Another alt, another quiet week

Quiet blog? Must be alt levelling time again!

The more I play the game, the less I seem to post about the game. Somehow, it figures.

This time it’s my warlock. She’s one of my oldest characters: I created her back in vanilla, and she’s the only character other than my main who was created back then and is still played (I also had an undead rogue, tauren shaman and tauren hunter, all of which are now abandoned), but she often is left trailing behind. I only hit 70 on her at the very end of TBC, when they eased the leveling curve, and never actually hit 80 before Cataclysm dropped, since I was so sick of Wrath quests (still am).

On the other hand, now she’ll be my fourth level 85, which I suppose makes up for it.


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