Complaining out loud works

So following yesterday’s Azure Drake drop, we went back to kill Malygos today.

We’d decided yesterday to try and split the Malygos runs the way we do the Tempest Keep runs – my main plus my hunter, and Alieth plus any of my other alts (for Tempest Keep we use my disc priest, for Malygos we’ll probably use my tankadin). This decision was taken despite the risk of having a second Azure Drake drop for the group with Alieth in it, which would be about par for the course since it would be yet another mount I would have on an alt but not on a main.

After a few wipes we figured out a way to kill Malygos as a feral druid / hunter pair (pet tanks Malygos, I mostly sit and do nothing until after the third vortex, when I join in and help out on DPS to push Malygos to the phase change).

Guess what dropped!

And this, of course,  means that next reset we’re going back to killing Malygos with only one pair (my main plus Alieth), since we both have the drake the other is missing. (Still haven’t killed Malygos with Alieth’s pair, though – we’ll see what he drops then…)


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