And down it goes

There we go. Realm first! Loot was Grips of Terra Cotta (went for offspec) and Magnetized Leggings; some people also got an item off their extra roll, but by that point I wasn’t paying attention.

All throughout Cataclysm I said I wanted fights that were more interesting to tank, and oh boy did I get my wish. This was extremely fun, but also amazingly tense (and ugh my camera getting jammed into a wall cost me an extra Opportunistic Strike, since I ate a stomp). I literally did nothing but stare at the boss I was tanking to avoid the attacks (successfully – got 5 Opportunistic Strikes in a row at one point) and rotate cooldowns, to the point that the first time I looked at the health of the boss was when I saw my Execute button light up. I am so very glad I wasn’t raid leading.

I am so incredibly proud of our guild, you have no idea.


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