Well what do you know…

Yes, Malygos did indeed cough up one of his mounts on our weekly visit this time around. Hooray! But I lost the roll with a 9 to Alieth’s 19. Awww.

(I’m trying not to begrudge the mount to him too much. Maybe just a tiny bit is okay, since blue is my favorite color and Skadi still hasn’t coughed up the Blue Proto-Drake and my paladin got three Blue Drakes from bloody Oculus and and and grrrrrrrr.)

Ahh well, we will be back. For those keeping track, results from our undermanning activities so far:

Sunwell: 1/1 Thori’dal.
Black Temple: 0/1 blindfolds (I swear to God this thing should be legendary for how rare it is), 0/2 glaives (not that we have any characters that can even wield them… need to move my death knight over).
Tempest Keep: 0/2 Ashes of A’lar.
Vault of Archavon: 0/2 mammoths.
Onyxia: 0/2 drakes.
Malygos: 1/2 Azure Drake, 0/2 Blue Drakes.
Molten Core: 2/2 Sulfuras (and never ever going back unless I get the itch to get a Sulfuras for my paladin, hooray).
Blackwing Lair: still hasn’t coughed up the last Tier2 bits for either of us. (Not that we go very often, but still.)

All that weekly effort and not much to show for it, yeah? Eh, they’ll all drop eventually.


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