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What I’ve been up to

Posted in Achievements, Druid, Healing, Raiding, Tanking with tags , on January 23, 2012 by Aeliel

Haven’t posted for about a month, I know. Life happens.

More specifically, a guild happened.

See, for pretty much all of Firelands, I was in a guild that wasn’t terribly good. We struggled with attendance and we struggled with recruiting, especially since the guild was Alliance-side on a Horde-heavy PVP server. So we killed Ragnaros normal mode (and it took us ages), killed the easy hard modes (Shannox and Staghelm), and then hit a brick wall.

In the meantime, Alieth parted from the raiding guild he was in due to disagreements with the leadership, so he started helping out my guild with raiding.

And he started thinking.

My guild had a few good people who wanted to raid more and were competent enough to perform at the level required for competitive hard mode progression, but were being held back by the “whoops, sorry, stood in bad again” players we had to fill the raid with.

We also had some friends scattered across many servers we used to raid with, some years ago.

[cue light bulb going off]

Let’s all move to a server that’s 1. PVE and 2. has a healthy Alliance population and start a guild together!

So that’s what we did.

The guild was founded near the end of December. Our first raid was the 4th of January, and we didn’t have enough people to fill the raid, so we ended up taking three PuG people from trade chat and cleared 8/8.

We recruited a bit, but the next reset we still didn’t have enough people to field a full raid. We did have eight, though. We got two PuG people from trade chat and pushed over Morchok HM. (Hard boss, that.) Then we spent some time wiping on Zon’ozz HM, then we just killed it normal mode and moved on.

We recruited some more, and this reset was the first time we had a full guild raid. Morchok HM fell over again (no surprises there), then we went to work on Zon’ozz HM some more.

Wednesday, we had “growing pains” wipes. Figuring out the healing, the movement, the bounces, and so on. (Good heavens, the healing on that boss is a massive pain. I know that firsthand – I had to sort out and gear up a healing offspec for it. God bless LFR.)

(And yes, I still hate healing. The things I do for people I care about.)

Thursday, we had some more “growing pains” wipes, then something clicked. We consistently got to the berserk timer, although we still had a few things to figure out with the bouncing and therefore we never got a clean burn phase.

Friday and Saturday were free days. Today we went back.

We cleared trash and adjusted our strategy slightly, and in a couple hours he was dead.

(And we all got to mock Alieth for forgetting to put on master looter. Fortunately, we’re all honest and there was no ninjaing to be had.)

Then we went and had a go at Yor’sahj HM. Most guilds kill that particular hard mode long before Zon’ozz, so how difficult could it be?

Turns out, not very. Took us all of three pulls, and we even got through the Germany ooze combo without Heroism in some way or other (probably thanks to the Awesome Power of Bear Tranquility™) and only realized at ~20%.

Then we went and had a few goes at Hagara HM, and then we called it a night. We’re going back tomorrow – we’ll see if Hagara also falls over before the reset or not. Either way, that was extremely satisfying.

And of course, the obligatory note – if anybody reading this plays on EU servers and is interested in a fast-progressing, tight-knit 10-man guild, look us up! We’re Reunion on EU-Silvermoon, raiding Sunday to Thursday (5 days a week) from 8pm to midnight server time, currently looking for a few more good DPS. To put in an application, visit our website.