I felt a great disturbance in the Force…

…as if millions of ferals suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

Remember that blue post a week or so ago responding to concerns about feral druids in arenas? The one that went like this:

We’re keeping a close eye on Feral in PvP and understand the concern. Things currently on our radar include the Berserk duration, the Unheeded Warning trinket, and the Predatory Swiftness talent.

And the additional blue post that said, among other things:

Unheeded Warning is both a PvE and PvP problem. The particular mechanics of the trinket keep it disproportionately powerful for Feral druids.

I guess “we’re keeping a close eye on Feral in PVP” meant “we’re going to hotfix-nerf Unheeded Warning without even mentioning it anywhere, because we think it’s fun for players to figure these things out by themselves”.

Unheeded Warning has been changed from a 680 weapon damage proc to a 1926 AP proc. And yes, I went and punched a dummy naked until I got it to proc for science to get confirmation.

Meh. On the one hand, this puts it in line with other trinkets of the same ilvl. On the other hand… mehhhhhh.

Don’t mind me, I’m still in the “bitter about feral PVP” corner. The one where we feel that if rogues can keep you or your healer chain-stunned while they burst you down, that’s fine, if retadins can do more or less the same, that’s terrific, if you can’t kill holy paladins or make them go OOM no matter how hard you try, that’s brilliant – but heavens forbid ferals might actually be able to be decent at PVP.


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