4.2 first impressions

  • Bugger, my utility addons are all broken. (The one that drops a message in my chatlog when somebody taunts, the one that monitors CCs for my entire group and tells me who breaks them, my all-purpose spell announcer and the one that lists what somebody died from in a nice, easily readable format.)
  • …but then again, I’m about to leave to go to visit my parents for two weeks, during which I will have no access to WoW. So maybe by the time I come back, the addons will be fixed…
  • …but ffffffff, perfect timing this is. I’ll miss the first two weeks of the new patch, and be two weeks late unlocking vendor access on all my character. Sigh.
  • …but then again, I’m on a PVP server. Starting two weeks late means I’ll miss most of the gankfest, hopefully. Silver lining to every cloud and all that…
  • Hey look, the keyring went splort. Not nearly as bad as I’d feared… my blacksmith’s screwed, though. Hi, billion skeleton keys, so nice to see you again!
  • …which makes me notice, bah, they fixed Obsidium Skeleton Keys. Now they match the rest of the skeleton keys in being blacksmith only, 5sec cast time and green. Was nice while it lasted.
  • Yay three new pets from the vanity pet achievements! My favorite is probably the Celestial Dragon, although Nuts is also quite fun. The Brilliant Kaliri is quite pretty, but a bit meh in comparison.

2 Responses to “4.2 first impressions”

  1. Hey, I was going to respond to your comment about the DK Gear Guide but the comment seems to be gone?! In any case, thanks for the heads up, I had indeed forgotten about those Cloaks. :D

    • Weird that it’s gone – ahh, well. As long as you got the message it’s all good :D Those cloaks are great, as the quest is accessible the moment you hit 85 as far as I know… going to be very busy grabbing one for all my alts (as soon as I’m back on my normal computer and can play again, that is *grumble*).

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