There is no loot

I didn’t want the mount (not that I would’ve objected if it had dropped, but I didn’t want it), I didn’t want the gas mask or the rose or the thing that makes other people /cry. All I wanted was the Toxic Wasteling.

I was going to farm it last year, back when it was still farmable – but then I ended up not playing for the vast majority of the event. Yeah, yeah, my own fault there. Still.

Alieth got his a few days into the event. He got a second today. Me? Rose and mask early on, and then “There is no loot.”

Yeah, I have a Disgusting Oozeling, but it’s not the same. :(


2 Responses to “There is no loot”

  1. Same here… this year’s Love festival gave me no love. :(

  2. […] actually be able to buy a Toxic Wasteling – a pet that I want quite badly, but that’s eluded me so far – just off the Auction House, from somebody who was lucky enough to get multiples or who just […]

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