Gotta catch ’em all: the Rainbow Edition

Happy almost-Christmas! Here, have a resolution to post more for the future. Maybe it’ll stick this time.

As usual, I’ve spent lots of time playing the game and not nearly enough talking about it. Let’s try and fix that, shall we?

So I’ve been mostly raiding, and believe you me I have things to say about raiding, not all of them polite, so let’s leave those for another post.

Let’s talk about pet battles instead!

Pet battles, it seems, are one of those things you either love, or absolutely don’t get the point of. Half my guild is all “oooh, a blue squirrel!”, the other half is “uh, okay?”. I’m firmly in the “oooh, a blue squirrel” camp (although having had a blue squirrel for-bloody-ever, I’m more along the lines of “oooh, a blue Infinite Whelpling off the first one I ever saw! and a breed that doesn’t suck either!”).

Before 5.1, I did my pet battle dailies religiously, and yet had no Porcupette to show for them. After 5.1 dropped, I decided I would just buy a damned Porcupette, so I wouldn’t sadface every time I opened a daily bag and no cute porcupine inside. I half-expected it to drop out of the first daily bag after I bought it, but so far it hasn’t.

Then I went on to clear up the remaining Pandaria tamers and unlock the Spirit Tamers. Picked the Earth Spirit as a quest reward because hell no I’m not redoing that fight ever if I can help it, got the Air Spirit out of the very first time I did the daily (good, because I was torn between picking that and Earth, not because Air was hard but because Air looked lonely… guess she really wanted to come home with me), got the Water Spirit the very next day, still haven’t got the Fire Spirit but oh well. (Though since Water is such a push-over of a fight, I’ve been using him to level pets on, and I’ve gotten two more copies of the pet.)

Once I had everything unlocked, I resumed going zone by zone and catching all the wild pets. It was in Valley of the Four Winds, as I stubbornly tried to find a bandicoon of the color I liked the best, that it occurred to me that I should check what wild pets came in what colors, so if at all possible I could have a full collection.

And because I’m nothing if not helpful (or rather, because I’m going to be spending the next several months in “argh, it’s blue and a good breed but the wrong damned color” hell and pain shared is pain halved), here’s the results of my checking. I know Quintessence has been doing color challenges and I probably could’ve just used the data from her posts, but I’m stubborn.

All information gleaned from WarcraftPets. If their info is wrong, mine will be as well. Corrections will be gratefully accepted. If there are no color changers involved with a particular model and no quirks to the pets, I’m not bothering to list it (owls, for example).


Four colors. Three of the four are available on stable pets, but the fourth can only be found on color changers. Most of these are aquatic – I’ll mark the outliers. All are wild pets unless stated otherwise.

Blue: Emperor Crab. The Spirit Crab (undead) is a unique version of this color, ghostly and semi-transparent with a blue glow.

Red: Strand Crawler (fishing dailies), Spirebound Crab, Lava Crab (elemental).

White / Grey: Shore Crawler (Goblin-only). If you don’t have a Goblin character and don’t feel like dragging one out of the starter zone just for the pet, both of the wild color changers listed for the last color also come in this one.

Beige / Teal: Shore Crab, Strand Crab. Both of these are color changers and come in all four crab colors.


Five colors. All are available on stable pets, but if you want to ensure all of them are blue quality, there’s one you’ll have to get off a color changer, because it’s only otherwise available on a vendor pet. They’re all aquatic, except for one mechanical.

Orange / Blue: Jubling (quest), Biletoad.

Spotted green: Garden Frog, Huge Toad, Lifelike Toad (mechanical, crafted), Toad, Wood Frog (vendor).

Spotted blue: Mojo (quest), Leopard Tree Frog.

Green: Tree Frog (vendor), Mac Frog (color changer, four colors), Small Frog (color changer, four colors), Frog (color changer, four colors).

Lime green: Jungle Darter, Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog.

One more color changer, the Spotted Bell Frog, comes in two colors (spotted blue and lime green), both of which are already available on a stable pet.

Water Striders

Four colors, and you’re going to have to get the dropped pet, since it’s unique.

Blue: Aqua Strider (drop).

Brown / yellow: Dancing Water Skimmer.

Red / yellow: Eternal Strider.

White / red: Mirror Strider (color changer, two colors).


Three colors, all of which come in both a large and a baby version.

Brown: Golden Civet, Golden Civet Kitten.

Blue: Kuitan Mongoose, Mongoose, Mongoose Pup.

Red: Sifang Otter, Sifang Otter Pup.


Three normal and two spiky colors. You’re going to have to get the Darkmoon Turtle, it’s unique. And yes, the Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling is a pain to get (especially if your guild’s raid hours overlap the Festival, as mine do). I finally managed to catch a grey one, spent a battle stone to upgrade it to blue and never looked back.

Red: Darkmoon Turtle (vendor).

Green: Speedy (quest), Emerald Turtle, Softshell Snapling.

Brown: Turquoise Turtle.

Spiky green: Spiny Terrapin.

Spiky Brown: Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling.


Nine different colors for the cat model (counting the Feline Familiar), six for the cub model, and I’m just listing this for completeness’ sake, because you will need all the vendor pets if you want a cat of all colors. Sorry. Just look at WarcraftPets’ listing of felines for a full list. The Sand Kitten wild pet matches the Cornish Rex colors; there’s also a color changer Cat that matches four different colors (Siamese, Bombay, Silver Tabby, Cornish Rex); lastly, Mr. Bigglesworth is a unique undead version of Siamese, icy whiskers and all. Other than that, all the colors for both models are exclusive to a single pet, either wild or from a vendor or other source (there’s a TCG cub, for instance).


Three colors, one of which (brown) exists only on color changers and one (yellow) only comes on a stable quested pet, although unless you’re particular about having them all be wild pets you’ll be fine regardless, since that particular pet is naturally blue.

White: Festering Maggot.

Yellow: Mr. Grubbs (quest). Two of the color changers listed for the brown color (Devouring Maggot and Larva) also come in yellow, if you prefer.

Brown: Devouring Maggot, Larva, Maggot.


Six colors, three of which are exclusive to color changers. To further complicate things, one of the color changers is an aquatic (unlike all the other lizards, which are beasts), so if you want to stick to type as well as model, you’ll need two different colors of the same lizard. Have fun.

White: Ash Lizard, Warpstalker Hatchling.

Blue: Twilight Iguana.

Red: Spiky Lizard, Plains Monitor.

Green: Horny Toad (aquatic, color changer, three colors), Spiny Lizard (color changer, four colors).

Teal: Horny Toad (see above), Lizard Hatchling (color changer, three colors).

Black: Spiny Lizard (see above), Lizard Hatchling (see above).

One more color changer, the Horned Lizard, comes in two colors (white and red), both of which are already available on stable pets.


Four colors, two each on two color changers.

Brown and Red: Bucktooth Flapper

Blue and Beige: Sumprush Rodent


Five colors, two of which are available in both large and baby version. Two of the pets are beasts, three are critters, two are color changers. You’re going to have to get Porcupette if you want a full complement, there are no alternatives.

Light blue: Clouded Hedgehog.

Brown: Silent Hedgehog.

Dark blue: Porcupette (pet battles).

Beige: Malayan Quillrat, Malayan Quillrat Pup (both color changers).

Green: Malayan Quillrat, Malayan Quillrat Pup (see above).


Six colors, four of which exclusive to color changers. If you really want to, you can avoid the vendor pet, but you’ll have to get a second copy of a color changer if that is the case – otherwise, this can be done with no duplicates.

Yellow: Durotar Scorpion (vendor), Leopard Scorpid (color changer, four colors), Scorpid (color changer, four colors).

Black / red: Scorpling.

Pink: Scorpid (see above).

Beige: Scorpid (see above), Leopard Scorpid (see above), Crunchy Scorpion (color changer, three colors), Stripe-Tailed Scorpid (color changer, four colors).

Grey / teal: Crunchy Scorpion (see above), Leopard Scorpid (see above).

Grey / orange: Crunchy Scorpion (see above), Stripe-Tailed Scorpid (see above).


Nine colors, all of them available in a stable version on either a vendor pet or a wild pet. If you want to avoid vendor pets, you’ll need to track down the right color of two color changers.

White: Albino Snake (vendor), Temple Snake.

Black: Black Kingsnake (vendor), Adder (color changer, three colors), Ash Viper (color changer, three colors), Rat Snake (color changer, two colors), Rock Viper (color changer, two colors), Snake (color changer, four colors).

Red: Crimson Snake (vendor), Snake (see above).

Brown: Brown Snake (vendor), Grove Viper.

Blue: Coral Adder.

White-striped red: King Snake, Coral Snake.

Light green: Emerald Boa.

Dark green: Moccasin.

Yellow / green: Rattlesnake, Zooey Snake.

Three more color changers exist (Sidewinder, Tree Python, Water Snake), but they only come in colors available on a stable wild pet.


Again, just listing for completeness’ sake. For normal spiders, just catch all the wild ones and you’ll be fine (there are three color changers, but all seven normal spider colors are accounted for in stable wild pets). For bone spiders, you’ll need the undead Giant Bone Spider dropped by Maexxna as well as both colors the color changer Desert Spider comes in.


There are seven colors of normal beetles, four of which come on color changers; as far as scarab beetles are concerned, you’ll need to catch the stable one and either two or three colors of the color changer, depending on whether you have a TCG pet or not.

Black / red: Creepy Crawly.

Red: Fire Beetle, Lava Beetle.

Teal: Savory Beetle.

White: Crystal Beetle (color changer, four colors).

Pink: Twilight Beetle (color changer, two colors).

Orange: Gold Beetle (color changer, two colors), Stinkbug (color changer, four colors), Beetle (color changer, four colors), Dung Beetle (color changer, four colors).

Brown: Gold Beetle (see above), Stinkbug (see above), Beetle (see above), Dung Beetle (see above).

Blue scarab: Tol’vir Scarab.

Brown scarab: Sand Scarab (TCG), Scarab Hatchling (color changer, four colors).

Purple scarab: Scarab Hatchling (see above).

Green scarab: Scarab Hatchling (see above).


Four colors, two of which are only available on color changers. If you want to stick to wild pets, just catch two of each.

Red: Red Cricket (reputation).

Green: Singing Cricket (achievement).

Brown: Grassland Hopper (color changer, two colors).

Grey: Marsh Fiddler (color changer, two colors).


Five colors. One is only available on the Darkmoon Rabbit, but otherwise, if you catch all the wild bunnies, you’ll be fine – with one relevant exception. The Mountain Cottontail is a color changer and can occasionally spawn in a unique shiny version.


Four colors, two of which on a color changer. They’re all available in both large and baby version, but if you want a baby grey one, you’ll need to catch a third Bandicoon Kit.

Grey: Shy Bandicoon.

Red: Masked Tanuki, Masked Tanuki Pup.

White and Blue: Bandicoon, Bandicoon Kit (both color changers, three colors).


Four colors. Scooter the Snail is not unique, but if you want to avoid him, you’ll need to catch an extra color of either of two color changers – just pick whichever you didn’t use for the brown / orange color to avoid duplicates.

Green / red: Scooter the Snail (quest).

Orange / yellow: Rusty Snail.

Brown / blue: Rapana Whelk (color changer, three colors).

Brown / orange: Silkbead Snail (color changer, three colors), Shimmershell Snail (color changer, three colors).

Mice and Rats

Three colors, all available in a stable version either on a wild pet or on a quested one – catch all the wild pets and you’ll be fine. If you want to avoid Whiskers the Rat, you’ll need to find a white version of a color changer: your options are Grotto Vole, Highlands Mouse, Mouse, Rat, Redridge Rat, Stormwind Rat and Undercity Rat.


Three colors. If you want to avoid vendor and quested pets, you’ll end up with two Szechuan Chicken (one black and one brown) and one Chicken, otherwise all you need to worry about is catching a brown Szechuan Chicken.


Seven colors (counting the Imperial Moth), all but one available in a stable version. If you want to avoid vendor pets, you’ll need to track down a white and a blue / purple version of a color changer.

Note that wild moths, in general, look visually distinct from vendor moths – sort of like Blizzard forgot to enable transparency on their wings and antennae, so instead of having a beveled edge they’re just straight lines. Also, they don’t have a cloud of moth dust surrounding them. The one exception to this is the Grey Moth, which looks like vendor moths despite being wild. I’m chalking this up to a mistake and considering them the equivalent of their vendor colors (or, in the case of the Grey Moth, considering it identical to the Luyu Moth, which does have the issue) – it’s up to you whether you want to consider them separate colors.

Yellow / blue: Amber Moth, Gilded Moth, Yellow Moth (vendor).

Blue / purple: Blue Moth (vendor), Forest Moth (color changer, four colors), Fungal Moth (color changer, four colors), Oasis Moth (color changer, four colors), Silky Moth (color changer, six colors), Swamp Moth (color changer, three colors), Tainted Moth (color changer, four colors).

Red / green: Crimson Moth, Garden Moth, Red Moth (vendor).

Grey: Grey Moth, Luyu Moth.

White: White Moth (vendor), Forest Moth (see above), Fungal Moth (see above), Oasis Moth (see above), Silky Moth (see above), Swamp Moth (see above), Tainted Moth (see above).

Beige: Fungal Moth (see above), Silky Moth (see above).

Baby: Imperial Moth (crafted).


Nine colors, no way around vendor pets, as they’re all unique – and you will need the Hyacinth Macaw as well. The only challenge comes from the fact that you’ll need to catch all three different colors of Parrot, since it comes in three unique colors.


The Tundra Penguin comes in two different colors.

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