Oh oh oh I missed this one

Protection paladins do bring a lot of utility, but it is quite difficult to make a table comparing a paladin’s Divine Guardian to a Protection warrior’s mobility or a bear druid’s ability to cast Innervate or even Rebirth during lulls in an encounter.

Right. Because being able to battleres somebody right in front of the boss, with all the danger that entails, and being able to give a healer ~5k mana (yey! a whole extra spell they can cast!) is such awesome utility. Never mind that in order to do that, bears have to sacrifice their entire rage bar and risk being turned into a pancake if they time it wrong.

Also, if I hear one more “bears are fine, l2p” re: the rage issue from clueless idiots who either don’t play a bear druid at all or they play one with such extensive cluelessness that their armory page makes me cringe, I swear to god I’m going to hit something. Yes, I can work around the rage issue – that still doesn’t mean it’s not an issue.


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