Minipost: the dead Sentinel

I was re-watching the Blizzcon streams – more specifically the Lore Q&A panel. And even more specifically, the guy who asked about the Giant Snake Tail of Gundrak. Most people I’ve seen commenting on that particular bit of the Q&A have a “he brought a printed screenshot? seriously?” type of reaction. Me? I had a “I wish I could do that” reaction.

There’s something in the game that’s been bugging me. Not quite for several years like that guy, but since I’ve noticed it when I was questing in Darkshore post-Shattering.

Meet Sentinel Lendra. She’s a questgiver in Lor’danel.

There’s something odd about her, though…

…death knight eyes are not something you find on any random Sentinel.

Logically, I know it’s probably just a model mishap and Blizzard’s reaction would be “whoops, sorry, we’ll get that fixed.” Even ignoring the fact that night elves are very, very against unnatural things such as death knights, her dialogue makes no reference to her being a death knight and her voice sounds like any other Sentinel’s, without the echoing that’s present in death knight voices.

Still. Wouldn’t it be interesting if she was a death knight?


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