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Further adventures in two-manning Sunwell

Posted in Achievements, Hunter, Miscellanea, Strategy, Undermanning with tags , , , , , on June 23, 2011 by Aeliel

Guess what we did! (Epic Kil'jaeden screenshot courtesy of Alieth.)

(Two-manning? Well, sort of. Some bosses took three characters. There’s still only the two of us, though.)

Last we’d done anything in Sunwell was back in February, when we killed Kalecgos. Then we’d taken a few shots at Brutallus, got stomped into the ground and went back home with our tail between our legs.

Earlier today, we were discussing what else we could go kill when it was occurred to us that we hadn’t tried Sunwell for a while. Having seen the Hunter solos Brutallus YouTube video, we figured that although it was very doubtful that my hunter could pull 30k+ DPS by herself – well, her pet could tank, and Alieth could help DPS as enhancement, so we might be able to kill him.

So I respecced my secondary spec (which is used as “whatever spec we need to kill whatever it is we’re killing”) from Beast Mastery to Marksmanship (largely because of the healing from Chimera Shot; the spec I used was 7/31/3 – I just picked what I hoped would help me and my pet stay alive while outputting decent DPS), and off we went on our merry way.

Kalecgos was uneventful; we knew we could kill him, we killed him fine, nothing to comment on there. He really can be done with any 3 people, as long as all three can stay alive while having their face beaten in by bosses.

Brutallus was… uneventful as well all considered.  We stuck my druid in a corner to just stand there and look pretty (had our hands full controlling one character each and doing decent DPS), got my valiant pet turtle in front of Brutallus with Camouflage and pulled. We had one wipe very early on in the fight, because I’d forgotten to take the turtle’s cooldowns off autocast and I didn’t have an easy indicator of when Brutallus would Stomp the poor thing… so splat went the turtle, and splat went the rest of us.

And then we pulled him again, and the turtle stayed alive, and with our combined 28k+ DPS we were well ahead of the berserk timer, even with Alieth spending Maelstrom Weapon procs to help heal the turtle. No flasks or consumables needed.

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Soloing Kael’thas Sunstrider as a hunter

Posted in Hunter, Strategy, Undermanning with tags , , , , on June 17, 2011 by Aeliel

Obviously, this is the Kael’thas Sunstrider in the Eye, the one that drops Ashes of A’lar. I’m aware there are videos all over YouTube showing strategies for the fight, but unlike in those videos, the hunter used here is not wearing ilvl372+ gear, although she is pretty close to having the best gear obtainable without raiding as of patch 4.1 (minus some valor point items, because I started grinding VP on her very late and I’ve been lazy with it).

The fight is quite hard and takes a lot of practice to master. Also – I wasn’t the one who killed Kael’thas: well, it was my character, but Alieth, my boyfriend, was controlling her. (Note that while he’s an excellent World of Warcraft player in general, he had never played a hunter before.)

Backstory time! A bit ago, Alieth respecced his shaman’s offspec to enhancement, and since then we’ve been two-manning Kael’thas with me healing on my discipline priest alt and him DPSing / “tanking” as enhancement. Recently, we got to talking about how we could get a weekly Kael’thas kill for my main too and guarantee me Ashes of A’lar should they drop. A while back, I had mentioned to him that I’d seen videos of hunters gearead in heroic T11 soloing Kael’thas, so he suggested we two-man him using my hunter along with my druid main, or even have the hunter solo him with the druid on autofollow (I have two World of Warcraft accounts). I expressed doubts on whether the hunter was geared enough to solo Kael’thas. Alieth decided he wanted to try, so I logged the hunter in and told him to have fun.

All information about the fight – gear, consumables, addons and a thorough strategy – can be found in the extended entry.

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Free 24-slot bag for hunters!

Posted in Hunter, Miscellanea with tags , on January 10, 2011 by Aeliel

…some conditions apply.

Back when I was a wee level 70 hunter, I obtained an Ancient Petrified Leaf from Molten Core and completed the class quest. Then I stuck the items in my bank and thought no more of it.

Fast forward to today. In my endless quest for more bag space on my main, I went to Wowhead’s list of available bags and sorted it by amount of slots. (Verdict: I need to go smack Bronjahm for Papa’s Brand New Bag and two-man Onyxia with Alieth again for the Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack, but aside from that, it’s Embersilk Bags until I’m ready to ugrade to 24-slotters.)

While I was looking through the list, the Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina caught my eye. It used to be a smallish quiver (18 slots), but got switched to a bag in the Great Ammo Removal of Cataclysm. I knew that. I had, however, assumed that it would into an 18-slot bag.

It didn’t. It’s a 24-slotter. The cheapest widely-available 24-slotter is 3k gold. Needless to say, I’m quite happy.

It is, unfortunately, unavailable post-Cataclysm: the quest items no longer drop. But if you did the quest beforehand and think you might’ve kept it, go check your bank!

After weeks of circling…

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Refraining from squeeing out loud and waking up everybody else in the house is damn hard, lemme tell you.

I circled last night. Circle, circle, circle, circle… fall asleep in chair… AWOOOOOOOOGAbwuh-? Oh, it’s just somebody who pulled Sambas out underneath me. (Hadn’t pulled out mine or visited the stables since the last time I cleared cache, so I didn’t have him cached.) What the hell, I’m exhausted, let’s just go to sleep.

Wake up at 8:30am, can’t get back to sleep. What the hell, body, I went to sleep at 2am, surely I need more sleep than that. Toss in bed for a while trying to fall back asleep, can’t, finally decide to get up. Between one thing and the other I get to the computer around 8:45am. Decide to reboot so I don’t have any issues running two copies of the game to drag my second hunter through Deadmines to find the rare parrot I’m missing.

Reboot. Launch the game. I really should log my main first and do dailies. Nah, let’s log my hunter and see if Karoma’s up. Loading screen… disconnected from server. Relog. By now it’s 9am, a /who shows 49+ people in Twilight Highlands. Surely Karoma won’t be up… ah, what the hell, I’ll do some circles and then go do dailies on my main, just in case.

I’d logged out over what I think of the “middle” spawnpoint (the one almost directly south of Firebeard’s Patrol). So I decide to fly east first, then circle around.

Get to the spawnpoint by the shredders – the one where I’d ended up staring at Karoma’s dead body three times – AWOOOOOOOOOGAH!

Nearly shriek and jump out of chair, frantically click the NPCScan button, expecting to see her dead again. No… no she’s alive… right under me… untapped… not a soul around.

*happy dance*

Land, jump off mount, forget to tag (if there’d been anybody else around I would’ve been soooo screwed), frantically press Tame Beast. (I did, though, have the presence of mind to take a screenshot mid-tame.) Ten seconds later, she finally was mine.

Now I can go do something else without worrying that I’ll miss a spawn.

Happy New Year!

Posted in Alts, Hunter, Mounts and pets with tags , , , on January 4, 2011 by Aeliel

Yeah, I kinda dropped off the radar for a bit there. My bad. (That said, Alieth still hasn’t posted a second time, so I’m still good.)

I’m now pretty decently geared on my main. I finally got the damn trinket and a decent relic, although I’m still using a 333 weapon (but I don’t have threat issues for the moment, so /careface). And I’m only missing Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator for the heroic drake. I also capped both Enchanting and Leatherworking: the latter was amazingly painful (even with farming leather on my hunter), while the 525-skill patterns for the former strike me as designed by somebody who didn’t get the memo that heroic instances don’t drop epics anymore. But meh.

I also hit 85 on my hunter and got decently geared pretty quickly. I’ve mostly completed my hunter pet wishlist (although it changed a fair bit in the process – I’ll probably make a post with screenshots of my final pet line up once I’m done with the last tame), with the exception of Karoma, who’s the last tamable Cataclysm rare I’m missing that I actually want.

I’ve been spending the vast majority of my free time in Twilight Highlands for more than a week now, circling the spawn points.

I haven’t even seen another hunter with her tamed yet (unlike Sambas, Terrorpene and Ghostcrawler).

I found her dead three times. Once, after doubling back to hit a spawn point where I had just been. And finding her dead does me very little good, because even if I set my alarm clock for 6 hours later and do nothing but circle, eventually I have to, you know, go do something else. And the next time I see her she’s dead again.

Why yes, it’s getting insanely frustrating. And by now it’s a matter of principle, even if I never use her again after I tame her (which is unlikely, since I rotate which pets I take with me to instances and whatnot). Aaaaaargh. I wish she was like Ghostcrawler, non-aggressive, slightly better hidden and very deadly.

Curses, foiled again

Posted in Alts, Hunter, Raiding with tags , , , on December 3, 2010 by Aeliel

I should know, by now, that I can make all the plans I want – but something, at some point, is going to throw a spanner in the works.

Especially when it comes to hunter pets.

My previous list was sane and sensible oh who am I kidding. Let’s just go right into talking about changes.

First of all, just for the sake of my own sanity, I’m making a list of which pet families provide which (raid-useful – I couldn’t care less about stuns, blinds and such, I’m not much of a PVPer) buff or debuff.

  • Heroism / Bloodlust: [E] Core Hounds (Ferocity)
  • Strength and Agility: Cats (Ferocity), [E] Spirit Beasts (Ferocity)
  • 5% crit: [E] Devilsaurs (Ferocity), Wolves (Ferocity)
  • Stamina: [E] Silithids (Cunning)
  • 5% all stats: [E] Shale Spiders (Tenacity)
  • Armor reduction: Raptors (Ferocity), Serpents (Cunning)
  • Attack speed reduction: Foxes (Ferocity), Tallstriders (Ferocity)
  • Increased bleed damage: Boars (Tenacity), Hyenas (Ferocity), [E] Rhinos (Tenacity)
  • Cast speed reduction: [E] Core Hounds (Ferocity), Sporebats (Cunning)
  • Healing reduction: [E] Devilsaurs (Ferocity)
  • Physical damage reduction: Bears (Tenacity), Carrion Birds (Ferocity)
  • Physical damage taken: Ravagers (Cunning), [E] Worms (Tenacity)
  • Spell damage taken: Dragonhawks (Cunning), Wind Serpents (Cunning)

Families left without anything raid-useful are: Bats, Beetles, Birds of Prey, Chimaeras,  Crabs, Crocolisks, Dogs, Gorillas, Monkeys, Moths, Nether Rays, Scorpids, Spiders, Turtles and Wasps.

Looking over my previously-planned list, I’d be missing 5% crit, armor reduction, healing reduction, physical damage reduction and physical / spell damage taken increase – and I could use a non-Tenacity pet with a bleed damage increase ability.

(Note that I’m planning out all this even though I’ve never really raided extensively on my hunter. You never know, I might end up running a PuG at some point that could benefit from one of these, and I’d much rather be prepared and have a well-named pet I’ve levelled and I’m attached to than scramble and grab the first beast with an usable skill.)

5% crit needs a devilsaur or a wolf. Mehhhh. I don’t like devilsaurs at all; I might end up getting myself a wolf, probably the grey worg model. (Although I might get myself a ghost wolf or a stabbity-in-the-head wolf – the latter is hilarious – using the method outlined here, assuming it doesn’t get hotfixed out. I should probably hurry up and grab either or both, in case they do hotfix them out but let people who’ve already tamed them keep them…)

In terms of armor reduction… do I even need to get a pet for this? What raid wouldn’t have a single druid, warrior or rogue?

Healing reduction – pfuh. Only devilsaurs have it, and there are plenty of classes and specs that can provide the same debuff. Who cares.

The physical damage reduction isn’t an issue – any type of tank has access to it and can apply it if necessary. (Which is a good thing, because bears are too plain for my tastes and I strongly dislike carrion birds in general.)

Physical damage taken increase – I like ravagers (my favourite is probably this one), probably even more than I like worms; the only worms I like are the big, creepy ones, and those are a bit too creepy even for me.

Spell damage increase means either a dragonhawk or a wind serpent. The only dragonhawk I’m really fond of is the blue, and while they can be found right at the start they might be a bit of a pain to tame. The “black” wind serpent is more of a gorgeous purplish-blue and I wouldn’t mind taming one of those at all. It’d be easier than the dragonhawk, for certain. (Though the dragonhawk might be worth getting simply because it’s gorgeous, even if I get the wind serpent…)

Bleed damage on a Ferocity pet means a hyena. Which is not so bad, I guess – the grey and the purple are kinda cute. We’ll see.

I’m tucking my updated list of pets out of sight, in the extended post, because I have a feeling this is incredibly long as it is… Continue reading

Must… get… pretties…

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I have a hunter.

I was all full on pets.

Then patch 4.0.1, in all its glory, brought me more stable slots.

I haven’t filled them yet. I was waiting for the Shattering to introduce new pets.

Now that the Shattering is underway… it’s time to make plans.

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