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New itemization for Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery

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So I’ve been poking about at the new loot tables for Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery, courtesy of Wowhead (servers are still under maintenance on the EU side of things) and I got to thinking.

1. What the hell are plate and agility mail doing in these loot tables?

Okay, granted, I know why they’re there. They’re there because Blizzard itemized the heroic versions of the dungeons first, then scaled it down for the non-heroics and didn’t think.

Still. Think, for heaven’s sake, before you do things. I can sort of forgive Scholomance, because the items there require level 39 and will be usable in one level. But the items in Scarlet Monastery require level 28. The plate will go completely unused, because last I checked warriors and paladins still need to hit level 40 to be able to use plate, and so will the agility mail, because hunters and enhancement shamans also need to hit level 40 to be able to use mail. At best, the mail will be worn by clueless warriors and paladins, but both will be mostly just transmogrification fodder. (Nobody sane is going to use mail or plate that’s 12 levels too low unless they have absolutely no alternative.)

They could’ve just downgraded the armor classes for the non-heroic versions – turned plate into mail and mail into leather – but I guess it didn’t really occur to them.

And speaking of transmogrification fodder…

2. What’s up with all the reused models (most of which are Cataclysm-era)?

I’m torn between minding and not minding, to be honest.

Minding because all that effort put into the new dungeons, and they couldn’t come up with something better than that? Or, if they were going to reuse models… why not reuse the models they took away in the first place, such as the sets from Scholomance? You have items named after old items (such as Whitemane’s Embroidered Chapeau), why the model swap?

(Compare and contrast – models for normal-mode items for Shadowfang Keep and Deadmines both stayed put.)

The reason not to mind would be that at least this’ll make it much easier to get certain models for transmogrification, whereas before I would’ve need to farm Hour of Twilight dungeons (or, at least in one case, picked a different reward from a quest).

But then again, I find myself minding, because if they reused the models… what guarantee do I have that they’re not going to change the look of the items around at some point in the future?

Meh. I really wish they would’ve just dropped the models used in the original version of the dungeons in. They did with some items (such as some of the weapons); some others got similar enough models (such as this axe or the Melted Hypnotic Blade I’ve referenced before); yet some others got random models thrown at them (to use more weapon examples – Wrath-era crossbow and dagger, Vanilla-era staves, random TBC sword).

Beyond the weapons that kept the original models or close enough, there are exactly two models in the whole list that I hope they keep that way. One is Metanoia Shield – it’s a green version of Voice of Reason and doesn’t exist anywhere else, and it fits the dungeon. The other is Necromantic Wand, which is a brand new model and also fits the dungeon.

The rest of this mess has got to go, and I hope it does soon. The items stick out like a sore thumb and they’re going to make anybody actually going through the dungeons look like a clown. (And I thought we were moving away from that? Wasn’t that the reasoning to normalize models from quest gear and build them into sets?) Especially execrable are the heroic druid tier 13 helm (come the hell on), the random Pandaria-model robe (yes it’s pretty, no it doesn’t fit), the normal mode warlock tier 13 shoulders (Old God tentacles? in my Scarlet Monastery? say it isn’t so), the normal-mode death knight tier 13 helms and the random TBC-oven-mitt model gloves (ugh).

…huh. Guess I’m more firmly in the camp of “I mind a hell of a lot” than I thought I was.

Thumbs up for the nods to literature in Flameweaver Koegler’s loot table, though.

Memories of Scholomance

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I could make my way through Scholomance with my eyes closed.

That’s not hyperbole, by the way. A couple days ago, I pointed out the existence of Alanna’s Embrace to a guildie who loves pink, and she dutifully trotted off to farm it… except she’d never really been in Scholomance. She killed Rattlegore, then announced, “I’m lost.” I was locked outside by the instance timer at that point, so I couldn’t walk into her instance and help her out that way, but I successfully described the place to her (in enough detail that I could tell her to, for instance, which doors were wrought iron and which were wood) and got her to Ras Frostwhisper.

I spent a lot of time in Scholomance.

Back in Vanilla, before I started raiding, Scholomance was (together with Stratholme and Upper Blackrock Spire) the only endgame available to me. So I ran the place over, and over, and over, and over, trying to collect a full Wildheart set. (Not to mention a full Shadowcraft set, which I had to fight rogues tooth and nail for.)

I knew the place like the back of my hand by that point, even then – the route of every patrol, which mob had which abilities (and which pulls were most likely to wipe a group if mishandled), the optimal path to clear through the instance in the shortest time and still hit every boss, how to pull Rattlegore’s room without getting the boss prematurely and so on.

I even went to the trouble of getting a key to the place, which required a fair amount of time and effort, requiring a trek all over the world (from the Plaguelands to Gadgetzan to Un’goro and back) – not to mention 15 gold plus materials, which at the time was a fairly sizeable sum. I was sick and tired of waiting around at the instance entrance while the raid leader found somebody with the key who was willing to unlock the door (for a fee, of course), found a rogue with high enough lockpicking, or got somebody to jump off the top of the building and kill themselves close enough to the door that they could resurrect on the other side. So I figured I’d just get the key and put together my own damn groups.

And oh, yes, back then you raided Scholomance. Clearing it with a 5-man and getting your quests done was something you did only if you were a very good player with a very good group – clearing it for loot, well, people went the easy way and got a raid group together. Can’t really blame them, considering how many hazards there were in the place, although quests gave nice rewards both in terms of actual equipment and in terms of lore items. (Such as the Spectral Essence, which allowed you to see ghosts in Caer Darrow outside the instance, and which I deleted because of bag space and forgot to re-get yesterday – augh. Oh, well, nothing I can do about that now.)

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You have entered too many instances recently.

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And that, as they say, was that. I could probably have squeezed a couple more clears in before the servers went down, but I honestly didn’t see the point. I got pretty much everything I wanted, with the exception of items for my second hunter and my rogue (I tried a bit, but I couldn’t honestly be bothered), some weapons I honestly wasn’t desperate for, and a pair of boots for my death knight (which not only have a lookalike in AQ40, but also wouldn’t really get used unless I race-change to something without hooves, since I’d rather hide boots altogether with a slipper-like model).

I ended up, on the other hand, not farming Scarlet Monastery at all. I liked none of the models in there enough to bother, except for perhaps Ironspine’s Ribcage (but farming something out of a rare spawn with a time limit is not something I care to sacrifice my sanity for), and I already have the tabard on my main.

RNG did have its last trolling laugh, though. Sawbones Shirt stopped dropping entirely once I swapped characters from a pair that had it to a pair with a character that didn’t, and only resumed dropping once I swapped characters again to another pair that had it. There’s also this:

I spent far, far more time in there on either of my blacksmith characters than on the pair in the image (since the Deathbone set was being stubborn). Did that pattern drop then? Did it hell. Bah.

Bring on the new versions of these dungeons. There are some nifty-looking items in the updated loot tables I might end up wanting to farm…

[insert undignified squeak here]

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So WoW Insider recently held a transmogrification contest. I submitted a bunch of outfits I created in MogIt, not expecting much – I figured at best I’d get a runner-up position.

Runners up were announced, and I wasn’t among them. “Ahh well” thought I “better luck next time.”

Then today the winners were announced. And. And and and and and.

Turns out one of the outfits I made actually won!

*bounces around in glee*

To see the full outfit, either click through to WoW Insider, or click through to the extended entry – I’m posting it here as well for posterity.

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Livin’ la vida Scholo

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Completely selfish post, but I’ve been farming Scholomance too much and need to keep track somehow. (I’ll also need to be farming Scarlet Monastery, and yes I know I’m running out of time but Scholomance is more of a pain to farm and has more pretty stuff. It helps that I don’t care at all about the Scarlet set.)

Classes listed in brackets are the ones I’m missing the item on. I added my (lvl40, but I can carry her since I have two accounts) rogue and my goblin hunter to the list of characters to get stuff for. Those are the yellow marks, since I don’t care about them nearly as much.

The hearts are the stuff I wasn’t trying for or expecting to get, but it dropped anyway and I’m happy about it.


Alanna’s Embrace: ✔✔✔
Bloodmail Legguards: ✔✔
Cadaverous Armor:
Cadaverous Belt: 
Cadaverous Gloves: 
Cadaverous Leggings: 
Cadaverous Walkers: 
Clutch of Andros: ✔✔✔
Corpselight Greaves:  (death knight)
Deathbone Chestplate: ✔✔✔
Deathbone Gauntlets: ✔✔✔
Deathbone Girdle: ✔✔
Deathbone Legguards (or Wraithplate Leggings): ✔✔✔
Deathbone Sabatons: ✔✔
Necropile Boots: ✔✔✔ (warlock)
Necropile Cuffs: ✔✔✔
Necropile Leggings: ✔✔✔
Necropile Mantle: ✔✔✔
Necropile Robe: ✔✔✔
Royal Cap Spaulders: ✔✔
Stoneform Shoulders: ✔✔✔

Sawbones Shirt: ✔ ♥ ♥ ♥ (wanted it and already had it on my druid; it also dropped for my hunter, my mage and my death knight)


Ancient Bone Bow: 
Barovian Family Sword: ✔✔ (death knight)
Bonecreeper Stylus: 
Ebon Hilt of Marduk:  (death knight)
Headmaster’s Charge: ♥♥ (dropped for my mage and my warlock… twice for my hunter, as well, but that doesn’t get little hearts, since it’s useless)
Silent Fang: ✔✔
Staff of Metanoia: ✔✔ (priest)

Obsessive? Me? You don’t say. I’ll keep this updated as I farm more things and then stop updating it once Scholomance changes.

I thought I’d seen every bug in DS

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I was wrong. Tonight, on Hagara, we got a brand new one.

Yes, that is a chunk of an ice wall lagging behind. No, I have no idea how that can happen. This is the first time I see it.

Dragon Soul in general is a rather buggy raid. Off the top of my head, and just counting bugs I’ve personally experienced, I can think of bugs on, let’s see…


  • The ball is prone to getting bugged and not moving after a bounce. This is recoverable on the 30% nerf, but very much a wipe on 0% if it happens at the wrong time.


  • Conductors in the lightning phase not conducting properly;
  • Ice walls spawning immediately rather than with a slight delay (not an issue for a raid that doesn’t tank Hagara in the middle, but spelled doom for a lot of LFR raids before it was fixed);
  • A chunk of the ice wall lagging behind.and now this)


  • It’s possible, although extremely rare, to click the button with the correct timing but still die to Fading Light or Hour of Twilight).

 Warmaster Blackhorn

  • The bloody fire keeps bloody spreading in phase 2. Makes it such fun to kill the boss when it happens.

Spine of Deathwing

  • Most people probably wouldn’t have noticed this one: if you switch Power of the Aspects off, the first tendon of the first pull you do will still be debuffed.

Madness of Deathwing

  • Thrall randomly dropping people;
  • Limb tentacles on non-assaulted platforms 100-stacking Burning Blood if damaged at all and wiping the raid;
  • The cast on Cataclysm not stopping immediately when you pry off a limb (leading to a wipe if you’re slightly slow and pry it up with only a few seconds to go on the cast);
  • Alextrasza will occasionally leave a Blistering Tentacle alive when burning them off;
  • If you use Dream to mitigate a Hemorrage (the damage spike that happens when you get the head to 15%, 10% and 5%), the damage from Corrupted Blood will spike up to the highest strength possible and then remain there rather than settling back down, making healing extremely intensive at best and impossible at worst.

And I could swear I’m forgetting some of them, especially for Madness. I hope MoP raiding is less buggy, but I’m not holding my breath.

(Fun note: I just searched Google for “Dragon Soul bugs”, wondering if there were any more bugs I’d not seen before, and the first handful of results were for Skyrim. Heh.)

Complaining out loud wins again

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Envision, if you please, the follow sequence of events.

I tab out of the game while waiting for my instance timer to reset and write my previous post.

I press “publish”, then tab back into the game, reset Scholomance and enter again.

I clear four mini-bosses out of six with no drop. Grumble, grumble, grumble. Head to the fifth one, Alexei Barov.

And he coughs up the Bloodmail Legguards. \o/

Time to swap characters!