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And the satchel delivers

Posted in Alts, Miscellanea, Mounts and pets with tags , , on May 16, 2011 by Aeliel

Longish time no post, as is becoming usual for me. Ended up not writing that guide to the troll heroics, mostly because by the point I’d ran enough of them to feel comfortable writing a guide as all three roles (tank, healer and DPS) there were plenty of guides available on the internet already. So I figured I wouldn’t waste the time.

With five characters at level 85, four of which can access the troll heroics, I’ve been pretty busy. My poor little warlock, the one who isn’t yet geared for them, has fallen by the wayside – I’m busy enough capping 980VP weekly on four characters to want to lose my will to live in normal heroics for a fifth. Eh, it’ll come.


With two tanks and a healer at cap, I’ve obviously been getting plenty of CTA reward satchels. I don’t queue just for the satchels, but I have queued a few additional times after I was done collecting my weekly VP, simply because I do still need some gear drops. (And yes, with four characters running the same instances, the gear I want for each character always drops when I’m on a different one. Fact of life.)

Either way – 15-20 CTA satchels per week is probably a fair assumption, considering I don’t always manage to hit the healer CTA and I occasionally queue with the boyfriend rather than by myself.

(Oh, an observation. If you queue for a CTA heroic by yourself, get to the end and get your CTA satchel, then decide as a group to requeue because it’s a good group – you’ll get a second CTA satchel when the second heroic is completed. Not sure if it’s a feature or a bug, but it’s a nice extra when I manage to pull an excellent group from the RDF and would’ve requeued with them anyway, satchel or no satchel.)

I’ll get to the point soon, I swear.

Mostly, I’ve gotten gems, potions and flasks out of the satchels (in addition to gold). Some I’ve sold, some I’m keeping, it’s a fun little bonus. I’ve also gotten a handful of pets: since I knew all of them on my main already (unsurprisingly enough), I sold some, kept some for alts and gave one (a Captured Firefly) to the boyfriend since he was still missing it.

And then today, I got lucky:

Not lucky enough, mind you, since the satchel could’ve deigned to drop me a Blue Drake or Blue Proto-Drake instead (blue is my favourite colour and those are, by extension, my favourite drakes; I’m still missing both of them on my main, and to add insult to injury, my alt paladin got not one but three Blue Drakes out of Oculus – no, I’m not over that annoyance yet, thanks for asking)… but let’s not look the gift horse in the mouth, shall we?

Let’s do this instead: 

My littlest hunter (littlest both in height and in levels) was the only one of my flying-enabled characters who didn’t have a special flying mount yet. She was therefore stuck with riding a sparklepony. I was vaguely considering grinding some reputation or other for it – glad I don’t have to, now. Besides…

…it’s quite fitting, in my opinion – green character on a green drake. I had even considered factioning her with the Oracles and buying eggs once I bothered leveling her through Wrath content. (Decided against it, though – it was irritating enough to keep getting yolks for years on my main, thanks very much, not keen on repeating the experience on an alt.)

It’s also quite amusing to watch people’s reactions. In 10 minutes spent semi-afk in the middle of Orgrimmar I got 5 whispers along the lines of “wtf, how????”, one accusation of being a hacker (“wtf are u a hacker omg”), and one intelligent amused person (“lol, let me guess, CTA reward bag?”). Fun times.