A picture is worth a thousand words

So I’ve not been posting – again – this time largely due to the fact that I’m not playing on my own computer, since it’s currently out of commission being fixed. So I’ve not been playing nearly as much, and I don’t have all my programs and such to make screenshots pretty and the like… but this is worth posting, because yay. It’s really multiple pictures to get my point across, not just the one (so I guess it’s me being wordy as usual), but here goes:

I hadn’t even been camping for very long – one day and change all considered, really. And here’s how lucky I was…

Note me going automatically AFK after the alert popped. I got distracted by the boyfriend and therefore took my headphones off to talk to him… without tabbing into the window where I was camping… and therefore missed the alert. When I tabbed back in, I clicked the NPCScan alert window to target and nothing happened. I panicked and thought I’d missed him.

Turns out it was just that he was in a spawn point far away enough from my position that I couldn’t target him that far. I found him, still untagged, peacefully flying in circles (and I could swear smirking smugly at my panicking self) at one of the south spawn points. From the time he spawned to when I actually managed to mount him, three full minutes passed, and this on a Saturday afternoon, with plenty of people in Deepholm. I still can’t believe nobody else was standing close enough to see him.

This comes on the heels of getting both Aeonaxx and the Time-Lost Proto-Drake for the boyfriend last week, both within a couple of days. (And then I got eaten by Minecraft and didn’t play at all for a week, despite resolving to begin camping the mounts for myself immediately. Damn but that game is addictive.) Next project, getting a Time-Lost Proto-Drake for myself… we’ll see how long that takes.

PS. Credit where credit is due, and in case you’re interested in camping the mounts for yourself: Aeonaxxresource.com and TLPDresource.com are excellent resources, one for each mount, both run by the same guy, with up-to-date and very accurate information. There’s also information on Poseidus and the Mysterious Camel Figurines if you look thoroughly (in the forums, for instance).


One Response to “A picture is worth a thousand words”

  1. Gz!

    That is very lucky indeed! I camped for TLPD for about 1 year – 6 months before he graced me with his presence and since then I’ve been camping for Aeonaxx… Which has yet to show his face. :/


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