Minipost: the bank tree in Darnassus

(I’m probably the last person ever to notice this, which would be absolutely hilarious considering I’ve had a night elf as my main since bloody vanilla and spent absolutely ages in Darnassus. But hey.)

Everybody knows the Darnassus bank is under a nifty bear-shaped tree.

What I had never noticed until today, when I found myself flying around in Darnassus while waiting for the Tol Barad queue to pop, is that there’s an eagle on top of the bear.

God knows how I managed to go this many years without noticing it. I feel like the least observant person ever now, especially since its head is quite detailed.

At least part of the reason I didn’t notice it until now probably is that to see the whole thing from the ground you have to angle your camera up and move quite far back – almost as far back as the entrance to the Temple of the Moon, in fact.

Click to enlarge. I couldn't bring myself to crop this one.

I’ve just never really angled my camera that far up. Not in Darnassus. (I did when I ran all the way to Ironforge, though, for my aquatic form quest back in vanilla – I’ll have to track down that screenshot, it’s one of the first I ever took.) And so I only noticed the bird when I literally flew into it.

Have to love this game… I can still find things I never noticed before even in areas I’ve visited thousands of times.


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