Obscure useful items

This post is intended to make a list of useful items that have found a permanent spot in my characters’ bags. Some of them I only carry when I’m playing certain classes or specs, while others are more widely useful. (Also, some items in this list will be less obscure than others – but “Useful items, some obscure and some less so” is not nearly as catchy a post title.)

Obsidium Skeleton Key

  • From: crafted by Blacksmithing. Two keys require two Folded Obsidium, each of which requires two Obsidium Bars to craft.
  • Why: to open Elementium Lockboxes. Unlike lower-level skeleton keys, these don’t require Blacksmithing to use. Furthermore, assuming Obsidium Bars cost ~5g each (more or less the going price on my server), opening one lockbox will cost you 10g; each lockbox contains, on average, 31g plus one or two Cataclysm-level greens. Sure, you could just look for a rogue in trade chat, but that tends to take time.

Sulfuron Slammer

  • From: Plugger Spazzring, in the bar in BRD, sells it for 20s each.
  • Why: the Ozruk fight in heroic Stonecore. Drinking one of these will put a small DoT on you, lasting for 6 seconds. If you don’t have any DoTs to reflect on yourself as a ranged DPS (hunters), your DoT missed (non-hitcapped healers), or you’re simply dealing with a dispel-happy group member who removes Elementium Bulwark as soon as it’s cast, you can drink this as Ozruk casts Paralyze to break the subsequent stun. It should ideally be used only as a last resort, since it’s very potent alcohol and drinking even just one will make your character really drunk, but having a fuzzy screen and swaying character beats getting stunned and taking additional damage.
  • Starfire Espresso can be used to remove your drunkenness after the fight is over, but considering each Sulfuron Slammer is +50 inebriate and each Starfire Espresso is -15, it might take a bit.

Elixir of Water Walking

  • From: crafted by Alchemy (although the recipe for it is learned via Northrend Alchemy Research, so not all alchemists will know it). Alternatively, you can occasionally find it in the bags rewarded by the various fishing dailies.
  • Why: two pretty obvious reasons. Fishing from the water allows you to avoid mob aggro; being able to ride on water can also be very useful to get from one place to another faster, while avoiding both mobs and other players. I use them a lot when running around the Tol Barad Peninsula doing dailies.

By no means a long post, but I figured I’d throw it out there. I’ll update it if I find more useful items.


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