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Transmogrification: building a set

Posted in Strategy, Transmogrification with tags , , , on November 24, 2011 by Aeliel

I was chatting to one of my guildies the other day, and the subject turned to transmogrification. He mentioned he was most likely going to just transmogrify his gear to Tier 2, since he had no idea where to start building a custom outfit.

Now, I’ve built custom outfits for most of my characters – so I figured I might as well write a guide. This is my way of doing this, obviously, not the Only True Way™, and if you prefer doing it some other way or you simply really love a tier set and just want to wear that, more power to you.

Lots of images coming up to illustrate my point, so the rest of the post will be behind a cut.

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Transmogrification: resources

Posted in Transmogrification with tags , , on November 23, 2011 by Aeliel

Following the announcement of transmogrification, I’ve been busy creating at least one set for each of my characters – two for my main (one for tanking, one for DPS). I know most people will just go with a full tier set, not care at all, or deliberately throw together the ugliest set they can, but I want to look stylish, damnit. So yeah, it took some time.

In the process of creating the sets, I’ve managed to collect a list of resources and tools for World of Warcraft gear. Rather than have it sit and rot in my bookmarks, I figured I’d post it up and potentially have other people benefit from it as well. I’ll try to keep it updated as I find new things, but no guarantees.

WoW Model Viewer

If you’ve not heard of WoW Model Viewer – what rock have you been living under? It’s a standalone program that allows you to see models for characters (and NPCs, but that’s beside the point as far as this list is concerned) and dress them up in your choice of armor and weapons. Note that sometimes, effects may be missing from armor and weapons – always double-check in game or by looking at screenshots on Wowhead to see what an item actually looks like.


An addon providing an in-game gallery of item looks, grouping items together by model and texture and listing sources. Although I built my sets mostly in WoW Model Viewer, I’ve used this addon quite often, for inspiration or just to track down the perfect item for a set without scrolling through WMV’s entire item library. (Also, it gives me something to do while I’m waiting for a raid to start or in an instance queue!)


Obvious resource is obvious, but still very useful. The Transmog Sets feature helped me a lot, as did the various transmogrification guides on their news blog.

Disciplinary Action: Illustrated Transmogrification Guides

Convenient screenshots of all sets in the game, including both tier and non-tier gear? Yes, please. The link above leads to the page for cloth sets; guides for other armor types are also available.

A Sunnier Bear: World of Fashioncraft

Sunnier highlights good-looking staves and polearms, then branches out into putting together some outfits that go beyond “oh what the hell, I’ll just wear my favorite tier set.”

Orcish Army Knife: Non-Raid Transmog Weapon Compilation

These lists focus on weapons usable by death knights that can be obtained (mostly) by yourself, rather than requiring the help of others. Good for people who play alone or don’t feel like constantly bugging their friends to help them run old raids for transmogrification items.

WoW Roleplay Gear

What it says on the tin. Outfits, outfits and more outfits, categorized by armor type and, where necessary, by class.

Icy Veins: Transmogrification Guides

Lists and screenshots of armor and weapons, categorized by classes that can wear them. Each list includes the names of the items, with drop locations and Wowhead links.

Revive & Rejuvenate: Leather Sets

What it says on the tin – lists of leather sets, with a focus on druids (sorry, rogues), with screenshots showing all possible druid races of both genders.

Harpy’s Nest: Transmogrification Picks – Staves, Maces and Daggers

Plenty of screenshots, showing how the weapons look in the hands of a gnome. Not that I play a gnome, but still.

Disenchanting Azeroth

A thorough look at weapon and shield models from a design perspective. An awesome resource, although posts stopped before all weapon types were reviewed.

World of Wardrobes

Lists and screenshots of weapons and armor. Armor is sorted by armor class and color, which can make this website very useful when you’re trying to color-match items.

Official talent calculator for Mists of Pandaria

Posted in Druid with tags , , , on November 23, 2011 by Aeliel

Blizzard finally released an official talent calculator for Mists of Pandaria. I have Opinions when it comes to the druid talents. This should not be a surprise.

(I’m aware all this isn’t final. It’s kind of obvious from the fact that there are things missing from several classes and specs. Still, they put out a preview, I get to have an opinion.)

First of all, there are two new spells. Might of Ursoc, at level 72, is a standard, class-wide Last Stand (30% extra health for 20 seconds). Symbiosis, at level 87, looks quite interesting:

Creates a symbiotic link which grants the Druid one ability belonging to the target’s class, varying by the Druid’s specialization.

In exchange, grants the target one druid ability based on their class and combat role.

Lasts 1 hour and persists through death.

Needs more information, of course, but so far, so interesting.

Now, as for the rest of the changes… this’ll get long, so I’ll just put it behind a cut.

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fire kitty

fire kitty fire kitty fire kitty FIRE KITTY


So yeah, as you might have gathered from my gleeful squeeing, Angry McDickface Emo McWhinypants Grouchy McCranky Majordomo Staghelm finally decided to cough up the Flamescythe, on my guild’s second heroic kill of him. First drop ever. The stupid tosser kept dropping the leather caster pants (we have no resto or moonkin druids at all) and the leather agility boots, which was all well and good the first time (I got them for main spec) and the second time (I got a second pair for off spec because hey, why not), but then dropped them every time we killed him until we managed to recruit a rogue who could also have use them, at which point he stopped dropping them. Bastard.

At least it’s the heroic version, which means I get to keep it for a while, 4.3 notwithstanding, since it’s unlikely I’ll replace it with something one ilvl lower from the Raid Finder and it’ll most likely take my guild a bit to clear new stuff.

The best part? We only use one tank for him, and I’m usually the one who ends up going DPS. Which means next reset I’ll be clawing his face off looking exactly like him. Awesome.