[insert undignified squeak here]

So WoW Insider recently held a transmogrification contest. I submitted a bunch of outfits I created in MogIt, not expecting much – I figured at best I’d get a runner-up position.

Runners up were announced, and I wasn’t among them. “Ahh well” thought I “better luck next time.”

Then today the winners were announced. And. And and and and and.

Turns out one of the outfits I made actually won!

*bounces around in glee*

To see the full outfit, either click through to WoW Insider, or click through to the extended entry – I’m posting it here as well for posterity.

Helm: Heroes’ Crown of Faith
Shoulders: Valorous Shoulderpads of Sanctification
Chest: Mooncloth Robe (this was the item the set was built around)
Gloves: San’layn Ritualist Gloves (heroic)
Belt: Lingering Illness (heroic)
Boots: Aurora Boots (assuming you’re not a draenei)
Main hand: Ice Spire Scepter
Off-hand: Nolkai’s Lantern


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