After buying eggs for ages…

At the long, long last. I started buying eggs shortly after the release of Wrath of the Lich King, and the only time I didn’t buy one when the previous one hatched was when I wasn’t actually playing at all. I actually got my drake last week – but since I hadn’t been doing Oracles dailies for a while, and only did them every three days (each time I went to buy a new egg), if that, once I resumed, it took me a bit longer to hit Exalted.

There’s very few reps I don’t have at Exalted now. Bloodsail Buccaneers (Honored, can’t honestly be bothered grinding it further up), Darkmoon Faire (Revered, paused for the time being since my scribe alt is still on a different server), Ravenholdt (Neutral, haven’t touched it since I’ve not yet leveled a rogue), Steamwheedle Cartel (all four factions are Honored… long grind to go, though) and the PVP factions (ughhhhh).

What the (composite) screenshot doesn’t show, of course, is me switching to Frenzyheart very shortly after hitting exalted with the Oracles. Time to work on Frenzyheart for Mercenary of Sholazar! Well, assuming I can be bothered, that is.


One Response to “After buying eggs for ages…”

  1. Big gz on that one! :)

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