Surprise altdrake

After a few days’ worth of enforced break from the game (I was visiting my parents), I logged back in tonight and figured, what the hell, I’ll go play my little priest. Said little priest, who isn’t so little anymore (she hit level 83 today and will most likely be my third 85), hasn’t ever had a mount that wasn’t the default lvl20 hawkstriders (because I couldn’t be bothered going back to Silvermoon to buy the armored ones) or the sparklepony.

I hate wyverns with a passion, so any character of mine that doesn’t have a special mount flies on a sparklepony… but I do try to get my characters special mounts. My first hunter has the engineering copter (and lately the Uld25 Glory drake, because there was a PuG going and I figured might as well), my warlock and my mage both have the tailoring carpets, my death knight has a headless horsepony (and thank heavens for that, sparklepony on a death knight is a bit… yeah), my paladin has the Uld10 and ICC10 Glory drakes (not to mention she got three of the blue drake from random H-Oculus that I never got on my main), and my main just plain collects mounts. My second hunter still flies a sparklepony, but she’s just level 70 (I’m really, really sick of WotLK content, and I need to level my warlock first so I can uncap tailoring), so there isn’t much I can get her unless I’m willing to go grind a TBC faction.

For my priest, however, the sparklepony was getting old, so I was trying to figure out what to get her that wouldn’t take much effort. I’d more or less settled for “let’s beg Alieth to run me through H-CoS for the bronze drake”, but hadn’t even gotten around to asking him.

Good thing too, because my little priest just got the Drake of the North Wind to drop on her second ever run of N-VP, and rolled a 100.

Goddamn but the critter’s pretty. (Even though they need to fix the riding position – characters sit as if the saddle didn’t exist, which looks pretty godawful close up.) I need to stop being lazy and start farming this (and the Stonecore drake) for my main.

But at least that fixes the “what mount do I ride” quandary!


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