The pony herd

I’m blaming the post on accessible fanart over at Flavor Text Lore for this. Since I don’t follow Twitter (perhaps I should start), I’d completely missed the pony generator. Which… was probably a good thing, considering how much time I spent fiddling with it and making a pony version of all my characters, but pfft.

It was actually an interesting exercise – most of the ponies ended up having at least some resemblance to the characters, whether in coloring, hairstyle or attitude. Creating each pony was made more complicated by the fact that, while I started out on the Alliance side, I have currently switched most of my characters to the Horde. And while I love my characters no matter what, and some of them certainly fit better as Horde, the way they looked as Alliance is still very vivid in my mind and I would probably go back to it right this instant if not for other considerations not related to how my characters look.

I don’t really have any good screenshots on hand that show what each character looks like on both factions, but I’ll do my best to describe.

(And yes, I’m aware that I’m probably the only one who cares any about this. It’s my blog, I can post ponies if I want to, and it makes a change from my usual “complaining about the state of the game between posting about new shinies I just got” routine.)

And we begin, of course, with my main the druid. She gets wings because of flight form; the tied mane and tail are the closest thing I could find to her ponytail hairstyle as a night elf. The green color of the hair ties refers to her being a druid; silver eyes and white hair are what she has as a night elf, while a light grey body approximates her white coat as a tauren (I could’ve just made her fully white, but that made her too bland for my tastes). The expression is typical her – surrounded by stupid people and extremely unimpressed by it all.

And this would be my priest, who gets wings – although not nearly as elaborate a pair as my main – because she is discipline-specced and therefore gets Archangel. The body and hair color refer to her origins as a white-skinned, brown-haired draenei, while the green eyes and green anklet refer to her current blood elf self. As for her expression, I have been informed by the boyfriend that it very closely resembles the wide-eyed panic I get sometimes while trying to save people while healing in heroics.

My hunter is the last of the white-skinned ponies. I’ve always viewed this character as young, excitable and a bit foolish, hence the expression; her white body is a throwback to her origins as a fully-white draenei, while her green eyes and blond hair match her current blood elf self. Unlike the pony, she has short, straight hair – but this hairstyle matched her the best in this case.

My warlock is the character that changed the least in the Alliance-to-Horde transition. She started out as a human with reddish-brown hair (which I couldn’t get quite right in the pony generator) and green eyes, shorter than average and more friendlier and cheerful than you’d expect a warlock to be… and she’s pretty much identical as a blood elf. She’s pretty girly and can be a bit naive, and for the longest time was the youngest of all my characters (not a hard feat, considering my other characters were all draenei except for the one night elf).

My goblin has taken over for my warlock as the youngest of my characters. She’s my second hunter, and is the only character I really can’t imagine as anything Alliance-side – the closest approximation to goblins is gnomes, but gnomes can’t be hunters. I guess she’d be a very young human hunter, shorter even than my warlock and on the scrawny side of slim – everything else, including dwarf, just doesn’t fit (while I like female dwarves, the body type is all wrong for this character). She is incredibly vain and very spoiled (she was the lucky recipient of a Green Proto-Drake from the CTA satchel, for instance, and I managed to deck her out in good level 70 epics which is making leveling through Northrend a breeze); she hasn’t really encountered much hardship in her life and is pretty much perpetually cheerful as a result. She doesn’t have much business sense, but she makes up for that by grinning widely and innocently commenting that her white lion is looking particularly hungry right now, and wouldn’t it be nice to get a discount?

My mage is one of two characters who are still stuck Alliance-side and, therefore, haven’t been leveled to 85 yet. She’s slightly short for a draenei and she tends to prefer spending her time studying books rather than fighting. Her pony appearance matches pretty closely what she looks like as a draenei; there are no references to what she’ll look like as a blood elf (because I have no idea, to be honest), but her blue eyes and anklet refer to the fact that no matter what she’s currently specced, she’ll always be a Frost mage at heart.

My death knight is the other character who is still stuck Alliance-side. She’s probably the closest pony-form of them all: taller than an average draenei, dark skin, short and straight white hair, blue death knight eyes, determined expression. (She’ll be much the same as a blood elf, with the exception of the skin color.) She was one of the easiest characters to turn into a pony – probably because since she originated on a roleplay server, I have a very clear mental image of who she is.

Last of all, my paladin. The pink hair band is a reference to the hairstyle she had as a draenei (the small round pigtails); her hair and skin color match what she looked like as a draenei. As a blood elf, she’s pretty much identical, except for a slightly different hairstyle (still short and cropped, but unfortunately blood elves don’t get to share the particular hairstyle I was using with the draenei) and of course her skin color. She’s also very tall for a draenei, and she and my death knights are sisters, hence the very strong visual resemblance (which was also there in the characters when they were both draenei, and will be there again when the characters are both blood elves).


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