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Learning new keybinds for dummies

Posted in Addons, Alts, Miscellanea with tags , on July 24, 2011 by Aeliel

I’ve been (slowly) sifting through my various characters’ PowerAuras in preparation to converting them (as well as my NeedToKnow timers) to WeakAuras, figuring out which auras I still use and which are not worth bothering with. Looking through my paladin’s auras, I was reminded of something I’ve been meaning to post about for a while.

That’s my paladin’s PowerAuras setup. The RF, seal and Holy Power auras are self-explanatory – the training wheels I’ll have to explain.

I leveled my paladin as a tank during WotLK. I was, therefore, intimately familiar with the WotLK tankadin rotation – and when Cataclysm changed it around, I of course had to relearn it. So I put everything important on my bars, arranged my keybinds in the way that seemed to make the most sense, and started playing…

 …which was all well and good, except I found myself staring at my bars rather than at the fight a fair amount. Which can sort of work as a DPS, but as a tank? It’s a recipe for disaster, plain and simple.

So I set up PowerAuras to display available abilities – the ones in my basic rotation, anyway – and their keybinds. That way, I never had to look away from the fight to learn what keys to press. I’ve since used the same system on other alts, to remind myself that I should use certain abilities, but my tankadin’s where it started.

(And yes, I know that there’s very little point to having a Shield of the Righteous icon and a 1-2-3 Holy Power counter, since ShotR is going to be always available as long as I have at least one Holy Power. I just wanted a neat little ShotR icon. Hush.)