So far so good…

Stone Guard

(Loot: Dagger of the Seven Stars and Sixteen-Fanged Crown. The latter is a nice healing helm, and Alieth the resto shaman was quite happy, but also sad at the same time since he’d spent roughly 30k gold the week before to craft himself the engineering goggles. Ahh well, you win some you lose some – I spent 50k on an ilvl476 epic cloak, and then a heroic ilvl509 epic cloak from Heart of Fear showed up on the Black Market Auction House and I spent 503k on that. This is why we did sell runs.)

Feng the Accursed

(Loot: Amulet of Seven Curses and Tomb Raider’s Girdle. I approve of this fight, by the way – something fun for tanks to do beyond “okay, taunt on 3 stacks of the debuff… again… zzzzzzz”? Yes, please. More fights like this are very welcome.)

And a Jade Warlord Figurine from Gara’jal’s trash, which I got. Now to deal with Gara’jal himself…

(And yes, as a sharp-eyed person might note from the screenshots – I’m doing this on my warrior. Raid setup demanded it, and with account-wide achievements, I don’t mind that much, although I would’ve liked to take a shot at realm first druid. Ahh well, a guildie got it instead, and I’ll get to switch back to my druid as soon as raid setup permits.)


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