My God, it’s full of stars

Realm third, world… I dunno, WoWProgress is being slow in updating, since everybody is killing all the things.

This actually took some effort – best food on our casters, DPS flasks, potions and food on tanks, healers helping DPS in the spark phases and so on. Can’t wait to see this fight on heroic – I’d wager we’re going to see class-stacking of the Spine HM variety.

We even got the Straight Six achievement out of it. Loot was fun – Bottle of Infinite Stars and Light of the Cosmos, plus one of our priests got Torch of the Celestial Spark out of an Elder Charm of Good Fortune. Not a bad haul, although I really wanted the pretty tanking axe from him… ahh well, more kills in our future.

One boss left!


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