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Complaining out loud works

Posted in Miscellanea, Mounts and pets with tags on July 27, 2011 by Aeliel

So following yesterday’s Azure Drake drop, we went back to kill Malygos today.

We’d decided yesterday to try and split the Malygos runs the way we do the Tempest Keep runs – my main plus my hunter, and Alieth plus any of my other alts (for Tempest Keep we use my disc priest, for Malygos we’ll probably use my tankadin). This decision was taken despite the risk of having a second Azure Drake drop for the group with Alieth in it, which would be about par for the course since it would be yet another mount I would have on an alt but not on a main.

After a few wipes we figured out a way to kill Malygos as a feral druid / hunter pair (pet tanks Malygos, I mostly sit and do nothing until after the third vortex, when I join in and help out on DPS to push Malygos to the phase change).

Guess what dropped!

And this, of course,  means that next reset we’re going back to killing Malygos with only one pair (my main plus Alieth), since we both have the drake the other is missing. (Still haven’t killed Malygos with Alieth’s pair, though – we’ll see what he drops then…)


Well what do you know…

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Yes, Malygos did indeed cough up one of his mounts on our weekly visit this time around. Hooray! But I lost the roll with a 9 to Alieth’s 19. Awww.

(I’m trying not to begrudge the mount to him too much. Maybe just a tiny bit is okay, since blue is my favorite color and Skadi still hasn’t coughed up the Blue Proto-Drake and my paladin got three Blue Drakes from bloody Oculus and and and grrrrrrrr.)

Ahh well, we will be back. For those keeping track, results from our undermanning activities so far:

Sunwell: 1/1 Thori’dal.
Black Temple: 0/1 blindfolds (I swear to God this thing should be legendary for how rare it is), 0/2 glaives (not that we have any characters that can even wield them… need to move my death knight over).
Tempest Keep: 0/2 Ashes of A’lar.
Vault of Archavon: 0/2 mammoths.
Onyxia: 0/2 drakes.
Malygos: 1/2 Azure Drake, 0/2 Blue Drakes.
Molten Core: 2/2 Sulfuras (and never ever going back unless I get the itch to get a Sulfuras for my paladin, hooray).
Blackwing Lair: still hasn’t coughed up the last Tier2 bits for either of us. (Not that we go very often, but still.)

All that weekly effort and not much to show for it, yeah? Eh, they’ll all drop eventually.

Best dailies for gold: Hyjal addendum

Posted in Gold making with tags , , , , on July 26, 2011 by Aeliel

(Header image from the Hyjal jousting daily. Apparently there are several “Easter egg” messages, not just this one, but this is the first I’ve ever gotten.)

Having unlocked everything unlockable on some character or other (well, except Filling the Moonwell, but as far as I know that doesn’t unlock any extra daily), I feel I have enough data to update my best Cataclysm dailies for gold post with the dailies that were added in 4.2. Yes, I could’ve just used Wowhead to determine the rewards, but I always prefer confirming things myself.

tl;dr – Mount Hyjal is Isle of Quel’danas v3.0 (v2.0 was the Argent Tournament). There still are single dailies that reward more gold than the Hyjal ones, but counting travel time – and the fact that there are just so many of the Hyjal dailies, 17 after unlocking both Ancients and Armaments – these dailies most likely are the single most efficient way of earning gold through dailies. Doing all 17 dailies will give a total of 247 gold and 68 silver per day.

Unfortunately, they can’t be easily clumped by gold rewarded, since you really can’t just pick and choose which ones to do the way you can everywhere else, so I’m going to sum them up by sections.

Also, Wowhead has an excellent guide to achievements for the 4.2 dailies, so if you’re interested in achievements go take a look – it’s better than anything I could write up myself.

Jousting: 7 gold, 80 silver (1 daily)

Vigilance on Wings. Only worth doing for the achievement, especially considering how much of a pain it is.

Outside: 61 gold, 61 silver total (4 dailies)

The Protectors of Hyjal rewards 20 gold, 26 silver. It’s always available (even on the first day of doing the dailies, once you go back outside after unlocking the Molten Front).

Rage Against the Flames, Supplies for the Other Side, Releasing the Pressure, Relieving the Pain and Treating the Wounds reward 16 gold, 54 silver. You can only do one of them each day, at random.

Call the Flock, Those Bears Up There, Punting Season, Perfecting Your Howl and Between the Trees reward 12 gold, 40 silver and 50 copper. You can only do one of them each day, at random; each has a follow-up quest, also rewarding 12 gold, 40 silver and 50 copper.

Inside: 66 gold, 16 silver total (4 dailies)

All the basic Molten Front dailies reward 16 gold, 54 silver each. Some of them are always the same, some are random on a rotation.

Druids of the Talon / Shadow Wardens: 82 gold, 70 silver total (5 dailies)

All dailies given by the Druids of the Talon and Shadow Wardens reward 16 gold, 54 silver each. Some of them are always the same, some are random on a rotation. Starting to see a pattern yet? You can only quest for one faction each day.

Avrilla and Tholo: 33 gold, 8 silver total (2 dailies)

Unlocking the Shadow Wardens will give you access to Avrilla’s daily. Unlocking the Druids of the Talon will give you access to Tholo’s. Both dailies reward 16 gold, 54 silver each; they are not mutually exclusive, but you will have to unlock both factions to have access to both.

Additional Armaments: 16 gold, 54 silver (1 daily)

Completing Additional Armaments will unlock an extra daily. It’s always available to you, even if you haven’t completed all dailies for the Druids or Wardens for whatever reason (such as not completing Fire in the Skies to have a shot at Death From Above every day).

Calling the Ancients: 20 gold, 67 silver (1 daily)

Completing Calling the Ancients will unlock an extra daily. It’s only available to you after you’ve completed the Druids or Wardens dailies for the day, so if you’re deliberately not completing a specific daily, you won’t be able to pick it up.

Minipost: the bank tree in Darnassus

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , on July 25, 2011 by Aeliel

(I’m probably the last person ever to notice this, which would be absolutely hilarious considering I’ve had a night elf as my main since bloody vanilla and spent absolutely ages in Darnassus. But hey.)

Everybody knows the Darnassus bank is under a nifty bear-shaped tree.

What I had never noticed until today, when I found myself flying around in Darnassus while waiting for the Tol Barad queue to pop, is that there’s an eagle on top of the bear.

God knows how I managed to go this many years without noticing it. I feel like the least observant person ever now, especially since its head is quite detailed.

At least part of the reason I didn’t notice it until now probably is that to see the whole thing from the ground you have to angle your camera up and move quite far back – almost as far back as the entrance to the Temple of the Moon, in fact.

Click to enlarge. I couldn't bring myself to crop this one.

I’ve just never really angled my camera that far up. Not in Darnassus. (I did when I ran all the way to Ironforge, though, for my aquatic form quest back in vanilla – I’ll have to track down that screenshot, it’s one of the first I ever took.) And so I only noticed the bird when I literally flew into it.

Have to love this game… I can still find things I never noticed before even in areas I’ve visited thousands of times.

Learning new keybinds for dummies

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I’ve been (slowly) sifting through my various characters’ PowerAuras in preparation to converting them (as well as my NeedToKnow timers) to WeakAuras, figuring out which auras I still use and which are not worth bothering with. Looking through my paladin’s auras, I was reminded of something I’ve been meaning to post about for a while.

That’s my paladin’s PowerAuras setup. The RF, seal and Holy Power auras are self-explanatory – the training wheels I’ll have to explain.

I leveled my paladin as a tank during WotLK. I was, therefore, intimately familiar with the WotLK tankadin rotation – and when Cataclysm changed it around, I of course had to relearn it. So I put everything important on my bars, arranged my keybinds in the way that seemed to make the most sense, and started playing…

 …which was all well and good, except I found myself staring at my bars rather than at the fight a fair amount. Which can sort of work as a DPS, but as a tank? It’s a recipe for disaster, plain and simple.

So I set up PowerAuras to display available abilities – the ones in my basic rotation, anyway – and their keybinds. That way, I never had to look away from the fight to learn what keys to press. I’ve since used the same system on other alts, to remind myself that I should use certain abilities, but my tankadin’s where it started.

(And yes, I know that there’s very little point to having a Shield of the Righteous icon and a 1-2-3 Holy Power counter, since ShotR is going to be always available as long as I have at least one Holy Power. I just wanted a neat little ShotR icon. Hush.)

As usual…

Posted in Miscellanea with tags , , , on July 23, 2011 by Aeliel

…too busy actually playing to post about it. I keep meaning to update my best Cataclysm dailies for gold post with the new Hyjal dailies, but every time I go do the dailies I forget to note down the gold rewards. It doesn’t help that I’ve been sick and, as a result, very fuzzy-brained. Blargh.

On the upside…

I’m done with the challenge tames! (Until my little hunter hits 85 – she’s 81 right now – and then I get to chase down Anthriss, Ankha, Karkin and Kirix. Yay?)

 Of course, I still haven’t managed to name most of them. The only two that got named so far are Skarr (Maladath, after this item, because I’ve always liked the sound of the name and it seemed to fit) and Ban’thalos (Spirit – the same name as my Loque’nahak, who got abandoned to free up a slot for him; I have Loque on my little hunter as well and I try not to duplicate pets). I haven’t been this indecisive over a pet’s name, let alone four pets’ names, in a very long while.

Story of each individual tame in the extended entry, for those who care. Some of them involve ganking. (PVP servers are such fun, right?)

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Fail tankadin is fail

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So I started playing again on Thursday, after being away for the first two weeks of 4.2. I’ve been mostly playing my main, but I did do dailies on multiple alts, including my tankadin.

I just now remembered to put Holy Shield on my bars.


At least I haven’t ran any instances, so I was the only victim of my own stupidity.