About us

Aeliel has been playing World of Warcraft since vanilla times. She likes tanking, collecting achievement points, undermanning content, making gold on the Auction House and making alts; her bank is full of old tier sets and her brain is full of miscellaneous World of Warcraft information. (What’s that obscure NPC that showed up only that one time? She probably knows.)

Her main character is a Feral Druid (main spec tanking, offspec feral DPS); she’s stuck with the same main for five years and will continue doing so, thank you very much. She has alts of various classes, including Affliction Warlock, Beast Mastery Hunter, Discipline Priest, Protection Paladin, Frost Death Knight and Arcane / Fire Mage. Across all of her characters, she has every single profession, with the exception of Alchemy.

She posts way too often.

Alieth has been playing World of Warcraft even longer than Aeliel and he has seen most of what the game has to offer. He plays the game for defeating raid encounters, as well as  collecting achievement points; he often finds the necessary evil of tolerating other people within WoW an unfortunate side effect.

His main character is a Restoration Shaman, he’s been a healer since the dawn of time – discounting a few months of switching to first a tank, then a caster DPS, neither of which appealed to him nearly as much as healing. It’s worth adding that one of his professions is Alchemy.

He posts very rarely.


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