Haunted Memento owners rejoice

Patch 5.0.4 introduced a fairly sizeable amount of issues – I keep running into new ones – but at least one thing it did fix: the Haunted Memento flight path issue.

The ghost summoned by the Haunted Memento causes a /cower animation on your character every time it appears. If you took a flight path, the ghost used to constantly disappear and reappear mid-flight, which made your character /cower, which made the gryphon (or wind rider, or whatever) momentarily freak out and spin. (Rades from Orcish Army Knife posted a video of what it looked like back in March.)

I know this still happened just before 5.0.4, because half my characters still have their Haunted Memento in their bags (because I’m too lazy to mail it off and store it in my the guild bank of my storage guild) and I took a lot of flights to Scholomance.

I just took a flight on a character with the Haunted Memento for the first time after the patch, though, and there was no spinning to be had. Hurrah!

(According to a comment on Wowhead, though, it does still punt you out of barbershop chairs. Huh. I never noticed that, probably because I never change my characters’ hairstyle.)


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