fire kitty

fire kitty fire kitty fire kitty FIRE KITTY


So yeah, as you might have gathered from my gleeful squeeing, Angry McDickface Emo McWhinypants Grouchy McCranky Majordomo Staghelm finally decided to cough up the Flamescythe, on my guild’s second heroic kill of him. First drop ever. The stupid tosser kept dropping the leather caster pants (we have no resto or moonkin druids at all) and the leather agility boots, which was all well and good the first time (I got them for main spec) and the second time (I got a second pair for off spec because hey, why not), but then dropped them every time we killed him until we managed to recruit a rogue who could also have use them, at which point he stopped dropping them. Bastard.

At least it’s the heroic version, which means I get to keep it for a while, 4.3 notwithstanding, since it’s unlikely I’ll replace it with something one ilvl lower from the Raid Finder and it’ll most likely take my guild a bit to clear new stuff.

The best part? We only use one tank for him, and I’m usually the one who ends up going DPS. Which means next reset I’ll be clawing his face off looking exactly like him. Awesome.


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