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Oh god still shaking

Posted in Achievements, Druid, Raiding, Tanking with tags , , on February 22, 2012 by Aeliel

Turns out raiding 4 hours a day, 5 days a week is fairly incompatible with writing regularly on a blog, at least coherently. (I have a bunch of half-written posts I should just complete and hit “Publish” on, but I’m far too self-conscious about my writing.)

That is, however, not what this is about.

I have had, historically, extremely bad luck with raiding at the end of expansions. Didn’t see Kel’thuzad in Vanilla (the guild I was in at the time barely managed to kill Razuvious), didn’t kill Kil’jaeden in TBC (killed up to pre-nerf Twins, then the guild I was in imploded), and didn’t kill HM Lich King in WotLK (I did kill HM Halion 10man, but then we had guild implosion of the worst kind). When Dragon Soul was announced, I was in a tiny little guild that struggled to get 2HM down in Firelands, so I figured I would – at best – kill NM Deathwing and maybe HM Morchok, and that would be it.

Then Reunion started, and, well…

On our first reset, we ended up with 3/8HM (wiped a bunch on Hagara, then just killed her and the rest on NM).

On our second reset, we wiped a bit more on Hagara, then killed her and just pushed over Ultraxion.

On our third reset, we killed Blackhorn.

Then we started wiping on Spine. Wipewipewipewipewipe–

Fourth reset, clear to Spine, wipewipewipewipe–

Fifth reset, clear to Spine, wipewipewipewipe–

Second to last day of the reset, we had a shortened raid. (My mother is visiting, just for a couple of days, and “Sorry mom, I’d rather raid than spend time with you” doesn’t really work.) Wipewipewipewipe–

On the last few wipes of the night, we changed the tactic slightly, and something seemed to just click. Suddenly we went from dying horribly shortly after the second plate gets pried up, to dying horribly just before the very last tendon exposure phase. We extended the raid for one hour, wipewipewipewipe–

Last day of the reset. Shortened raid, again, same reason.

One wipe to a stupid mistake. One fairly close wipe. One incredibly dumb wipe to a series of stupid mistakes. One¬†very¬†close wipe. One wipe to a stupid mistake…

And yes, we screamed on Vent. A lot. I half expect my mother (who was asleep two closed doors away) to ask me, tomorrow, what exactly we were screaming so much about.

This feels so good. (Even though we got mildly useless loot. The cloth gloves made one of our mages very happy, but the strength trinket went for offspec. Sigh. At least the paladin it went to actually uses his Ret offspec for Spine, so it’s all good.)

And yes, we’re most likely extending the raid and seeing about getting Madness HM down. :D