have no idea how the hell that can even happen, either. Your guess is as good as mine.

New in 5.0.4: the master looter can request rolls

Posted in Miscellanea, Patches, PuG business, Raiding with tags , , on September 5, 2012 by Aeliel

I noticed this feature in a raid last week, but held off on posting about it until I could collect some screenshots. This doesn’t seem to be in the 5.0.4 patch notes and not a lot of people have noticed it – which is a pity, because it’s quite useful! Hence the post.

(And yes, I’m sure it’s a feature that exists in the basic game rather than an addon feature. Hell, Ghostcrawler mentioned it in passing in a post.)

Let’s use Hydross the Unstable as a guinea pig, because he’s easy to kill (and also because he’s kind of a dick and insists on not dropping my warrior’s shoulders).

Say you kill a boss – whether in a PuG or in a guild run – and you have master looter on, because that’s what you do.

If you wanted people to roll for an item before the 5.0.4 patch, you’d have them /roll. This was open to potential cheating and trolling: people could just /roll multiple times until they got a high number or /roll 100-100 and hope the master looter didn’t notice, for instance.

Now, in addition to the usual “Assign Loot” option, you get a new one called “Request Roll”.

It does pretty much what it says on the tin. It pops up a roll window for everybody in the raid, including the master looter himself. The roll window is perfectly normal and has the usual need / greed / pass / disenchant buttons:

The rolls get automatically tallied in the new loot window, which will open if you don’t have it open already. The loot, however, does not get automatically assigned, so you can still make your own decision, discard a roll, discuss before assigning and so on.

This fixes all the issues that were present with manual rolls by removing the ability to spam roll multiple times, with different values, etc, making the feature quite handy for anybody dealing with a master looter plus rolls situation – especially PuGs.

There were – probably still are – addons to deal with the issues, but I always prefer having the functionality in the base game, since that guarantees it won’t break after a major patch. (Yes, bugs do happen, but if Blizzard break the default loot rolls then I’ll really lose all faith in humanity.)

Haunted Memento owners rejoice

Posted in Miscellanea with tags on September 5, 2012 by Aeliel

Patch 5.0.4 introduced a fairly sizeable amount of issues – I keep running into new ones – but at least one thing it did fix: the Haunted Memento flight path issue.

The ghost summoned by the Haunted Memento causes a /cower animation on your character every time it appears. If you took a flight path, the ghost used to constantly disappear and reappear mid-flight, which made your character /cower, which made the gryphon (or wind rider, or whatever) momentarily freak out and spin. (Rades from Orcish Army Knife posted a video of what it looked like back in March.)

I know this still happened just before 5.0.4, because half my characters still have their Haunted Memento in their bags (because I’m too lazy to mail it off and store it in my the guild bank of my storage guild) and I took a lot of flights to Scholomance.

I just took a flight on a character with the Haunted Memento for the first time after the patch, though, and there was no spinning to be had. Hurrah!

(According to a comment on Wowhead, though, it does still punt you out of barbershop chairs. Huh. I never noticed that, probably because I never change my characters’ hairstyle.)