The best Cataclysm dailies for gold

So I’ve pretty much ran out of reasons to do dailies. I have the pet and both mounts from Tol Barad, I’m at the reputation cap with everything imaginable, and I’ve obtained every cooking recipe available from the tokens and got my Iron Chef achievement to boot (without either of the two guild-reward recipes /flex).

So I figured I’d investigate and see which dailies are most profitable from a gold-making standpoint. I’m fully aware that doing dailies is by no means the most efficient way of earning gold when it comes to time spent vs gold earned, but what can I say – I find dailies relaxing.

As you’ll see, some dailies in the list are from WotLK. If a specific WotLK daily is not in the list, you can assume it’s not really decent gold, and that’s why it got left out (for example, the Troll Patrol set of dailies in Zul’drak). If I’ve forgotten anything, do point it out to me, it’s been an eternity since I’ve done WotLK dailies that aren’t the Argent Tournament ones.

I’m also not including jewelcrafting dailies, either the old or the new. From looking at Wowhead, the Dalaran jewelcrafting daily at the very least would deserve inclusion in the list – but I have no idea if Wowhead’s data is correct (it isn’t for several other dailies; I had to check the entirety of this list by hand). My jewelcrafting character is still on my old server and still level 80, so I have no idea how much gold the Dalaran daily would reward at level 85 and no way of checking.

The list got long, so I’m tucking it in the extended entry. I’ve tried adding information on additional gold-earning and achievement potential wherever possible.

[Update, patch 4.2: Hyjal dailies reward 16 gold 54 silver each with only a few exceptions. However, due to travel time and the sheer amount of those dailies, doing all Hyjal dailies first then cherry-picking the best earners from this list is probably the most efficient way of earning gold by doing dailies. See the Hyjal dailies entry.]

1. Argent Tournament, Champion dailies: 23 gold, 23 silver each (4 dailies)

These are the original dailies that granted Champion’s Seals (the Crusader and Silver Covenant / Sunreaver ones were added later). The quests themselves reward 13 gold, 23 silver, and the Champion’s Purse you can select as a reward (with the other option being a 250 city rep turn-in item that nobody sane would pick in the age of city tabards) contains a further 10 gold.

Further gold-earning potential: Champion’s Seals rewarded from these dailies (and the other Argent Tournament dailies listed below) can be used to purchase vanity pets, which can then be sold on the AH. Very few people do these dailies anymore, but the demand for the vanity pets is still there, making this quite a profitable endeavor. It can be even more profitable if you sell the pets to the opposing faction.

Achievement potential: Champion’s Seals can be used to purchase mounts if you’re working towards Mountain o’ Mounts. The vanity pets can be learned if you’re working towards Lil’ Game Hunter (and/or the additional achievements for vanity pets planned for 4.1). Various other Tournament-related achievements.

2. Tol Barad, inside: 18 gold, 80 silver each (12 dailies)

These are the dailies that can only be obtained when your faction controls Tol Barad. Three of them are static (Problim, crocolisks, leftovers); three of them (the cellblock-specific ones), and have a chance of switching after every Tol Barad battle. The average player will typically only do six of them, but it’s quite possible to complete all twelve.

All NPCs related to these quests, both friendly and hostile, will despawn 15 minutes before the Tol Barad battle begins; however, patch 4.0.6 introduced NPCs in the faction camps in the Tol Barad Peninsula who will allow you to turn in the quests even if the NPCs inside Tol Barad proper are gone – and even if Tol Barad is currently contested, or owned by the opposing faction.

If you find yourself short of time while trying to complete these dailies due to an impending battle, you should focus first on the three cellblock-specific ones (since the unused cellblocks are locked and it’s impossible to get inside, therefore if the dailies rotate you’re screwed), then on the leftovers (since if the opposing faction captures Tol Barad, the NPCs who then spawn inside the three bases won’t count for your quest). Problim and the crocolisks can be killed and will count for quests even when Tol Barad is controlled by the opposing faction.

Further gold-earning potential: none directly – rewards purchased with Tol Barad commendations are all BoP. If you’re a skinner, though, you should hang out near the crocolisks immediately after your side has won Tol Barad. There will be lots of people killing crocolisks, which means free leather.

Achievement potential: Just Another Day in Tol Barad requires you to complete every single Tol Barad daily in existence, both inside and outside. There is also an achievement for earning exalted reputation with the related faction (Hellscream’s Reach / Baradin Wardens), the rep for which comes from fighting in Tol Barad and completing daily quests. Tol Barad commendations can be used to purchase two mounts and one vanity pet.

3. Group daily, Twilight Highlands: 18 gold (one daily)

The one group daily in Twilight Highlands – Bring Down the High Shaman for Horde, Warlord Halthar is Back for Alliance. Fairly easy to solo for most if not all classes.

Further gold-earning potential: none directly.

Achievement potential: none beyond the obvious reputation achievements.

4. Revered daily, Thorazane: 17 gold, 20 silver (one daily)

The Restless Brood or Glop, son of Glop. They require Revered with Therazane and are mutually exclusive (only one will be offered each day).

Further gold-earning potential: none.

Achievement potential: Restless Brood has one achievement associated with it (My Very Own Broodmother); Glop has two (Fungalophobia and The Glop Family Line).

5. Tol Barad, outside: 16 gold, 54 silver each (6 dailies)

Tol Barad Peninsula dailies. Six each day, on a random rotation; they can be picked up and completed even if Tol Barad proper is held by the opposite faction. Some of them are easier than others (don’t talk to me about the buggy prisoner escort quest – thank heavens they took that out of the rotation for the time being).

Further gold-earning potential: none directly. (While you’re doing dailies, though, keep an eye out for Shipwreck Debris; each node contains only one or two catches, which means fishing it won’t take much time, and the Sealed Crate you can catch from it can contain cloth, ore or herbs.)

Achievement potential: same as the dailies from Tol Barad proper.

6. Remaining dailies, Argent Tournament: 13 gold, 23 silver each (5 dailies)

The remaining Tournament dailies that grant Champion’s Seals – the ones requiring either Crusader or exalted with the Sunreavers / Silver Covenant to unlock.

If the Get Kraken! daily is available, you can obtain an extra daily worth 13 gold, 23 silver by killing the Kraken with the spear – something which is quite easy to do, as the spears seem to scale in damage with your level. If you succeed in killing it, Kraken Tooth, the item that starts the additional daily, will be automatically added to your inventory.

Note that I have absolutely no idea how much gold the Aspirant and Valiant dailies give at level 85. My main is way beyond that point, as is the only other character I have at 85 so far.

Further gold-earning potential: same as the other Tournament dailies.

Achievement potential: same as the other Tournament dailies.

7. Gurubashi Challenge, Stranglethorn Vale: 16 gold, 54 silver (one daily)

You can find the Gurubashi Challenge daily at the Gurubashi Arena, in the Cape of Stranglethorn. While this daily is quite out of the way (probably more so for Alliance than for Horde – it’s a short flight from the zeppelin tower in Grom’gol), it’s worth doing if you’re in the area anyway for another reason.

Further gold-earning potential: none.

Achievement potential: none.

8. Twilight Highlands: 13 gold, 15 silver, 50 copper each (4 dailies)

The remaining dailies in Twilight Highlands.

Further gold-earning potential: same as the other Twilight Highland daily.

Achievement potential: same as the other Twilight Highland daily.

9. Dalaran Cooking: 12 gold, 40 silver, 40 copper (one daily)

It’s Dalaran cooking daily, what more do you want me to say?

Further gold-earning potential: none directly – 100 cooking tokens, though, will buy you a Chef’s Hat. Cooking with the hat equipped is much faster than doing it without, so if you regularly cook things to sell on the AH it’ll save you a lot of time.

Achievement potential: obtaining a Chef’s Hat will give you the Cooking with Style achievement. Recipes purchased with cooking tokens from this daily are required for The Northrend Gourmet – and if you want Iron Chef you’ll need all of the recipes as well. There’s also an achievement for obtaining 100 Cooking Awards.

10. Therazane: 10 gold, 46 silver each (6 dailies)

The remaining Therazane dailies. They all require Honored reputation and pretty much the entirety of Deepholm to unlock.

Further gold-earning potential: none.

Achievement potential: Lost in the Deeps is linked to Rock Lover; Fungal Fury to Fungal Frenzy. If you’re a pet collector, the bombs from Underground Economy are the only way of boosting yourself up to Jadefang’s spawn point for the Tiny Shale Spider (barring creative fiddling with your network cable). Jadefang is also tamable for beast mastery hunters, and is the only green shale spider in the game.

11. Fire from the Sky: 10 gold, 46 silver (one daily)

Fire from the Sky is found in the northern part of Uldum, and requires questing through almost the entire zone to unlock.

Further gold-earning potential: none.

Achievement potential: Help the Bombardier! I’m the Bombardier! Also, considering it rewards Ramkahen reputation, One Hump or Two? is technically related (as is Mountain o’ Mounts), but if Ramkahen reputation is what you’re after you’re much better off putting on a tabard and running heroics. You’ll be done faster.

12. Profession dailies: 9 gold, 50 silver each (two dailies)

The Cataclysm cooking and fishing dailies.

Further gold-earning potential: nothing much from the fishing daily. Token rewards from the cooking daily can be used to purchase Crate of Tasty Meat, containing various Cataclysm-level cooking ingredients which can then be sold. Considering you can pick up the daily even with 1 skill in cooking and it rarely takes very long, the gold return is pretty good. It can be used as a way of earning gold for a fresh alt on a new server (or to get some gold to jump-start your cross-faction trading activities), and is also excellent when done on alts.

Additionally, a fair few the recipes bought with the cooking daily token rewards are the current buff food for Cataclysm. If you have a high enough skill in cooking, you can buy raw ingredients from the AH, cook them and sell them for more than you paid. Check your server’s prices, see which food provides stats that people are likely to want, and list just before raid time. (I frequently do this with Skewered Eel. I buy Fathom Eels around 5g each and sell the cooked food for 15-20g each, sometimes higher depending on whether I manage to wipe out all uncooked eels and corner the market at raidtime or not.)

Achievement potential: beyond the achievements for capping fishing and cooking skills (both dailies reward skill points in the related profession), there are achievements for completing all of the possible dailies, one for each profession. You can get the Strand Crawler vanity pet from the Bag of Shiny Things rewarded from the fishing daily; as for cooking, you will have to do the daily many, many times if you want The Cataclysmic Gourmet and/or Iron Chef. The tokens from the cooking daily also count for the 100 Cooking Awards achievement I already mentioned.

Thieving Little Pluckers: 7g85s (one daily)

Thieving Little Pluckers is found in the middle of Uldum. Fun as it is to smack things around with a giant hammer, it’s not terribly profitable.

Further gold-earning potential: none.

Achievement potential: Ramkahen rep, so same as Fire from the Sky.


5 Responses to “The best Cataclysm dailies for gold”

  1. Not only are the Argent Tournament dailies the best gold per-quest but the vanity pets you can pick up will sell for a fortune! No one does these dailies anymore but a lot of people want the pets so you can count on making 2-5k gold per pet if you sell on your factions AH. If you sell on the neutral AH you could very possibly make more than that.


    • Yup! Especially since they made the Champion’s Purse drop a guaranteed additional seal, so you can get 13 seals per day without running H-ToC – meaning you can buy a pet roughly once every 3 days.

      • Also I can’t count! Threat from Above gives two seals, not one, which means you get 14 seals per day, not 13. So it’s a pet every 3 days, with an “extra” every 20.

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  3. […] as far as I know that doesn’t unlock any extra daily), I feel I have enough data to update my best Cataclysm dailies for gold post with the dailies that were added in 4.2. Yes, I could’ve just used Wowhead to determine […]

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